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  1. What about a MOD point of view? I worked as an embed at the first Broken Home.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171220931051?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  3. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171220921041?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  4. Are you looking at a holster for the weapon itself and not the magazines? Wow... never would I have thought they'd even offer that. I've heard of one for the MP7, but not the Kurz MP5. Maybe Eagle Industries has released one for the thigh like this one: This is pretty recent. Maybe he still has this...
  5. Hey buddy, send JP a PM or e-mail him your question. He's getting pretty busy with events beginning to ramp up and I'm not sure if 17 is good to go or not. Hit him up at JP [at] americanmilsim.com
  6. E-mail JP with your situation and let him know what;s going on so you can get a definitive answer. JP [at] americanmilsim.com
  7. Hey, I'm not a rich man. I've come to accept that now.
  8. WTS: Magpul PTS Masada, FDE - $400 Shipped or Delivered. Questions, please comment or e-mail me at benji @ kilonine.com - Magpul PTS Masada/ACR Rifle in Flat Dark Earth. - Fixed stock, Carbine Length Barrel. - Magpul PTS ACR Rails - AAC Blackout Flash Hider, Clockwise (Installed) - Wired for Deans Batteries - For $15 more, I'll throw in a matching FDE Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit ( http://store.magpul.com/product/MAG511/46 )
  9. Yeah, I never thought that combination truly existed...
  10. What if I need 5 feet in the future? Then I have a tube too short... I just don't like making modifications I can't undo.
  11. No, the bladder is in their the way is should be, it's more of an illusion because the length of the tube provided with the ArmorBak is ridiculously long. In fact, there is still some tube stuffed away inside the ArmorBak to get it to the length I need. I'm not keen on having things strapped over my shoulder, be it cords or hydration tubes. I've done it in the past and just never liked it. I think it looks cleaner to have it corded to my side.
  12. If someone says they lost the game because CDF had helmets, I swear to God - I'll quit. I'll just throw my hands up and walk away. So it's a non-issue. If it's an issue to you, you need to find something else in your life to make a fuss about. Thank you. I'll show myself out...
  13. The clear lenses have one scuff on each lens in the center from when they were shipped to me. They're not bothersome though. The sunglass lenses are in really good condition. Any scuffs (no scratches or gauges, just light, light scrapes) are off to the edges of the lenses. I am solid, not budging at $100. Even if we meet up. Sorry.
  14. WTS: Oakley Split Jackets, $100 Shipped Firm - 1 x Set Transition Lenses (Clear to Lightly Smoked for indoor/outdoor play!) - 1 x Set of Smoked Sunglass Lenses (For sunny days... or NIGHT!) - Gasket (A bit dusty...) - Strap - Oakley Hardcase - Extra Nose Pieces
  15. ITW Fast Mag with Stabilizers, Single M4, $25 Shipped First Photo: First Spear Admin Pouch, Ranger Green, $20 Shipped Second Photo: TAG Admin Pouch, Ranger Green, $15 Shipped (Patches not included...)
  16. WTS: EF 416C, Brand New In Box! Never fired, fielded or used. $400 Shipped - 1 Mag - 1 PEQ Battery Box - Velcro applied to receiver. Comes with the large AM patch! That's a bonus. I have an KWA LM4 GBBR and a Magpul Masada/ACR that I am going to field instead of trying to pimp out this weapon. If you have any questions, let me know through PM here or you can e-mail me. Both e-mail addresses are in my signature.
  17. Olaf - send Bo or preferably JP an e-mail to let them know about your situation.
  18. You enlist as CDF and alert your CO, SQL, or FTL that has the password to the forums. Once they verify that you're on their roster, they will use their discretion as to whether or not to share it with you. So it's not a guarantee you'll be allowed to participate in their "upper echelon" discussions.
  19. Would like to build up a second PC for the summer time with a Ferro Concepts PC base. I've ordered some kit from them and really like their customer service and their products. Setup: Crye CPC, Coyote Brown4 x ITW Fast Mag1 x HSGI TACO, Ranger Green1 x HSGI Pistol TACO, Multicam1 x HSGI Blowout Medical Pouch, Multicam1 x Koala 4 Phone Pouch, Multicam1 x ArmorBak, Coyote Brown * * Pesky drinking tube got you down? I ripped off my idea to tie it to the MOLLE on the top row from Frosty! 550 Cord solves almost everything. Like tactical duct tape without the residue.
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