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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. Yep. I found this on the road next to Pegasus on Sunday, guessing it was around 1100/1130. I kept it until we got back to camp, at which point I handed it to Jazzman, UFS S6, who said he was going to turn it in to the admins. I assume he did as such. Curious, what was the playing card from?
  2. I wear a pair of Mechanix FastFit Gloves from the auto store. They're cheap, light weight, and thin enough in the finger tips to do most work I need to in the field. I have no problems with brush and shrubbery with them.
  3. One more for the Q&A thread: Are we allowed to remain in the field during the 3 hour cold site on Saturday?
  4. Yeah, unfortunately it is asking quite a bit; I was unaware of the need for a duplexer, thinking that last I looked one could find a 50W repeater for ~$500 (still, not cheap, but some folks are generous). Heh, worth a shot! Noted about the rich friend referral, .
  5. I wonder if someone, maybe an attendee reading this, is perhaps willing to lend some equipment for 2012? I don't own any repeaters, unfortunately.
  6. Just an FYI: The title of this topic says the event is in Kansas City, but the rest of the docs say Lawson, MO. I realize they're only about an hour apart, but I figured I'd share anyway.
  7. How do I switch themes? Part of the problem is that the way in which I knew how to do it wasn't working. Now that way is gone (at least for me).
  8. I figured something like that was the intent. No rush on this, I just figured someone on your end would want to know. It's not like I can't access the site, it's still very usable.
  9. I'm using Google Chrome on Linux. I have the same issues with Google Chrome on Windows as well. Firefox 3.5 on Linux doesn't seem to have the text styling issues. If it's not affecting the majority of users, it's not really worth looking into (but I have a feeling there's quite a few using Google Chrome...). Also, the "Change Theme" link has now disappeared for me, but I'm still stuck using the Brave theme.
  10. A group of four/five of us from Nebraska are planning on attending. We're looking forward to seeing everyone that makes it out. Also, in case anyone finds it useful: I've converted the Release of Liability and General Rules documents TAB has posted on their forum into Google Documents for easier printing: TACTICAL AIRSOFT BASE, LLC. RELEASE OF LIABILITY TACTICAL AIRSOFT BASE, LLC. GENERAL RULES Also, I've been asked to note that we are planning on joining the TLA forces for the event.
  11. 1) I'm unable to change forum themes. Choosing Less or IP.Board Mobile from the "Change Theme" link in the footer effects nothing. 2) The Brave theme has duplicate entries in the navigation bar: Also, the post editor has some funky issues with styling text (bold, italic): Typing regular text, and then turning on a style and typing new text, and then pressing backspace causes the cursor to jump and start backspacing from the position before you turned on the style.
  12. Are there plans to use repeaters at Operation Broken Home, and if so to what extent? I ask because the bubble-pack radios don't [usually] work on the repeater frequencies, and even for those of us that do have capable radios, I doubt many (I'm looking at the Icom users, ) are familiar with how to set them up for repeater use. When I attended OKI 6 last year, our buddy Jazzman from Airsoft Nebraska helped folks program their radios (although I think he was actually tasked with setting up the leaderships' comms; he was just being a nice guy helping everyone else as well). Due to the nature of the issue, it's obviously not prudent to post individual teams' frequencies for the opposition to see, meaning virtually everyone will have to program their radios on site. Are there plans to have a programming station, or is everyone on their own? Do I need to find out how to program my mates' radios for repeater use?
  13. First, please forgive me if this topic is not allowed. I read the "Classifieds" board rules, and it seemed to suggest the board was only for airsoft related sales, hence my posting here instead. I have for sale an ATI Radeon HD 5870, by Sapphire. It's a 2 GB card, which is rare in this edition, and has Sapphire's Vapor-X cooling system. The card has one owner who has taken good care of it; it is in perfect condition. I'm asking for $100 for the card, which is a steal. Any takers? Feel free to ask questions; I can post pics as well. The deal won't last long, it will be gone by Thursday evening, so act fast!
  14. I couldn't have put it better myself, .
  15. Copperautis: I think we all agree that using the effect of energy creep to break the rules is dishonest and should be dealt with accordingly. However, energy creep in and of itself is a phenomena that cannot really be avoided, and in my opinion is actually very useful to exploit (exploit as in utilize to your advantage). I'm not saying you should "lie" about your muzzle energy / FPS+BBs weight, or that you should exploit a rule system that doesn't account for energy creep; those are both dishonest as mentioned. Instead, as it's essentially unavoidable when using heavier BBs anyway, you essentially get more bang for your buck in terms of cost of upgrades and parts. No need to spend money to bump up to an SP130 spring and an associated gearset and motor and triggering system when an SP120 or SP110 with your current motor and gearset will get you to your mark just fine. In short, I think we're all [finally] on the same page.
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