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  1. Question answered thanks.
  2. Do you know if the passport issue will effect other states like NM or where I could find out, because as far as I know my state has'nt adopted some of the federal rules either. I'd like to attend but don't have time to get a passport. Thanks..
  3. Can I wear my MARPAT in place of the CADPAT or is this a strict requiremnt for it. Just wondering if anybody knows for sure, thanks for any feedback on this.
  4. Help, I've tried to register for Copperhead 2 early bird sale and your ticket site won't acceppt my payment, help What should I do?
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  6. Are the UFS Scouts going to be part of UFS,s total player cap or are they a additional force, numbers of players to balance forces because of CDF's presence?
  7. This rule makes me definatley put a personal coms unit to the top of my list. I think evryone is gonna need one. Also we could designate a certain smoke color for the platoons' resupply drop.
  8. Yes , to all our COST commanders, please we really need a great strategy this year. & Remember how long UFS has won on this game field.
  9. Camp 1 (moonshine base) rushed seen from CDF side. https://youtu.be/W24bTxoy1Ao
  10. Here are some of Saturday's game from the CDF side on when CDF's Camp 1 was overrun by UFS, and some at the town side west of the tracks. I am sorry for the low quality but it was all I had on hand that day. https://youtu.be/0RML1xnBJmU https://youtu.be/XYK4aA9SxAo &
  11. Does this mean there is no more COST?
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