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    Hey guys. I know this must be a dumb question but here is my issue; I just bought my ticket last night and I figured I would get a password for my factions forum (cost). I really want to see what sl. I've been assigned to and start coordinating with my squad. I still haven't found much info besides reading Q&A's on the forum. Sorry to be such a newb but just getting started in the scene and I am HORRIBLE at internet navigation. Thank you so much for all the help guys and thanks for your patience.
  3. Thanks man. I'm just going to rent a car
  4. Ya..sorry. I haven't been able to find the rules or anything. All of the information that ive learned, including schedule and things of tgat manner, have been from the forum. Confused on where to find any kind of official event page
  5. I am in Idaho. I am desperately looking for anyone coming from the Northwestern part of the country that maybe I can carpool with. Of course I would be willing to share the cost of gas. Any help would be awesome. Thank you
  6. First milsim. Super excited can't wait and thanks to all admin for all the hard work. Question concerning close quarter situations; Are there any restrictions on what guns are used inside. Dont have a reliable side arm at the moment, only have my AR.
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