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  1. MERDC 4 temperate Europe. Not only correct for East Wind, also just a damn good pattern. Dewayne liked it so much that he had us add it to one of his Blazers (which is not correct since the CUCVs came out during the 3 color woodland era but it looks kick ass regardless: Finished off the paint on 6033 last night, it went from this: To this after we were done with it:
  2. I didn't know you had an M35 Dan! What all is wrong with it? Those things are real peaches to work on and we have decent connections on parts up here so let me know what you are up against on it.
  3. Summary of 2013-2014 season East Wind projects to date: NATO continues to focus on getting more smaller trucks and has continued the charge picking up yet more M151 family vehicles. 6001 continues it’s rehab and is now fully licensed for use on the roads giving us a little military truck to make the run down to D-Day with AND run around and do map updates with. We are just finishing up the rebuilding of the steering gear on this one and installing all the vacuum gear needed to run the windshield wiper system. You can read about the entire refurb of 6001 here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=2236.0 L20606 (Dewaynes Mutt) finally received some much needed body repairs and a MERDC paint job about late spring. HUGE leaps forward on this one, it used to be a pretty rough looking little critter. You can read about the painting of L20606 here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3180.0 M151A1 6008 has now joined the family. It is remarkably intact and just needs about a weekends worth of welding and a wiring harness installed before polishing up the usual maintenance tasks and donning it’s paint job. You can watch the progress of 6008 here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3186.15 M718 (M151 series front line ambulance) number 6037 joins the family as well. This one was a cut and reweld that ended up coming unwelded on the previous owner. No surprise since it was VERY badly welded together utilizing no less than a used lawn mower blade to provide the needed structure to hold it together. It is now welded back together straight, solid and true but still needs a good bit of welding to get it back where it’s ready to go as well as a LOT more of the ambulance stuff. Let us know if you know of any secret M718 ambulance parts stashes! You can follow the progress of 6037 here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3056.0 Mutt 6021, here seen at East Wind 6 is basically as done as it is going to get for now. It’s owner is now off being a Lt. in the Marines and is unable to make serious progress on it. That said, he is going to try to get all the gauges and lights running on it on one of his trips back to KC so that he can get plates for it and drive it around on post to show people who are excited about the Marines “new†Growler. You can read about the refurb of 6021 from a crushed hulk last winter here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3046.0 Mutt 6007 originally came to us as a parts vehicle but was determined to be too nice to part out and has instead been slated for rehab. We made some progress on it prior to East Wind 6 but did not finish it in time to deploy it. It now has a new owner (Gallion) and should begin rehab soon. This one will be fast and easy, we look forward to getting it knocked out! You can follow 6008s progress here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3048.0 M151A2 6033 is nearing completion. Here you can see it in it’s first base coat of Forest Green paint in preparation for getting it’s MERDC pattern painted on. After that, we just need to do some maintenance work and it is off to live at Ft. Riley where Stagg can roar around being the terror of the tank trails in it. You can read about the work we are doing to 6033 here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3069.0 M151A2 6029 has been on the back burner since last year but recent purchases of parts and the sudden availability of replacement cowl panels make it’s return to service imminent. Once 6033 leaves the shop, that should open up the space we need to get 6033 moved into place so work can resume. Like 6021, 6029 is a crushed Mutt so refurbing this one will require a good bit of jacking, prying, stretching and banging but it will get done and it will be a good machine once we are done. Each side now has an M3A4 pulse jet smoke generator giving us an unheard of smoke generating capacity. We have yet to employ one AT East Wind but have been working on getting them refurbed and gathering the needed resources to operate them at other events until we have the entire system down and crews properly trained. Operated correctly in ideal conditions these can lay a smoke streamer 3-5 kilometers long. This is some SERIOUS gear. Originally purchased as a parts truck. M37 number 5804 is now being refurbed and returned to service. It’s engine is now out, stripped and will be off to the machine shop soon. Once that’s done, it’ll be back together and driving and will just need paint, some electrical work and a few parts before it too is tearing up the trails. Lest you think that the Warsaw Pact is being left out… The BTR-152 finally has an engine stuffed under the hood. This coming weekend, Curfman and Dave are going to work on getting it all integrated and see what all is needed to get it back on the road again. We managed to determine that we can substitute radial tires off of a 5 ton truck mounted on Deuce rims for the hard to find and wildly expensive original tires so we are on a good path with this one! The BTR-40 suffered from a spun connecting rod at the last East Wind but is now transported back to the shop where it will be getting it’s engine refurbed as soon as Trucker gets 5804s engine done and off the engine stand. From this To this The Warsaw Pact guys now have their very own commo shelter which should really take a bite out of set up time and provide much better commo for everyone in the field. You can read the blow by blow of the entire process from forklift damaged scrap container to what we have now here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=2997.0 The East German guys finally have their very own Robur truck. Not a common truck by any account, this one was a real coup to find particularly in the shape it is in (actually pretty good). It’s a really weird machine with a air cooled engine and lots of neato Germanic gadgetry, it should be a really cool project to do! You can track the progress of this very interesting and unusual vehicle here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=3276.0 Another very nice Gaz-69M has been scooped up. This one is in really decent shape and has been repowered with a peppy little Zuk delivery truck engine making it a real good performer off road. The Gaz trucks have long been a staple of East Wind and this one is sure to add to the mobility of the Warsaw Pact troops at East Winds to come. Hoober is working on the AO map updates. Need to do another weekend worth of scouting down there to gather some more data points and we'll start piecing it together. This go around, we'll be making specific maps for external use as well so that those of you who use D-Day will be able to download and print maps that do not have East Wind specific information on them.
