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  1. Things have come up and can't attend OP34 and have two SD tickets for sale. Let me know if your interested and first come first serve.
  2. Read the AAR ( after action reports ) I wrote one and a few other did as well. Couple perspectives of the good and bad. Overall great event with great people.
  3. Name: Rich Viehmann Call Sign: RV COST: Yankee 3 Role: Medic Ironhorse began with most of our squad leaving St. Louis Thursday Night 18:00 Hours and driving straight through to Perry, GA. We arrived 10:00 and were allowed to check in earlier to our hotel, Comfort Inn at Perry GA. Hotel was nice with good breakfast, clean facilities, and nice pool. At 12:00 we arrived on Site and were allowed to drop gear in the staging area and begin the registration process. Check In went smoothly and chronoing rifles only took a few minutes to process through. This allowed us time to have all gear re-picked up and the car parked in the parking lot. Safety briefing was coming up shortly but allowed us time to check out vendor row and pick up swag, and do some shopping with Xtreme Airsoft for supplies. We then checked in for the Safety Briefing and went through about 30 Minutes of updates to rules and some clarification. Finished up everything on site and were able to get off site and prepare for the following day. Saturday started out great and was glad we made the first round of cars able to drop off gear before the decision was made to keep vehicles out. I understand the reasoning for this as nothing is worse than ruining not being invited back more than for rutting up a yard or such. Faction brief was a little chaotic and disorganized but no better or worse than normal. Morning brief was good and we loaded up to be dropped at the fob. We made the first bus and were unloaded at the North East end of the facility. We unloaded our gear and then unloaded others gear that was preloaded. Got everything up and running, did a quick pass through of extras on person, and staged at FOB for entry into the AO. Three MICs out we could all feel the flush of energy and adrenaline pushing through our system ready to charge the road. YUK soon announced one MIC out and chants began and ended in VICTORY. I did like the motivation he presented in the final 30 seconds proclaiming today is our day and this is our story to write. We determine the outcome. With images of buildings peaking over the treetops you knew it was going to be a great day. The ran didn't dampen any spirits and ended shortly after index to a great day. Yankee 3 was charged with capturing Building 39, The Post Office and providing QRF. Day ran smooth slowly moving through and having Command task us with various support missions. Myself being a Medic in the role allowing for a lot of transition from gun up to holding location behind cover providing aid. Day transitioned into night and around 20:00 a large amount of both COST and UFS feel off to fatigue and the darkness. With limited targets this opened up the AO to easier movement but more delicate decision to not be attacked form the shadows. We ended it outside building 39 trading shots with UFS and closed index with handshakes and the long walk back to the FOBs discussing how the day had gone and what tomorrow would hold. Sunday started out a little smoother than Saturday and briefing was good with again some safety updates so everyone was more clear the rule changes. It was clear Saturday had a toll and numbers were down on both sides. Onsite after transport our day began very similar to Saturday and took building 39. UFS pushed fast and took building 34 cutting the intersection entering the center of town into a death funnel. We defended this position before breaking into fire teams and suppressing building 34 from three sides. After gaining the building we continued pushing hard eventually pushing UFS back to the rubble and tunnel system. They kept us moving around as new forces entered the AO and caused fire teams to shift and roll through various buildings to hold the push. Overall the AO was amazing and even having the buildings cut down to only two stories it played very well. I understand the logic in this to keep select buildings from controlling the entirety I still wish a few buildings would have been three stories just to offer some vertical engagements and transition. I'll play here again given the opportunity. UFS fought hard and among my fellow COST never heard any complaints besides sore feet. Sierra Dynamics, Awesome to play alongside you and against you. Nothing better than having you watching our six and twenty minutes later putting together a plan to crush you. Plus you had great Candy. Best exchange of the day occurred when we exited the the tunnels south of 21and a member of our squad began exchanging F U Kaid. Kaid exited building 21 and Delbs began a tactical knife fight ending in a exchange of laughs. Loved the idea of bartering with them and having them assist both sides depending on circumstances. Well played you guys and glad to have you on site. Good Points: - Weather worked out great - Beautiful AO - Excellent Job from AMS and game control running the facility - AO played great and offered something for everyone - COST command did great communicating - Glad to see more vendors onsite - Adds to registration and getting there Friday to make new friends and meet up with olds. Plus everyone loves swag - Tunnel being playable with DMR and LMG - 700 players never made the AO feel small OK Points: - Wish we had a few buildings to play a more vertical transition beyond the second level. Maybe make some missions vs Sierra or box off certain windows to keep them unshootable. It was just phone clearing first to second floor. Extending beyond would have been nice. - Transport for COST to Fob - first day was bad for those that preloaded gear and didn't get a ride along. As it was a Cluster F for those that arrived later and had to piece together were everything was - Points and questions about kills - knife, grenades, and searches being addressed at the first Safety Briefing but having a feeling they weren't addressed at the others. if they were addressed this is why players need to keep there traps shut and attend. I get it they are boring and