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  1. I own to DG replicas, 1 being the new DG AR platform and the other being a 2nd Gen DG AK 74. I don't notice the line on my guns at all and yes mine do have recoil. Just like Escort and SP. They are expensive but, very fun to shoot.
  2. Ninja


    Still available?
  3. Hmmm I'll look into it, I'll see if anyone from My area will be going.
  4. Topic is simple, post your replica(s) you use. I'll start it out. Daytona Gun AK 74
  5. Name: Devin Callsign: Ninja Location: SA Texas) Team Status: 6MM Havoc Loadouts/weapons: DG AK, Magpul VLTOR P*, Airsoft Experience: Over 3 years Major Games Attended: OKIV 5, OKIV 6, LC BD 6, Just Revenge, RDG 8, RDG 10. Thank's for letting me join your forum.
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