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  1. Dayton

    AO size?

    Az is going to have a great showing this year, Fox company is looking like we'll be 10+ strong. PSA for sure. Kiley, you guys going psa as well, right?
  2. So, the POV ruleset indicates that a POV must be approved and then a coupon will be issued (specifically indicating not first come first serve) that can be used to purchase the POV/Technical Vehicle Pass. However for this Op, the vehicle passes were available to anybody, and sold out on first come first serve before I could enter my payment info. So I was just curious, is there additional tickets that are not listed? Is there a chance I could still get my technical in the game, or since the tickets are sold out, then that's that? Thanks for the help, Dayton *Edit* Just checked again and another pass opened up, I was able to get that one. But this info might help others? So the question remains.
  3. I'm familiar with the milsim labs rockets. I don't like criticising something if I'm trying to compete with it, it's just bad taste. If anybody has some milsim labs rockets and would like to do a comparison video, I'll gladly send you a couple of mine for free. I'm confident I'll get a "wow" out of you.
  4. I will not be at Broken Home unfortunately. However, I do have some 2" hand made versions sitting around still. Send me a PM with your email address.
  5. AMS Staff, I apologize in advance if this kind of post is not allowed. You can delete this if needed. I have a new foam projectile that I've been working on perfecting for the last few years. I took a bunch of them with me to OP Copperhead and handed them out to teammates, (Go CoST!) you may have seen the large orange tote full of them. I'm trying to bring them to market, but the injection molds are crazy expensive. If you're interested, I'm looking for your help. I've launched a kickstarter campaign in hopes to generate enough pre-order sales to pay for the manufacturing of the injection molds. If you are un-familiar with how kickstarter works; basically you agree to pre-order items. If enough pre-orders are placed to reach the funding goal, then at the end of the campaign, everybody that agreed to pre-order is charged for the amount they selected. If there are not enough pre-orders placed, NOBODY is charged anything. If the campaign funding goal IS reached, then kickstarter will collect the money, then I can use that money to order the injection molds. After a few months, the orders will be completed and shipped out to the customers. If you are interested, please help me with the campaign or at least help me spread the word to those that may be interested. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/509017065/friendly-fire-rocket If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have subscribed to this topic and will respond to your questions as soon as I can. Thanks guys! -Dayton
  6. I'd appreciate it Alex, thanks.
  7. Large Orange tote, marked FCAZ, full of foam rockets, about 100 of them. It was at the CoST FOB, but it magically walked away after game index... I have a feeling somebody felt they needed it more than I did.
  8. That part's not in question. He did a great job at saving his team mates. We were talking about how throwing the grenade back does not technically count as a kill for the people outside.
  9. Quick reaction. Nice job, however, thunder b's don't count outdoors. I probably would have still called it though.
  10. Fox Company all had a great time. Thanks to AMS for putting on such a great event. We will definitely be attending the next one! One thing that we did want to mention; we felt it would have been nice to change the front lines to run east and west, and have a north to south battle. Seems like more of the AO would have been utilized this way (and allowed for more players on the AO) and that eastward wind would not have had as large of an impact. Just a thought, not sure the logistics of everything would have worked that way or not, but I figured I'd throw the idea out there for the next one. Can't wait for the full AAR.
  11. The higher the altitude, the lower the FPS. Google is your friend. http://foxairsoft.blogspot.com/2009/10/effects-of-altitude-on-velocity.html
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