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  1. Sat down to have an interview with CrazyNCman and things didn't turn out as planned. Enjoy!
  2. I'll be recording most of the music video at the MACC Grand Opening. The song itself needs to have the hook and bridge redone...even autotune couldn't fix how bad it is now. Lol
  3. MAKO Team hosts their weekly Open Play at the MAKO Advanced Combat Center with a festive Easter game. Zippo tries some tactics he learned in the rough streets of Killa City. Titan impresses with his stellar rendition of "I'm so Ronery." Like, share, subscribe! Enjoy!
  4. Teaser vid to the parody song/video the other MAKO gents and I are doing called "MilSim Paradise." Enjoy!
  5. Based on some comments I don't think they realize it's all a joke and in fun. One guy commented saying: "i feel dumber having seen this.... what are you an instructor of? its adorable how airsofters think they become safety instructors etc, they tend to be the ones most likely to commit a violation" Lol, that's the type of feedback I love to get. Anyways y'all thanks for the views and the compliments and all that. More soon!
  6. A little post op tips from Zippo. Enjoy!
  7. I heard the first one was called because the tripod dog ran out on the field, then after that players just started calling them because of the fires, or maybe people literally yelled "FIRE" referring to the flames and people misunderstood or assumed they were calling a cease fire. Who knows. Shit always happens in airsoft. Lol
  8. Yeah the amount of cease fires was crazy, most of them were called by the players and not admins and were directly caused because of the EG smokes starting fires. Sucks for the attackers having all their momentum stopped. Defending four was one of the funnest experiences I've ever had in airsoft.
  9. No, by all means share all you can. Thanks for the view!
  10. I know where I'm shopping to get all my ESR19 goodies. #PLS
  11. That puppet show was legendary. Make sure you repeat at End State!
  12. I'm not complaining about the rule at all, I think when there are close engagements where both parties know where the other is at, safety kills are used in a BS manner alot, so I'm fine with going by who gets shot first. However, when a player is dead to rights, as the people in the video were, they should of had the honor and respect to accept the kill. Additionally since their respawn was just down the stairs.
  13. I love my ten-speeds. I run two on my SureGrip and one on my Banshee. They are a bit tight when you first put your mags in, but after a few games the elastic loosens and works perfectly.
  14. Kris Gethin workout. In the later weeks you will be doing 40 minutes of cardio 5 days a week. At the end of my first twelve week session I had lost 9 pounds down to 177 and had increased my bench press to 255. Best workout program I've ever done. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/kris-gethin-12-week-daily-trainer-week-12.html
  15. Zippo


    Nike SFB's! Nike SFB's! Nike SFB's! But seriously, the same support as my Bates minus the steel toe, but with the speed and agility as my Nike Free Trainer gym shoes. Heavy initial cost but I still consider them one of my better purchases when it comes to airsoft. PLUS, now you can customize them in colors and stiching on niketown.com. Get them!
  16. I'm Zippo, I play out of Kansas City with Kilroy and the rest of the MAKO team. Currently I run a CIRAS vest with a battle belt for my gear, and a KWA SR10 and a KWA MK23. Look forward to playing with y'all!
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