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  1. WTS/WTT - CB Mayflower RC APC Med and Cummerbund Med with: Gen V Split Front Chest Rig w. Swift Clips and all the magazine inserts (M4. SR25, AK, MP7) in CB Mayflower RC Assault Panel One in CB (US Flag and Ten Speed not for sale) Price:$625 via PayPal and buyer pays shipping. Trades: Looking for a Crye AVS in CB or Tan Color Please contact me with Questions.
  2. When will camping be allowed? Friday or Thursday? Thanks Eric Fine
  3. Is the DAM registration going to happen when you log into the site?
  4. ericfine50


    So, 350 is ok for indoors? Sorry if I missed that
  5. ericfine50


    Kilroy - are you gong to run 2 guns? An indoor and an outdoor AEG? I guess I see that causing possible issues if someone grabs their 350 FPS AEG indoors by mistake.
  6. ericfine50


    Having played FA indoors, it always becomes teams throwing a ton of BBs at each other, but not able to move. You may also see guys running two M4 (for example) and grab the 350FPS AEG indoors by mistake. --Eric
  7. ericfine50


    And, my team and I were just at an event in Buffalo and even with Semi indoors, you can take a long hallway and make your way to the next objective.
  8. ericfine50


    And is 300 FPS set in stone? Or, are you still thinking about the FPS indoor limits.
  9. ericfine50


    I just watched Biglar's video and was wondering on the Full Auto part indoors. Do you think that will take away from the stealth/sneaky part of the game and just make it a hosefest?
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