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  1. Pizza taco is a pizza on a taco(so pizza as a toppings, so pepperoni as an example) and vice versa.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Would rather have a pizza taco or a taco pizza? I know this is a somewhat serious forum but I figure I should bring a little bit of comedy into the mix ya know? Also, is anyone driving through Chicago, I need a ride, I got ditched.
  4. I was going with them but something went down and I'm now not getting a ride
  5. Selling my cost ticket, with patch. $110 Pm me if interested.
  6. I might be selling my CoST ticket (with extra patch) and I need to know what info is required to transfer my ticket to someone ells as owner of the ticket. Please let me know ASAP.
  7. Weak hand with both pistol and rifle yes? Also will the pistol be on a table or be drawn from a holster?
  8. Is anyone here from the Chicagoland area? I might need a ride to Broken Home 4, will find out sometimes this week or early next week if I do need it for a fact.
  9. Thanks guys, one other question though, will the store selling these be there Friday?
  10. Man, I hope I can stick around but I'm not the one driving also, it is up the the guys driving. What time does Sunday's game end?
  11. If I remember correctly there is a raffle at this event, so, my question is, is the raffle ticket the small ticket or is it the ticket that you fill out with a mailing address and phone number so you can get your prize even if your not at the drawing. The reason why I'm asking is I'm facing a eleven hour drive so I can't really stick around after the event for too long. Thanks guys
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