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  1. My son Tanner and I will be attending black card dinner for CH3. could find black card forum ... sorry I' m an old fart...not net savvy
  2. Operation CH2.5... was awesome. It was my second CH. Complete chaos due to confusion and having to go to respawn and being separated from your "guys" is part of the fun. My radio was not working well and I teamed up with whomever... Check in with Kaiju or whomever and figure out what was needed next or where the action was... I was friendly fired twice in a row after respond...yet it set up my "epic" event of CH ... 6 kills one grenade dropped at feet of UFS standing in circle... Botton line...you got to make your own fun out of the craziness. While former military way long ago... I do not know how to breech a house ect... part of fun to figure out. As Kaiju said.. it was not about the houses .. it's about getting to objective and get intel... we did not even really defend the FOB... As a 60+ year old, Nurse Practitioner... I prepared physically by exercising regularly... used GU supplements... electrolyte replacement to my 3 liter water bad... yes we had at lest 12 liters per person for our squad... and bought more the second day. HEAT STOKE will kill you and I performed an medical assessment on 3 PSA members at the FOB... you and your buddies have to be responsible for your self and buddies... the squad I belong to get tired of me saying "drink up" constantly.. I am continually sucking on my water tube... AMS can not be responsible for all the people participating... yes a pain to take all that water to the FOB... just get it done ... and you will be okay. I am currently suffering from PCHWD... Post Copperhead Withdrawal Disorder.. geez can't wait till next year...
  3. UFS leadership must be as good spin masters as Ms Hillary and drinking the same koolaid she is... and will add "what does it matter?" ... well as a veteran of COST forces last year at Copperhead ... we did put a spin on the UFS forces and kicked their butt!... try to spin that... Now allied PSA ... we will win the west it is our home country... T This PUBLIC Service Announcement just in.. UFS will be lead by the likes of Hillary so use utmost caution in joining them as it may be hazardous to your health and result in a sudden and early death! PSA RULES THE WEST....
  4. Fox Company Arizona will be sending squad to Copperhead 2 and will be partnering with the Pacific Alliance forces to protect our homes and western way of life from the UFS forces
  5. I am retired military 30 years and one of the older guys. I agree if you earned it you can were it.. and if someone want to to check to see if I am legit, i am able to gladly wipe out my military ID... yep that is an 0-6 on that card... Go COST and come to Copperhead 2 awesome filed. Check out your local Army surplus store as with the old steel helmets there were green helmet cover and some of those shops have them
  6. Was at event last year. It is pretty wide open country surrounding event site. Yet, there are a ton of Border Patrol around the area. I did drive over to small town to get pizza eat and had not problems. Since the area is open range, you are more like to run into cattle or horses on road ect than unsavory characters. Of course a bid dose of common sense is in order
  7. VIf you google Playas NM you will see "improvements"from filming of Batman vs Superman movie!! only 6 days 8 hours till registration opens...
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