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  1. Well, my choices are a little more off the wall but they work for me and I have the utmost confidence in them. For warm weather I carry a PA-63 (Hungarian copy of the Walther PP) chambered in 9mm Makarov with an 8 round capacity. It's well made with more punch than a .380 and I can easily hold head shots at 50 feet with it. With over 1000 rounds through mine I have yet to have any issue with it. In colder weather I use an EAA Witness in .40 with ported barrel. A unique feature is that while being a DA pistol it can also be carried condition one like a 1911. Speaking of which, I use one that I built personally when I just feel the need for .45 power.
  2. Look for TA Airsoft's booth at Broken Home, there will be someone there who can help.
  3. My 2 cents, and that may be more than it's worth, is to stay away from select fire pistols. More parts to go haywire and get out of adjustment. I have had considerable experience with the KWA HK USP .45 Match. Shoots nice, about 380 fps with noticable recoil. The adjustable rear sight is kind of delicate and replacement parts are almost unobtainable. My recomendation is a KJW Hi-capa 1911 or M9. Power and accuracy are good and parts are much easier to get hold of. KJWs 1911 Xcellerator shoots about 360fps on propane and with a little tuning is just as accurate as any AEG. I can hit a 12" square target at 100 feet with both of mine consistently. My pistol came in handy at last years Invasion when my AEGs battery died with 10 minutes left in the game on Sunday. I used it to make 14 kills.
  4. Hey, good to see ya here. If I don't see you in Harrah I'll see you at Broken Home.
  5. You can find them in the Oklahoma City area at TA Airsoft. www.taairsoft.com Tony carries .20, .25 and .28 in regular and Bio.
  6. My original call sign was "Punisher" and was given to me by a teammate back when I owned a paintball field in the late 90's. He said when I would enter an area of the field it was like watching the Punisher rip through a bunch of bad guys. Later, after the movie came out and having just moved to Oklahoma, I wanted something that didn't make me sound like just another movie fan. I had just been playing with my new scenario paintball team "WolfGaurd" for a few months when we were at a local event where, in the interest of keeping it fair, we decided to split our group between the teams. One of my teammates looked at me with with fear in her eyes and said "I'm not playing against you, you're too devious!" And here I am.
  7. Hello all, I am Kevin aka D V US. I am from the OKC area and have been airsofting for three years now, and played scenario paintball for fifteen years prior to being turned to the "dark side." I attended OKI 5 & 6, and have played the DDAP field for 7 years now. I am a Diesel Technician by trade and also "freelance" tech for TA Airsoft when they have a heavy workload, which seems to be more and more often as the sport grows. Looking forward to seeing you all ...in my sights.
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