  4. I was not there. Both sides have given their story and both sides have valid points. There is a lot of “spin†being put on all of this and in general this entire situation is sort of setting off my bull***t alarm but having said all of that there is one fact which cannot be disputed. Lion Claws doesn’t HAVE to allow anyone in that they do not want to deal with. Clearly, their staff have issues with GMR and if I was in the same position, right or wrong, I would side with my staff as well. That said, clearly there is a great degree of proletariat torch and pitchfork rioting going on around a lot of this and I will caution all of you to remember that one of these days YOU may be “those guysâ€. Happens that I did a great deal of underhanded “outside the box†stuff the year I was at Irene as well and it was pretty clear that thinking outside of the Yosemite Sam charge system was not really all that welcome out there. I chose not to come back since although I had an uproariously good time I was clearly not a fit in that environment so I can VERY clearly see the point of view GMR has here and I think that they in all likelihood just need to find a different place to do their thing at. It could have just as easily been me that roused the ire of their staff and in all reality, it could have been any number of you as well. Such is the world of our hobby. What is “extreme†at one event is normal at another… Those of you who have personal experience with GMR and feel they are jerks, by all means hate away. Those of you who do not have personal experience with them beware of hazards of letting others tell you what to think.
  5. Don't know if AMS is going to be doing something specific but I do know you can buy the maritime cold smokes at Bunker Surplus right off of US 60 not far from the field.
  6. No, ABSOLUTELY NO other "sub channels" Sub channels are just tones that get used by the squelch system on the same frequencies. In short, you ARE all on the same channel or frequency you just are not hearing any of the other traffic. What happens is, you for all intents and purposes are jamming yourself.
  7. C-2299 looking any better yet Jazz?
  8. The big issue with this sort of thing for me is how this makes all of us look. This can become yet another stepping stone towards those on the outside looking in at our little fish tank as sort of painting all of us with the poser/wanker brush that only a few of us in the community (whom we self police out) really deserve. MUCH worse still is the idea that we would want/need to do that to keep agency X from seeing what we are up to. That's bad on a WHOLE lot of levels. The dickwads who attacked Fort Dix a few years back for instance "trained" with paintball. I certainly don't want anyone who means our country ill to think that they can skate around unnoticed in there little bullshit training by playing "high speed operator" and blanking out their faces. Either way, I just don't care for the baggage that comes with this. If I am out of my lane than of course you are willing to say so but don't expect me to change my mind or apologize.
  9. I dunno, I tend to agree more with Dave on this one... How about BEING important enough to have your face blacked out or blurred out instead of pretending to be?
  10. Oh oh! Ya I got that! Right up there on the left is junction box C-2299 which acts as a dual ptt selector and also allows retransmit between radio 1 and radio 2. Probably not what you're after though...
  11. I would not get all wrapped up around teams. Teams as often as not just equal teenage vampire movie angst and drama. The fact of the matter is, you might not really be able to find a group of local guys who have exactly the same set of goals and overall vision that you do. That means that either you are cramming your ideas down their throats or they are cramming their ideas down yours. Either way, that means compromising and while on the face of it a little compromise is generally a good thing at some point or another it comes down to one side or another with their hand in their face saying “Jesus, this crap again…†The better plan overall is to not worry about the team identity issue and just get out and do exactly what it is YOU want to do. When you see training offered, go to it. When you see an event you are interested in, attend it. If you are not a complete dipshit, you’ll not have a hard time finding good guys to run with. Even when you are new to the sport, plenty of guys will be more than eager to work with you. It’s the ones that have been around and while and have PROVEN that they are idiots that everyone avoids I see this every year with East Wind. Everyone wants to attend with their team but getting the entire team moving that direction is really quite impossible (On NATO for instance, in 6 years we have had a cohesive team attend all of once). Because players don’t have a “team†to come with, they are reluctant to attend on their own because they worry that they will not know anyone. We tell them every year not to sweat that because they will REALLY quickly know everyone on the squad they are on regardless and as the years go by one by one the individuals on the teams that could not come trickle in and see what I mean. Now they mostly worry about if their entire team comes how will they manage to get back with the guys they were with the previous years and not be stuck with the rest of the team that they do not know as well.
