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  1. Can anyone recommend a left handed Kydex style Holster for a 1911? Specifically the Elite Force tac 1911.
  2. What do i need to do to make a (G&G Combat Machine Full Size AK47 RK47 Airsoft AEG Rifle) Lipo rdy? I plan on running only a 7.4V 1600mAh 20C in it.
  3. Alright my bro is finally switching from hi-caps to mid-caps for his AK47 so he can attend events such as Broken Home. What I'm wanting to know is are there any mid-cap AK mags you guys recommend that would be on par with EF 140rd Mid-Caps in terms of quality and performance? Link if possible ty.
  4. Thanks guys. This will be my first time doing a hop-up/barrel/bucking. Seems like everything is pretty simple and I chose the Firefly - Namazu Flat Hop Nub with Roller Bar to do the Flat hop.
  5. I'm currently running a Amoeba Am-013, it's shooting 399fps exact with .20's. The problem I'm having with it right now is that after about 25-50ft it seems like my accuracy diminishes in the form of my BBs not staying on target so they fly off. My question is: Will a ProWin Airsoft CNC Machined Aluminum M4 AEG Hop-Up Chamber and a Madbull 6.01mm Ultimate TBB - 300mm for M4 CQBR solve this problem or improve it to where I get better range and accuracy? Also will it increase my FPS Slightly? (need to know so I can buy or cut spring accordingly) Srry for the noob questions.
  6. Good job UFS. But I do have to say most of COST was just wondering around during saturday and didn't know what to do except engage any UFS they came across which 9 out of 10 times was pointless because they weren't achieveing anything except notches on their belts, lol There was at one point I picked up 20 stragglers and assaulted a UFS Mobile spawn. Pushed UFS all the way to it and failed only because command wasn't responding on the comms so no backup to push and take it. COST seemed VERY disorganized unless you where in a group like Alpha. just my opinion seeing as it was my first time.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't AMS events involving COST and UFS usually get scored and a Faction Winner decided because it influences a Fictional map and storyline?
  8. I want to give the Staff and players at BH4 a HUGE thank you. The Sat Game was a blast, in fact was the best time I've EVER had at an Airsoft event in my life. Sadly i had to leave an Hour early on Sat. I received an Emergency Call that my Father had had a Stroke at 1600. I want to give a HUGE thanks to both the COST and UFS players that where present when i got the call and helped me Rush to the COST TOC. And another HUGE thanks to the staff at the COST TOC and Registration that dropped everything and rushed to ensure i had all my property and even my subdued patch before i left the D-Day grounds. And Lasty one final Thank you to the gentleman that even cared enough to try and comfort me while i was stressing out about my Father. I'm Sorry that I don't know the names of people so i can't give specific shout outs to these awesome people. Not only was the game an awesomely epic time, but the Staff/Admins and players showed that they care about the players and people that attend even when it isn't Airsoft or injury related. I will definitely be attending more AMS events in the future. Fan for Life now.
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  12. This should clear some things up as far as matching within squad and head gear goes. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155644800030121&set=a.10155543495520121.1073741828.731510120&type=3&theater
  13. lol, yes it's the (not) Honeybadger. Does the rule of multiply the MS# by 3.281 and you get the approximate FPS apply? (Example: M120 spring = 120x3.281 = 393 FPS) Thank you for the information.
  14. So I got myself an Ares Amoeba am-013. It's currently shooting 350-360fps with .25 BBs. (380-400fps with .20 BBs?) No upgrades have been done to it other than what it came with. Since this AEG has a quick change spring system what Spring should I replace it with to get in the area of 340-350fps with .20s? Not over 350fps preferably.
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