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  1. I do like slinging BB's, Yes I do! Welcome to the forums! And thank you for your service!
  2. They look like Flash bangs and hold 750 BB's. I will have a review on my Channel BBSlingerTv soon. Here is a picture on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=281063685297396&set=a.168420266561739.37873.14767517530291
  3. Hey Guys, Me and some other YouTuber Channels put together a Airsoft Safety Video to more inform the community about safety. Check it out here -
  4. I think we all appreciate what you guys are doing! Rock on AMS!
  5. Love you rifle Skeptic! The Tan contrast pieces give it a great look! Same thing for Gunfather6! That paint job looks great. I'm seeing you gun all over facebook lol. I will post some stuff up soonish.
  6. Welcome to the Forums. I like Slinging BB's Good to see some Mystery Squad people from kinda close to my neck of the woods! And, Thank you for your service!
  7. Tusk is already at 120. Congratulations! lol. And Dan, I sent a PM your way!
  8. Good to see some more of my Land of Oz kin around the Forums! Welcome
  9. Glad to see you here! Welcome to the Forums! Great org. you have going!! See you around! BBSlinger (BBSlinger Tv)
  10. Thanks! I do like stickers... Especially if they are MAKO Tv, American MilSim, and Elite Force stickers =)
  11. Hey Guys, BBSlinger here. Checking into American MilSim! I'm the owner of BBSlinger Tv on YouTube. Go check it out! Cya around!
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