  12. As a vehicle owner, I can tell you that I am not amused with the paintball gun idea. If I wanted paint goo on my vehicles I would play paint ball. (and it's not like I am Mr Prissy on how I use my vehicles)
  13. "AKA Clockwork Magazines" If you wind it or if something else winds it, it is a high cap.
  14. Copied from the rules: Quote: MAGAZINES HIGH CAPS ARE ONLY ALLOWED FOR SQUAD SUPPORT WEAPONS. ALL OTHER WEAPONS MUST USE MID / REAL CAPS. A. High capacity magazines (HICAP), AKA Clockwork Magazines: Note that Box / Drum / C-Mags are only allowed to be used with support weapons. OR B. Players carrying Mid Cap, Low Cap and are allowed to carry an unlimited number of magazines. C. Support weapon gunners will be allowed a maximum of 2 box magazines. end quote
  15. Bandoleers are great. There when you want them, out of the way when you don't. Easy to toss over to mates who've gone black on ammo such as when you're unit is moving in to reinforce another unit that has been in contact for a while. The more modern shingle type bandoleers are "cooler" but I much prefer the old school muslin cloth ones since they take up ZERO space when not in use and are much less snaggy in my opinion.
  16. 6 low or real cap mags in pouches,1 in the rifle and 4 pea grenades when kitted for "battle" (standard ALICE rifleman's rig). Don't carry spare BBs with me. If I am going on an assault or something heavy, I'll add a bandoleer with 5 more 30 round real caps. On logistical runs, generally just the 5 30 round real caps in a bandoleer strung over the rifle in the rifle rack of the truck. I walk with the selector set to full auto for "react to contact" but generally fight in semi auto. Works great when you are playing with quality players who call hits. In a non-hit calling environment where players will ignore a single bb hit center mass, I generally just stop playing and go drink coffee instead. Life is too short to be pissed off and I am not willing to just douse everyone and punish the good for the sins of the evil.
  17. Aswayze


    Or you could be like me and get one of these: M3A4 Pulse Jet Smoke Generator. As I tell my girlfriend who lives 2 miles down wind of my house: Every day that you walk outside and see the sky, know that it is because I choose to let you see it... Oh and in case you are curious, it's not got the smoke turned "on" in that pic, just started the jet engine and it's cooking off the residual fog oil.
  18. Get a better wife The main point I was making is that their price is not out of line at all. As far as the time thing goes, yup... you are right, we all make choices in life. If you choose to make this sort of thing a priority then it looks like they have got a good thing going on.
  19. OK…. Wait… What? You guys seriously think $900 is expensive for what you are getting? 6 jumps? 3 out of a C47? With lunch? And a qualified staff? For $900? Do the math. Lets say that they max out and get 20 slots filled. 20 x $900 = $18,000. How much do you think it costs to put a C47 in the air? I know I couldn't afford the avgas to even start the engines... What about the Cessna? How much does it cost to set up an event AT AN AIRPORT? What do you think you have to pay for instructional area? How much to cater lunch for 25 (remember the staff) for an entire week? Staff? Ya, got to pay them as well… How much do you suppose that costs? I assure you guys, this is a labor of love on these guys part. My hat is off to them. As far as spending a week of vacation… Umm… Ya… That’s what vacation is for. Going out and doing what you like. Some people choose to go to Branson and watch the Balknobbers Mountain Music Jubilee, others choose week long adventures like this event or East Wind.
  20. What Dave mentions is exactly how many of us handle this sort of thing. There are a few players that we have outted in this manner in both the East Wind community and other communities I am in contact with or involved in. Nice and quiet, no need to drag the sport through the mud just to give a few people that nice sanctimonious feeling that so many seem to enjoy. Just boot those who don’t belong and get on about our merry way. Making a big stink only makes airsofters in general look like wankers and we already deal with that stereotype enough.
