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  1. I got sunburned. Everyone I shot called it. I regret selling my Multicam Tropic. My biggest regret is not sneaking into Top's new super trailer and taking a tactical #2. Missed opportunity. I've been to 5 or 6 of these BHs, and this was like my second favorite ever. Less cameras = more fun.
  2. I lost a FDE PTS EMP Magazine with a FDE Ranger Plate on the bottom. I also lost a left hand Outdoor Research Ironsight glove (large).
  3. Never went to one. Were they long?
  4. I am liquidating most of my excess gear. I have: 34R/L - Woodland Semapo Combat Set 34L - M/R Arid Combat Set (Several small, unrepaired holes in right clavicle of top) 34L - M/L Tropic Combat Set (Small, repaired holes in back of top) 34L - Large Crye Multicam Bottoms - Arc'Teryx Combat Top To make this easier, I would prefer to sell all of them for $750. Buyer pays shipping. I don't care if group orders get split up, if people get together to buy pieces and you coordinate behind the scenes as to who pays what cost, etc. If $750 ends up in my paypal, I will ship these out. I know Broken Home is coming up just around the corner and there are two stellar CoST and two UFS uniforms ready to go. Get geared out for the low! If you're interested, slide into my DMs.
  5. The MACC had it's 3-Year Anniversary, and it was a giant success. Over 300 people came, and all the updates we have put into it the past few months really helped the game flow. I encourage everyone to come see us every Saturday. Keep tabs on the field by liking this page: https://www.facebook.com/MAKOAdvancedCombatCenter/ Thank you to everyone that came, and we look forward to seeing you many times more in the future!
  6. If you can afford it, you won't find a better camo for BH than MC tropic. It made me invisible last year. https://www.instagram.com/p/3CGGz7KVwY/?taken-by=mrparrie
  7. Be there! $35 for pre-reg, $40 at the gate! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BpCBGlI5r4
  8. Will part out. All prices negotiable. Will negotiate shipping. Mayflower APC w/ Mayflower Gen IV Chest Rig with Tyr back panel & First Spear Shoulder Pads Mayflower APC- HSP D3CR Chest Rig with APTO Gear back panel and abdomen pouch Mission Spec Custom EOC in Multicam Tropic with Molle Monkey Back Panel Nomad Kryptek Combat Pants Size 36x32 Typhon Kryptek Combat Pants Size 36x32 Vertex Mandrake Combat Top and Bottom Top: Medium Long Pants size: 36x32
  9. If you have ever played in KC, you know of his craziness.
  10. Most of us longtime players have seen the massive influx of new players, both young and hold. At the same time, most of the attention gets turned to the negative impact the new players cause. What is the best course of action when it comes to dealing with new players? While there are bad eggs who just want to shoot as many bbs as possible, there are good newbies that want to learn every aspect of MilSim and play the game it was intended to be played. Your thoughts? Video for shameless plug. Not the typical vid you'd see on my channel. I think y'all will like.
  11. I done goofed and in an effort to not ruin my epic kill streak, threw all my bros under the bus. Luckily ol' Kyle was clutch and caught it on film. This is a fair warning for those who are on my team, I don't like walking to respawn.
  12. I was XO for CoST and I feel basically that: Copperhead was the best AMS event they have put on. UFS, you guys kicked ass. The U-Haul flank was epic. It had us on our heels for a few hours afterwards until we could get it sorted out. We didn't expect it, and it was one hell of a haymaker. Your utilization of POVS was top notch and always had us on our heels. Towards the end of Saturday, the wind shifted and gave you guys a severe advantage, but we were able to hold up decently and not lose that much ground. Again, you guys kicked ass and made the event enjoyable. I want to commend the proactive approach most CoST players took. With a few days left we realized our CO couldn't make it, so everyone on Command had to step up and take on extra responsibility with little to no prep time. Without the awesome players we wouldn't have done as well as we did. They all stepped up, fought hard, and communicated very well when at some points it broke down. I'm proud of CoST's performance. I want to take a moment to talk about how awesome the admins were, and how important Alex is to AMS. Without Alex, the game suffers big time. He's a hard worker, gets shit done, and always keeps the game interesting. Alex, you're the man and I hope you stay as Control as long as AMS puts on games. The admins were far better than they have been in the past, and seemed to always be on the ball, save a few instances where the rules weren't 100% known. David Ly dome popped me twice...so there's that. BUT, we had a killer drive by kill on Top. That will make for some good footage. All in all, I love the AMS community and want everyone who attended to come to more events. Y'all are awesome. See you at BH4!
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  17. Starting a new series at the grassroot level. Each week we will follow a local KC airsofter and get their bbwarz story. The local player is what makes the community, and thus, the game enjoyable, from the local open play to the national op. This series will chronicle their story. If you like them, like, SHARE, and subscribe!
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