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  1. Cool, thanks for the clarity Alex. I'll make sure to let my friend know as well.
  2. Yeah, this is why I figured I'd ask. I pretty much plan to be using it at the same time. Taking pics and video whenever I'm not being directly shot at, and actually helping my team. Just sort of taking them during the few not-as-hectic moments like at the beginning of a patrol. But, as soon as we make contact, or someone makes contact with us, I plan on quickly storing it in a padded pouch I'll have on me, so I can help engage the enemy. Sort of like a combat photographer role I suppose. I'll wait to see if JP or someone else would like to clarify before buying my tickets then.
  3. Hello, a friend and I will be bringing our DSLR cameras this year, mostly for group photos of our platoon and shooting video at our campsite. But we were curious about using them in the active AO? Of course we would have the proper lexan protection, and know the risks of them still breaking given some of the terrain out there. We will be buying tickets for CoST Army Enlistment like we did last year, and will primarily be combatants. But we wanted to know if we can bring our cameras out onto the field to get some action pics/video of our platoon, as we weren't completely satisfied with the number of pics just randomly taken of us by other photographers last year. Would we be required to buy Press Passes as well as our enlistment tickets? Or would it be like the same thing as recording/taking pics with GoPros/Contours on the field with the same sense of liability? Any help is appreciated, and can't wait to play there again. It's a long drive from Pennsylvania, but totally worth it!
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