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  1. FOR SALE ELITE FORCE 4CRL Used only once. Shots accurately out to 200ft and 375 fps. Sales retail at $385.00. Will accept paypal. Asking $330.00 Shipping is $15.00 No Trades!!
  2. There is a video called the "Ten Commandments of airsoft" by aatv
  3. I wanting to sell my magpul pts. Its a good gun there is no problems with it. The battery connection has a dean connecter on it. It come with rail mounts so that you can mount flashlights and forehand grips. It us also Noveske Fat Pig Amplifier and 1 Magpul magazine. I'm asking $300 for it.
  4. I had a great time. The morning part went well. Netman planned a beautiful attack on building 2301. When I was in there i got one safty kill. The second part went really good. Good job green and civilians we started behind the restrooms an made our way to 2502 an 2504 in like hour or two hour. Thanks AMS for all your hard work. Yall did a good job. See yall at Operation: The Helium Project.
  5. Well i had a good time besides going to the hospital. Saturday morning got very intresting. We had a good spot and we were ready for them. Then here comes the Mod's telling us to move. So we moved an then we got in another spot an tell us to move again. Then one pulls out gun on our guys. So we ready for a gun fight. After that we stop the marines from getting up the hill. So after that I went to the hospital. I want to thank JP,Frosty for a great time. Yall did a good job on the OP. I lost my Wiley's X out in the feild. When i was taken out of the feild.
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