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  1. Also, JP why are there so little slots for the CDF forces?
  2. This is a relatively simple "topic". If you fight for CDF please list your callsign as well as role and what firepower you will be providing. i.e. Callsign:Wandering angel Role:rifleman/recon Primary:Modified Echo 1 stag arms m16-miracle barrel-AIM 4x32 scope Sidearm: Walther PPQ w/ threaded barrel-tracer unit Other: various smoke-thunder B grenade That's it, see you lovely ladies out on the field- Callsign: Wandering Angel(Leader of Rogue Analog) #LiveFreeOrDie
  3. I don't know about the rest of you, but I've content at keeping ammo and all my extra sh*t at our Base of command out in the field for convenience and relative ease of access.
  4. With everyone one of us that falls, another one rises to take it's place. -Callsign: Wandering Angel-Rogue Analog squad leader-#LIVEFREEORDIE
  5. im pray im praying for high water personally...i live at 9,000 feet in yellowstone National Park(3% avg. humidity) and all of the athletic training ive done is either in frozen alpine or flooded wetlands(in the melting season) and love the water. all of my gear is proofed and the water, to Me is nothing but an ally(that and fighting closer to 2,000 feet) the war is on our side my friends. #LIVEFREEORDIE
  6. upon what basis is this proven? what leadership?
  7. Woodland marpat is okay IF you only have one piece of it equipped. The CDF is meant to portray a ragtag group of a civilian militia. I would suggest a hoodie, with jeans and a limit of ONE piece of woodland style camouflage.
  8. If you would like to join us, sign up as being in Rogue Echelon, else request the join to our squad from an admin. -Angel
  9. Might I suggest Operation Broken Home 6? Broken home has been, by far the best experience that ive had in the vast world of airsoft. If you do decide to come(sometime june-july) hmu, gvonheeder@gardiner.org
  10. What is the age and experience of you and your friend? I am flying out from Yellowstone national park to form with my father against the machine. Perhaps you can join us.
  11. Callsign:Wandering Angel I will be fighting for the UFS forces.
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