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  1. As someone who has attended an AMS OP and plays at both Cousins Airsoft and Zulu24, I don't think they would work for the scale of game AMS puts on. Nothing wrong with either field but to have upwards of 250 vs 250 on those fields simply wouldn't work. However, if AMS could secure the unicorn AO in Watertown, NY that would 100% sell out in weeks, host an event at Fort Drum. Edit: a word
  2. By allowing the use of camera's I can only assume there will be some sort of greenside reconnaissance roll. If this is the case, stop I can only get so erect! DSLR + telephoto lens + enemy troop movements = my immersions. This new roll really has me intrigued.
  3. Hello Everyone, First off, this was my first AMS OP and I have to say I had a blast it was definitely worth the road trip. Unfortunately, though it appears a piece of gear was claimed by this game. If anyone happened to have found the following please let me know: - EOG counterweight pouch w/ a "beardless & fearless" patch attached. I was playing for CoST and have a feeling it came off on the first initial rush into the building. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jungle
  4. I have done the 24 jammies and also the evolution based ones. Honestly, the issue with a continuous game straight through the night is the attrition rate. Most people do not pace themselves appropriately and when a game starts with 300 players by 3:00am it is down to maybe 75? Does it give you an opportunity to engage full on sneak mode, possibly. However, the other option is a deserted AO. P.S. Wardlord where you by chance at OP: Pine Plains 4?
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  6. Perfect, thank you for the response.
  7. I have a questions for the AMS staff. I currently have a tan air frame but will be going CoST for Faded Giant 4. My question is, if I paint the helmet green but still use my tan rails and NVG shroud would this be allowed? I didn't see anything in the ruleset calling this out so any input is appreciated. Cheers, Jungle
  8. @Specs I have already been reading it over. Don't want to be the goober squad committing war crimes due to laziness/naivety. @Phil Dog if this is your first national level OP and you have questions feel free to drop me a PM, I'll be more than happy to answer them. Now, who here is going CoST for this event?
  9. Hey Everyone, my name is Jonathan and go by the callsign Jungle. I have been airsofting in the Northeast since 2002 and done everything from local pick up games to national OP's. I just registered for Faded Giant 4 and this will be my first AMS game. I'm looking forward to trying out one of your OP's since I've heard good things. Cheers, Jungle
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