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  1. I'm still working out on where the field will be but this summer we are planning a all weekend match where it's always in play until the end of the game. I don't know a date yet, but I will contact those who say they will play when we get things planned. As of for now I just want to know if we will be able to get enough players for the game so if you are within distance of hot springs Arkansas, and would like to come out to a woods game for a full weekend of play comment on this and we can start planning. Camping will be optional for those who want to stay the whole weekend out there.
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  3. I don't know who to ask, but i have not been allowed into the cdf secure forum and no one has informed me what the password is. Can someone help?
  4. Ok so everyone who has the cyma rpk knows how hard it is to change the batteries behind the kick plate. So I'm going to get some batteries and mount them on the side of the butt of the gun and have a toggle switch between them. My question is, has anyone done this? Is it reliable? And what would be the best batteries for it?
  5. The problem with that is as a support gunner, I'm not the most mobile. We post up and put a bunch of bbs down range picking off who we can but for the most part we just keep the heads down and let our teammates maneuver into better positions. And as my camo, it may not be the most tactically useful but my cdf outfit is camo pants and black top and camo vest. Obviously there would be some problems with the idea but there's always something wrong with every idea. The problem with ssw's themselves are that they are heavy. Snipers, accurate but slow. It's just an idea that I would like to test out
  6. Well not exactly a tarp. It was just easier to say tarp instead of explaining I'm a window installer and can spray paint the screen material. It would let the heat out and breathe very well. What gets people seen is the outline. That's what camouflage is used for, it breaks up the outline of the body and blends in with the environment. But I am cdf so I can't just have full camo to help me out. So quickly deploying this would break up a head and shoulders outline on top of a hill and at first glance you might think it's just another bit of elevation on the hill. As far as concealment, May not be the best but maybe it would get you at least the extra couple of seconds needed to get your target when they are looking to find where the shots are coming from. As for natural cover, yes it would be ideal. But as we all know there might not always be natural cover where you need it. This way you don't have to walk around in a ghilly suit all day. You just pull it out of a back pack or pouch or what ever you have and throw it over you and hit the ground.
  7. I was here last year and had a lot of fun. But I want to know if my idea would be allowed. I'm a support gunner so I want to be as hard to see as possible. This being said I had an idea, instead of a guilly suit, just carry around a woodland camo tarp in my backpack and when I need to use it just drop the bag and drape the tarp over me and post up. Would that be against the rules?
  8. In all honesty, down with both government's. They fight for land but what they don't understand is that they fight for our land. They fight in our front yards and tread into our homes and treat us civilians as the intruders. The CDF can govern ourselves as far as we're concerned, it would be a lot less killing if you would stop fighting for land that isn't yours. Now we won't back down from a fight but you don't see us going for ground that doesn't belong to us. We hold what we have. For anyone who tells us to lay our arms down and stop defending our land... "Molon labe" as the Greeks would say it.
  9. one rule of thumb, water. You about to go on another hike into the ao? Drink some water. You're waiting to respawn, drink some water. You're pinned down and about to take a smoke break? You ain't going anywhere, you got time to drink some water. Don't let the heat get you out of the fight just because you forgot to drink your water
  10. Man, honestly just some m81 woodland camo works wonders in this environment
  11. This has me so hyped, the thought of CDF going to be there really appeals to me. Now excuse me for getting too into this stuff but I'm not for politics, I'm for keeping my friends and family safe as long as I can. And that is exactly the reason CDF fights. So you can count me and my RPK in and we'll take on anything thrown at us. Especially with the help of the ever present medic.
  12. Ok so I've been wanting to make the switch to ssw for a while but I'm looking at an rpk right now and I want to know if they are recognized as ssw or rifles
  13. Ok so I've been wanting to make the switch to ssw for a while but I'm looking at an rpk right now and I want to know if they are recognized as ssw or rifles
  14. my biggest thing is, I've never been fast. I'm large and strong. The added weight of an LMG wouldn't really put too much of a damper on what little I can do right now.
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