  21. Also worth pointing out that in general the trend these days seems to be more nationalized as far as milsim goes. As our expectations grow as to what we all want to see in Milsim gaming grows, as our capabilities grow, and as our networks grow it has become more and more evident that regardless of where you live, if you want to see good milsim, you might as well be willing to travel. That’s pretty much the meat and potatos of it these days. When you are on the outside looking at this trend, it will seem like a real bummer until you actually get into the flow of what this REALLY means. What is that? Well how about this… We are all used to attending “Milsim†games where 50% of the people there are not really there to do Milsim…. You know them, the kids in the t-shirts with a high cap mag in each back pocket and no water on them for the “all day†game. We all know what that means for game play… When you are traveling to a more serious game that is more restrictive, and that costs more then you generally don’t have that crowd running around doing the doggy butt scoot on your white carpet of Milsim. In short, people are MUCH more into what is happening and as a result even before you factor in all the cool stuff, the player base is better. But I don’t know anyone out there!?!?! Right? Well for now… Once you get to traveling a bit, you will develop friendships with folks from all over who are into exactly the same types of things that you are. I have friends (real friends, not facebook ones) from all over the country, Canada and the UK who I may only get to see once or twice a year at events. That means that not only are events a place to go do milsim gaming at, they are also a great place to get to go hang out with friends. But the cost is too high. Right? Not really… You are located in Georgia, Atlanta is a major hub for air travel so you can fly all over the country cheaper than most of the rest of us can. Once you get that network of friends worked out then getting scooped up at the airport is a snap. Once you start doing serious milsim gaming, you’re going to not be as interested in the usual grab ass gaming and most of the money that you spent on grab ass gaming can get socked away in your travel kitty and before too long you’re just doing big ops here and there rather than weekend games with the bullet proof kiddies. I’ve got guys flying in from the UK to attend East Wind, as well as guys driving from both coasts and coming from all over the US and Canada. AMS games here are the same way. We all do this because we love it so don’t sweat what the local scene is. In short, it all works out, don’t sweat it, just try it.
  22. It requires a bit of hunting depending on the area you are in and the side you select. That said, the stuff is generally out there in droves you just need to find a place that has the stuff at the right price. You can also watch the East Wind forums, we generally sell the needed kit back and forth to each other at quite reasonable prices as well. If you are interested in reading a blow by blow account of the East Wind experience from the perspective of our Canadian Forces unit last year, download and read this PDF file here: https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=446b0b4c39a0ef41&id=446B0B4C39A0EF41%21121 It's worth the read.
  23. Actually, I went ahead and tacked it up. Short timing between the two and we're almost at step off time for the Oct event anyhow. http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=2608.msg28850#msg28850
  24. What: A weekend of night training exercises focused on the skills needed to make you more comfortable with equipment used at East Wind as well as overall night time operations. When: Saturday November 3rd starting at 15:00 ending on Sunday Nov 4th at about 12:00 noon. Where: Paddy Creek Wilderness, Roby Lake trailhead of the Big Piney Trail. Directions to Roby Lake Trailhead. From Roby, MO. take Hwy 17 north 1 mile; turn right on gravel Forest Road 274, and go about .6 miles to Roby Lake Recreation Area. How much $? Cost for this event is $25 and as usual includes all food What do attendees need to bring? This course is taught “on the march†so attendees will need to have the following: [li]Rucksack or Veshmeshok[/li] [li]Sleeping gear[/li] [li]Sleeping pad [/li] [li]Shelter half, plasch or bivy bag [/li] [li]Rain gear [/li] [li]Properly fitted boots [/li] [li]Properly fitted uniform [/li] [li]compass [/li] [li]Red filtered flashlight [/li] [li]Mess kit and silverware [/li] [li]Capacity to carry a minimum of 2 liters of water on your person[/li] [li]Boo boo kit (Bandaids, ibuprofen, antacids, allergy meds, whatever)[/li] [li]Spare pair of socks [/li] [li]Clothing appropriate to the weather [/li] [li]Pen and paper (suggest waterproof pad and a pencil)[/li] EVERYTHING you will be using for the weekend must be packed in your rucksack/Veshmeshok. What should attendees expect? We will be transiting sections of the Big Piney Trail at night utilizing basic patrolling skills plus of course all of our usual equipment. Patrol size will be appox 4 persons and patrols will be moving in diverging directions. This event is almost 100% practical application and we will have ample training cadre on hand so that we can tailor each individuals experience to best suit their personal goals. 50% of East Wind is fought at night and most all of the debacles are usually related to simply being able to get around at night. Here’s an opportunity to put some night miles under your feet and get the hang of it. Who should attend? This course is open to anyone of reasonable fitness who is interested in polishing and improving their night movement and land navigation skills. How do I sign up? Reply in this thread here: http://www.operationeastwind.com/forum/index.php?topic=2608.msg28850#msg28850 Come back and post again if you have to back out. Each unit will have the following “unit gear†issued to them: Squad Radio Night vision unit (min 1, max 4) Squad ration (1 meal in addition to individual rations) SLGR unit (US troops only) IR/visible strobe Whistle
  25. Details on this one go up on Monday. I have found that talking about two field craft events at the same time ALWAYs causes confusion and people ending up showing up with swim fins instead of boots.
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