if we have been to one then we have been to all right... WRONG new information is passed along at every OP I've been to and knowing the changes has aided my squad and allowed us to play better through the event. This op had some special points with safety and they needed to be followed. Final note if you complain the safety briefing is long winded please remember AMS has to repeat its 6-8 times per event answering the same questions over and over and over again. Show them the respect they show us by putting these events on. Negative Points: - Players entering the AO before attending the safety briefing. We walked the AO right after the first safety briefing and the one hot spot Bo addressed was DO NOT enter the rubble. Yes it looks killer to play in and that was because it was. Those buildings were not structurally sound and were off limits. I saw multiple people on the site without first going through the brief. If you love these ops then respect the rules. It takes on A hole to get hurt and we no longer get invited back or worse a lawyer puts short work to ending these events for everyone. - First time players not arriving prepared for the event. You can't babysit every player but if you've never played an event like this most come ill prepared. This leads to people falling out and or exiting the sport all together. Airsoft is filled with some of the best people I've ever meet and some of the most elitist pricks. Be a mentor when you can it only makes this more community. I also think AMS should dedicate or attach a first timers what to bring to every ticket purchased email. I get it if you understand and this is your 100th airsoft event than just disregard. When entering the sport if I wouldn't have had someone help me with gear, what to bring, and how to be prepared I would have been lost and made some of the same mistakes. - The walk to the Fobs. Even being trucked in I wish the Fobs could have been pushed in a bit. The walk sucked and think it took a toll on people. - Lack of cover in some areas. Everyone I spoke with wished there would have been a few more cars in the tunnels, streets, and on the perimeters. I found certain building to building engagements could have been made more fun with some strategic elements in the road providing limited cover but at least some cover of approach. Range was just being maxed on some engagements which led to the typical THEY WEREN'T CALLING THEIR HITs. I hear this from both sides and no one besides the participants could police it. -huge pet peeve. We are all grown ass adults or close to being in age. Pick up your trash. I helped police around our Fob where I could but after the raffle glass bottles left behind, paper, etc etc. if you left stuff and you know who you are please invite the AMS staff to your place so they may trash it and let you pick up. Nothing besides safety not being taken serious will close and event AO then the place being used as a dump site. Man up and throw your shit away! Overall a great event and I thank everyone involved. The players were great, the weather worked out perfect, and AMS always works their ass off to make sure it runs. Hats off to everyone.
  4. RDGXV Entering the OP we were greeted by a sign stating DANGER Live Artillary Overhead, Proceed at own risk. After entering the facility a convoy of Abrams, Apache, Humvee, and other support vehicles were passed on our way to the AO. With the windows cracked the ring of gunfire and mechanical sounds of military equipment flooded the silence of the plains surrounding it all. Check in was smooth and painless as always, had the rifles chrono’d and on to the safety briefing. Walking into the Eligiah Mout and standing down the streets of a worn torn city block it was evident regardless of the weather this would be good. Briefing went fast and we were allowed to walk the streets of what appeared to be the remains of a WW2 city. Half Buildings and remains open to the elemtents. Tight neat corridors open to city streets, and at opposing sides two gas stations that would serve as the FOB. This facility played well allowing you to attack head on through the streets, disappearing in and out of buildings with multiple angle of engagements possible. Sneaking into the woods gaining ground to flank your enemy from behind while your remaining team pushed forward. High perches offering over watch platforms and the shadows to fall back into for those well placed shots from above. Actual play was awesome with both sides pushing forward to be pushed right back. UFS command was excellent and kept us on our toes and getting us into the action. Top’s Mortar gave us an element to destroy from afar while units gained the ground they could. CDF was constantly roaming and in their mostly all black garb like ninjas attacking when they did. The screams from Kaid while Delbs destroyed him from every angle chanting F* you Kaid. PSA played great but it was our pleasure to snag your flag and deliver it to command for ceremonial photos of it hanging in the Crappers. UFS War Machine for the win, but Kaiju you brought the fight and in that thanks to all who played UFS and PSA for a great weekend. Pros AO was sick and hope everyone had an opportunity to play all of it. Lot of ground to cover but something for everyone. AMS staff ran smoothly and even with setbacks because of location at Ft. Hood well organized. Good sportsmanship amongst most and as always it’s a game. Die, Repeat, and have fun Cons Weather sucked but Mother Nature is cruel People complaining about not knowing rules…. ATTEND the safety briefing and ask questions. That’s the time for it not balls deep on the field causing frustration. WEAR your team colors, Headwear most MATCH, Outerwear most Match. I get it was called but come prepared. The Gray jackets also need to go they don’t fit either faction and with both sides wearing them made it hard in low light to make out faction. AMS staff as always the event was great and thanks for the many hours you put in to make this fun for us. To the Marines that sponsored this event I thank you for your service and for the assistance in obtaining the facility. To all the players thanks for sharing the memories and as always keep slinging BBs. To the person whom was injured and left the game speedy recovery.
