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  2. Pm me ethan90 if you are in search for a squad to run with. Looking for rifleman mostly, just tell me what you got!
  3. I found a P-mag at control point 6 after the first evolution. There are the initials JJ on the bottom. please contact me if it is yours! Ethan
  4. I replied and was told I wasn't on the roster. . .went to check and sure enough both my friend and I were removed off the list. . . anyone know why this could be? We registered back in March and our names were on the list when they first posted the rosters.
  5. Question: in the rule set it states we need a waiver while on the AO, Are the waiver and the medical card the same thing or are we given a waiver upon arrival?
  6. Ron. I am about 1.5 hrs south of Argile. Park Rapids/ Detroit Lakes area.
  7. A friend and I are looking for a squad to join up with. We will be traveling from northern Minnesota for our first milsim event and we are excited! I have equipment to play the sniper, support, or rifleman role (though i enjoy rifleman most) and my friend is a rifleman.
  8. A friend and I are also looking to team up, its our first milsim event as well.We would like a group that can show us the ropes in Milsim we would like to make it to as many of the American Milsim events as possible. We will be traveling from northern Minnesota!
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