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  1. I hope AMS use the Stinger field again. Maybe not for Reindeer Games but possibly for another OP. Personally I loved the field even though a portion of it may want you dead. Cost friendly for a new curious player and lots of memories.
  2. Who's ready to kill people with 6 millimeter plastic BBs?
  3. I remember during a safety briefing at Broken Home it was mentioned that matching tops and bottoms would be taken out and also it was mentioned during the CoST meeting last year at Copperhead. I just wanted to make sure that we can swap tops and bottoms as long as they meet faction attire requirements.
  4. I tried looking through the topics but couldn't find anything or any post on Reindeer Games XV. I assume camping is not permitted? Also is alcohol consumption not allowed on base? I know we were allowed to drink at Rebel Yell and yes I'm aware these are two different bases and may handle things differently.
  5. Is the Coalition of Sovereign States phasing out? I haven't been following the "timeline" of AMS so did UFS like decimate CoST and possibly CDF and PSA was then born from remnants of one or both factions?
  6. "I'm not fuckin falling back"

  7. Excuse the grammar. *Will all of the future events start at 1-2PM?
  8. Are all future games all set to begin at 1-2PM?
  9. Ahh the CDF secured forum isn't listed, at least not like the CoST and UFS secured forum is listed.
  10. Who will be the CDF leadership and will we have a secured forum?
  11. genogary

    CDF apparel

    Lol okay. I have three of the PVC patches and a few of the embroidered patches.
  12. genogary

    CDF apparel

    Damn that sucks lol. The subdued patches will they be PVC or embroidery? Also if it's PVC arr you guys using the PVC design for the CDF patch?
  13. genogary

    CDF apparel

    Will there be CDF apparel? I'd love a CDF beanie and T-Shirt
  14. Ahh I think I'll run CDF for Broken Home. Not sure why I will buy my ticket however I am more than likely going(got a new job and have to get it check to see if I can go). I'd like to encourage my CoST fam AND UFS people if interested in joining. If interested hit me up and we can possibly form a team.
  15. I was going to say something negative about the rules, but then realize I only run out to the field with 7 mags lmao! But yeah not too fond of it but hey we'll see. Lol kinda funny because this also means that the Krytac LMG users can't fill the box mag up to 5K, instead 3K. I wonder how many will follow the rules on LMGs. The ammo boxes seem interesting given the large volume for Broken Home. I mean I don't trust many with my stuff especially the amount of people at Broken Home. I usually just carry my stuff in my backpack and then reload at the FOB. But hey I'm always able to adapted.
  16. Kiwi who's listed under group 1 should be with me under Misfits. He just sent an email.
  17. I'd recommend ranger green and M81.
  18. So will we be seeing CDF break away from CoST more often?
  19. So ahh fellow CoST sympathizers. Which faction are you guys choosing for Broken Home. CDF or CoST?
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  21. While we wait for the updated roaster I'd like to be in the same platoon as Austin Hatchett. I don't exactly care to be in the same team just platoon.
  22. Me and an associate are looking for CoST patches. He's looking for last year's Broken Home version. I'm searching for the subdued versions. The black and gray and green and black. If you have them let me know. PayPal ready! The image I'm sharing is his patch wall not mine and the second image I'm sharing is mine.
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