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  1. This is a great change. It is getting me motivated to come back to this event!
  2. Didn't want to threadjack the nametape discussion, so new topic: where have people found decent deals/design help/quality for patches? I used Butler last time and they are terrible. It took them forever to get the design (that I gave them) correct and their velcro SUCKS, it barely sticks to anything. Then they sent the wrong quantities and wouldn't even correct it. But the point of my post is not to blow up Butler Patches, it's to find a good source, and I know lots of you have found some.
  3. The world's largest reserve of natural gas was just discovered in NE Colorado/SW Nebraska. If possession of oil/gas is what motivates CoST, then Colorado and Nebraska would be natural dominos to fall, especially if Kansas were to switch sides. Of course, it may also make them more valuable allies for the UFS... The Rocky Mountains is pretty prime real estate for guerilla fighting. Difficult terrain for armor, difficult conditions for helicopters and close air support, and plenty of established trails that are difficult to spot from the air and connect major highways over high mountain passes. The CoST could do worse for a base of operations.
  4. I like my CZ P-07 Duty a lot. It's not ultra-small, but the mag capacity is good. 9mm is what it is, but with +P it's got enough stopping power. Personally I'd rather have plenty of rounds to fire if things got... interesting, and the CZ carries 16. I'm humble enough to admit that I probably would need those extra rounds with the adrenaline pumping. The other good thing about the CZ is it has a long, pretty heavy trigger pull which can be annoying on the range but can avoid one making a costly mistake in a pressure situation. I love my 1911 too but if I had to choose one to carry it would be the CZ. I've owned Glocks and I know lots of people love them but in my opinion the CZ is a better gun, no contest.
  5. All I know is mine were dead on out of the box. Best $125 I ever spent.
  6. There will be plenty more bad pirate days to come, trust me. They've finally annoyed too many of the wrong people. At least now I know there is a good reason some of my phone calls havent' been returned lately!
  7. I have the 888 too, does the TCI set come with a longer antenna or just the cable? I've been looking at it and I can't tell. I'm going to run mine for the first time tomorrow and I'll let you all know what sort of range it's got in the mountains.
  8. Here's one that's a little change of pace: Worldwide Impact Now. WIN is run by a Green Beret colonel that retired as commander of the 10th SF. The group focuses on outreach to the oppressed ethnic minorities in Burma. These Burmese tribes were our loyal allies during World War II and who knows when, and how, after that. WIN is not only a humanitarian mission but also helps the oppressed in Burma organize, coordinate, and document humanitarian crimes committed by the regime. Here's a link to their website: http://www.worldwide-impact-now.org/
  9. Ah... to be lucky enough to call Durango home! Nails, you've got it made. I am the General Counsel for a regional wireless company. We own more than 500 towers in 5 states, all in rural America. I handle everything from lobbying congress to 9-figure litigation to contracts to share drainage ponds. So it runs the gamut. The only downer is the 162-mile roundtrip commute each day, but I'm used to it. I am a self-styled amateur airsoft arms dealer and like poking holes with my real steel toys too. If I win the lottery I'm starting my own D-Day Adventure Park/Gun Superstore/Airsoft Super-retailer/Military Surplus Superstore/Wild West Themed Town and Casino. My wife is a Filipino nurse who talks about Imelda Marcos the way most women talk about Princess Diana, and whose favorite saying when running the county STD clinic in Las Vegas (until recently) was: "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and then starts spreading." In other words, she's a lot more interesting, and funnier, than I am.
  10. We've decided to accept a job offer with a PMC working for the United Federal States. See you out there.
  11. My G&P Stoner 63A Bone stock, because this gun doesn't need any upgrades.
  12. It's a tough call. We hate taxes, but those Texans are so damn full of themselves, and after watching a few episodes of Swamp People I don't think I can learn to speak whatever language that is... How about we start the Gary Hart Militia and throw Colorado in the ring to run the show? Our squad callsign will be Monkey Business.
  13. Looking forward to this game, glad all is square. Now the local casinos can make sure there's plenty of cash in their safes. This will be my third year. Right now we are free agents - most of the CO teams will be going tan but we are undecided.
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