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  1. @yankee-dta I have sent several e-mails repeatedly to their customer service department in hopes of finding out when and if they ever intended to restock or get new kwa upper receivers. I have never gotten a return on any of those e-mails. However I will say that when I purchased my KWA-SR10 back for Broken Home 3 they were very helpful. I called their customer service number after receiving it from a seller on ebay in hopes that they could verify the SR10 was authentic and had been legally sold ( its ebay, you never know what will come from where or if your getting cheated ) they took the serial number, confirmed it was indeed legit and that it had a warranty on it at the time. When I had tried contacting them through e-mail it was when I wasnt able to call them ( month long FTX ) due to the cell phone service in the area being only good enough to send messages and even then it was spotty at best. I should have been more clear in what I had meant when I said that they never returned any of my contact attempts, I meant that I have never received any return on any web based contact attempts ( e-mail ). After I returned from the field the kwa upper took a back seat to some other things that were going on.
  2. @XAAdan I appreciate the quick and professional replies. You guys are better at replying then KWA who never return any of my contact attempts.
  3. So I heard that they ( D day ) are currently renovating Coleville, and intend on touching other parts of the field as well. Do we know what if any parts of the map this will impact or will the renovations take place after BH6?
  4. Thanks for the advice, I've asked around before but no one around here knows how to work on anything but m4 style platforms. I'll have to check again.
  5. Thank's for the info and soft replies guys I appreciate it.
  6. It's a dumb question but I have to ask. Can they diagnose and repair an ICS L85? and do you know if any possible price quotes?
  7. I'm wondering if there will be any Technicians at BH this year who are capable of looking at tunine up or fixing my ICS L85. It's currently having issues feeding consistently, as well as some trigger response issues which may be the connectors themselves. I'm also looking at the possibility of improving it's FPS to be more consistent. Any price quotes would be awesome. I'd try to take it to someone in my home town or locally but I'm in El Paso, and my guns are at home state Arkansas.
  8. Hello Everyone, I thought I would post this as sort of getting the ball rolling and help out anyone who might be looking to find a ride from wherever they are to BH5. Now I find myself in a troublesome situation. I am currently Active army and Stationed in El paso Texas, I dont currently have vehicle and wont be able to get one until after BH5 at the earliest. So I am hoping to grab a ride from anyone who might be traveling close by or in the general area to and back from BH5. Because of my situation there are several steps I have to take care of in order to get a Mileage pass approved. To compound the already present issues I will be out of reach with anyone for 30 days while my unit conducts field training exercises. The return date of my unit is still foggy ( May 16th roughly ) and I haven't purchased my ticket yet, not until I know the pass is approved and I have a ride out and back. I am a veteran airsofter and have attended BH 1-3 ( Missed 4 due to BCT ) If anyone could assist me or has any suggestions on a solution to these issues I would greatly appreciate it. ( if this is the wrong place to post, or breaks forum rules in any way that I am unaware of I sincerely apologize. )
  9. Just got to Ft. Gordon, unfortunate that theres no airsoft around here.
  10. Pt, its good for you, its good for me.

  11. That would be me, I was laying on the floor on the upper level with my M4 pointed at the lower stairwell guarding it, I guess he had NVG's because he tore me up, It felt like more then one round but to be honest I was a bit distracted. Regardless it was a lot of a fun, I had a great time.
  12. I'd just like to say that I had an amazing shopping experience at the Kastway store, the woman attending the store got results and was patient with me when I asked for a large to small type adapter. She persevered and after an hour more or less, she found the part and I promptly bought it. You guys rock, and your customer service is second to none! Thanks for being at OPBH3!
  13. I'm having issues with the OBH3 Release forms, every time I print them it prints it wrong with paragraphs on top of paragraphs, it did print hte D-Day waiver without issue, and our tickets however.
  14. I was instructed to print off waiver forms and the ticket that was e-mailed to me for Broken Home, I wanted to see if there was an alternative at least for the tickets. Because I can download and display the tickets on my phone can I just use that as proof of purchase or do I still need to print off the tickets. During BH 1 and 2 I was never instructed to print off waivers or tickets, so I am just double checking in case I missed something. Better safe then sorry. Less then 24 hours to go until BH3 lets get out there, stay HYDRATED, and Sling some Plastic! See you all there.
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