  5. rviehmann

    OP:34 AAR

    I ran with Delbs and second all the thoughts and thank you about the event. Field played well from all angles and offered intense gun battles and tactical strategy areas to defend. Loved the barrels and evolving missions. Also enjoyed the med station and if used correctly how fast it could shift the playing field when held. Only two thoughts on the negative. Barricading doors with bodies. Killed the momentum when pushing people back and then being locked out by four guys holding a door shut. It made pushing through dangerous for the party's holding the door and those ramming the door. Just killed the momentum and created stalemates in some areas. Second negative not more AOs like this. Keep up the great work and thanks again to all the staff, sponsors, and other players that make this so fun!
  6. Thanks for posting up and hope to see you guys out there.
  7. Is there any provision for camping on the AO at any level (Meaning Primitive, electric, etc.). Looked up Perry and lots of Hotels but curious as to the RV/Tent sitution. Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm a little late to your postings but thats legit. I have one of the grenade launchers but never used it becuase of the expence in maintaining granade cases, shells, maintance etc. Looks Like I have some moding to do. Also don't see who this would break ams rules as still only carry the 8 rounds minus casing or whatever number they determine and go from there.
  9. At work so used Photoshop to mock an idea. If you drill a hole through the tennis balls as well you can pass streamer/fabric through to make a trailing tail for visibility. Maybe AMS should build something an who owns the checkpoint get to play with said artilliry at the checkpoint. Plus with the foam wad anything that can fit in barrel an light enough is said projectile. Tennis balls, Foam balls, etc.
  10. Yes but it seems to take a short time for them to get things in order. I'm impatient but I understand that they need to get trailers, equipment back, items unloaded, and then on to the daily things... Including their full time jobs. But I too am awaiting the scoring to see the victor
  12. You must all be related, kissin cousins and all... and welcome to the forums.
  13. No agreed and I love reading them as it adds something more than just two sides slinging BBs. I just work in marketing and its one of those things I pick up on to make things more enjoyable. a Quick 8.5x11 piece of paper mocked up to look like a newspaper helping to outline or hint at where checkpoints might be etc. Just a cool story for those that want to play detective or feel like something more. Also the paper could be used for sponsors to place rebates/ads etc. And for the secure forums I will say I under utilized them as my first event and didn't know what to expect. This won't be the case next time to start getting squad involvement and setting proirities if possible sooner. I don't really know when command starts getting info from AMS to disperse but if its a few weeks, days out, some of that could be utilized by those active on here.
  14. So after Broken Home I have a few things that would have helped us. I'm a little different in that my job allows me to print nice maps etc etc. I would like to see maps posted before the event for those of us that can laminate, print etc. I used an older map but would have been nice to have current points on it for us pre-planners haha. The secure forums I think could be utilized better to begin the planning... Again this was my first AMS so I kinda sat back and watched to see it all played out. Next one I plan on contributing more to enhance my own game and I hope others. I also plan to visit more with command the day before if nothing more for comraderie and to learn who's who. I would have this game but a gun shooting hot an a guy, myself, who never changed a spring ate up most of my day (damn AEGs)... you live and you learn. From a marketing stand point I think a basic start to the story to unfold be included in the packs handed out so everyone kinda has a idea of whats to come i.e. There will be 9 check points with UFS troops securing six in these regions missions will be to locate and the other 5. We also have LRRP that was spotted in the field and counter insurgents have been tasked etc etc. to build why we are there and what we are doing. Maybe its not a big one but I like literature and learning who is command for both us an them and why we are there. Its dorky but lets the plot thicken.
  15. I'm with Specs and yes you have to pay attention but I will say that if Multicam is pulled from the TAN/UFS side we are screwed as almost all the events take place in forested environments. Not really far to one side to be out camoed at almost all events but Copperhead.
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