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  1. can you pm me pictures, also can you not do paypal? are you going to be at endstate?
  2. I do not know if my search was just unsuccessful or if this has not been asked before but i was wondering what were the regulations on switching roles throughout the op. say for instance you sign up as a HWS and half way through the day you decide your tired of dragging around a support weapon and want to run as just a rifleman or a SWS then can you or is this prohibited or frowned upon. thank you in advance for any info!
  3. looks like the roster should be finallized here soon, just bought the last ticket
  4. we all wear helmets, but we have different types, and one wears marpat cover on his. its not a problem if its same color, its same type of helmet that im wondering about now?
  5. My team is wondering about the headgear having to match for the marines force per squad. does this mean they have to match in color/covering or by type?
  6. is there a posted squad layout page. Im trying to figure out what roles my team members need to fill to make a complete squad and how many roles are available per squad. also i noticed that the marines headgear per squad have to match. does this mean that it has to be the same type of kevlar or does this just mean they have to match color/cover wise?
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