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  1. I would not bet that your squad leader would let you. No correct camo? Come back when you have the right camo, till then I have no time for you.
  2. I don't remember the name of the event but I do remember that the serious guys who stayed wished they had followed my lead. The good news is the 500 mile drive home was easier for me since I was just annoyed at the event planners, the other guys were annoyed at EVERYTHING by the time they left. I doubt that Zim saw KLMK at a AMS event.
  3. And remember, sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the grease and sometimes we do other things with squeaky wheels. In my opinion, sticking to your guns is a VERY important part of running a Milsim type event. Nothing worse than signing up early for something only to show up and find that it was compromised away. I drove to Chicago for an event once only to see that it had morphed into basically just another open play. I didn't even unpack. Just hopped right back in the car and drove home. Stick to your guns my brothers, compromise is the enemy of a quality event.
  4. "...Iraq the "Collation of the Willing" put 49 camo patterns on the ground in Iraq" In IRAQ, not in a single spot in Iraq. Iraq is a big place and for the most part the individual units were still working with other troops wearing the same uniform.
  5. Remember, there are always a few guys who want camo pattern "X" added but there are always a LOT more guys who want a milsim event when they travel to a milsim. Uniformity is milsim. And don't forget Denmark, they use Flectarn too.
  6. I strongly disagree. Uniforms are called uniforms because the point is to be uniform. People go to serious milsim events so that they can do serious milsim. Adding every pattern under the sky just makes teams look like a pack of soup sandwiches. You can get that at a regular airsoft game. Milsim is a step up. If it is a step that is hard for everyone to make then that should be viewed as a good thing since a little exclusivity is something that this sport SERIOUSLY needs.
  7. Aswayze

    ufs camo

    Active Duty = has a job. If you have a job you can afford the correct uniform. Hate to be a dick but sometimes obvious things need to be said.
  8. Or better still, take the time to learn the skills to do the job well. Nobody WANTs to just have a UTV with a SAW attached, it's just what they happen to have. If you set the bar high then you are enabling people to learn new skills and in the end get the vehicle they want. This truck here: Was taken on by a college student with no auto repair or fabrication background for East Wind. It is now done and served this spring at East Wind, in fact, it's even licensed and on the road! If you set your mind to something it can be done. If you cannot do it now, take the time to learn and you'll be amazed with yourself.
  9. If any of you guys want to get an idea of the perspective that Stagg and I are talking from, drop down to the Oklahoma D-Day Paintball event this weekend at DDAP. Several of us will be down supporting the event with our trucks (yes, just like we did at Broken Home) and as usual we will have a birds eye view of how the event tends to run. We're easy to find, look for us in either the Unimog or either of the nicer looking deuces, Staggs has fresh paint (last week), mine has the M66 gun ring on it. We'd be happy to conscript you to help us shuttle folks around while you are there as well and you can look at, and get some idea of what we are talking about with the "tanks" and how they have progressed at that event.
  10. I think agree to disagree sounds fair enough to me Sheepdog. The rules used for East Wind are clearly not within the intent of what AMS is doing at all so do not think that I was proposing that they use them as is, the main point I was trying to make in all my previous posts is that you DO need to put together a rule set that guides vehicle owners to put together the vehicles you want to see at events if you want to get to your desired end state. If you write rules that favor paintball tanks, you will get paintball tanks. If you write rules that favor a more realistic vehicle you will get a more realistic vehicle. I see a lot of effort being put into vehicles used at AMS events. Equally, I see a lot of guys who are eager to take that next step in what they are building and make something even better. A rule set change is just the time to move things FURTHER towards milsim and improve the quality of play for everyone on the field (not just the vehicle owners). So lets talk middle ground eh? What if we said that "Gun trucks" specifically should have no glass window in them at all? No windows, no quarter glass, no glass on the rear. Perhaps leave the windshield but specify that they need to have an "armored" cover that drops down when they want to be notionally armored. See the BTR here for an example: Note the plates that drop down to protect the driver and co-driver. We could still cover the window openings, but they would need to be covered by something solid and specifically not clear so that what you end up with is a correct representation of operating an armored vehicle. Most anyone with a brain will immediately figure out that you need a hatch on top to stick a vehicle commander out of so that you can have some situational awareness which again will make it look, feel and operate more like an armored vehicle. Troop trucks, we could say have no such limitations however are not to be considered armored. I.E. if you drive your "troop truck" into combat and it gets shot shitless then everyone inside is dead. Think that makes the troop truck useless? Then you are probably an idiot. Just kidding How well do you think the "armored" vehicles are going to manage some of the tougher routes out there? Not so well... How sneaky do you think the "armored" vehicles are? Probably not that sneaky... The troop trucks owners on the other hand are going to rapidly figure out that all that crap that is above, oh say, the FLOOR of the troop truck is dead weight that only serves to reduce situational awareness and before too long you'll see them cutting vehicles down to reduce profile and give the troops inside the best possible chance to mass firepower on an attacker and survive an ambush. Like these: Now of course note that in BOTH cases, the troop truck has a mounted weapon system. Of course, that just makes sense, but again in both cases, the weapon system is a support system designed to add to the firepower of an existing attack or provide a break for ambush protection NOT to allow the vehicle to operate as a tank. Different roles, different capabilities clearly defined intent on what you are building and you are again providing guidance towards what your ideal end state actually is. So targeting Sheepdogs truck, what could we do with it? On the front, we get some car wax and wax the dickens out of the windshield and windshield trim then we lay fiberglass cloth across the windshield and start dabbing on resin using the windshield itself as the mold. About 3 layers of regular cloth followed by a few layers of woven roving, followed by a few more layers of regular cloth again and tada we have a well fitted windshield cover made out of easy to work with material. Now we take it off, add vision slits, a hinge on the top and prop rods to hold it up. On the sides, we remove the windows, in the case of the side windows we simply add a hinged armored plate that allows us to flip it down when we do not need armor and up when we do. On the quarter and rear glass, we just take it out (it is actually pretty easy to do) then replace it with something solid adding gun ports if desired or leaving it solid if we'd rather have the armor protection. Up top, we incorporate a gun ring or skate rail along with a 2/3 or so gun shield so that we have some armor protection without forsaking crew visibility. Lastly, we add a vehicle mounted radio and a crew intercom system between the driver, co-driver and TC. Now we have a decent representation of an armored gun truck. What if we want a troop truck? Bust out the sawzall! Off goes the top, off go the doors. We cap the remaining metal with our MIG welder if we have one or just use some steel reinforced rubber edging material if we do not. Yank out the rear seats, add center mounted troop seats for improved visibility, a weapon station at the previous passenger side front seat, fit more aggressive tires (Treadrights are a good choice if you are making an off-road only vehicle) and go underneath making sure that you have skid plates to protect all the important bits. The resulting truck is low profile and can rapidly move troops from place to place in the hinterlands and/or provide a low profile recon vehicle that can hide in the weeds and watch enemy movement on the next ridge over. In both cases, we have made Sheepdogs truck MUCH cooler without too much work or expense and the overall milsim experience is improved.
  11. Elitist? If you choose to look at it that way than so be it. I shall wear that as a badge of honor. THAT is exactly a paintball tank. Glass is not bullet proof, suburban doors are not bullet proof. It does not look like a gun truck, it does not act like a gun truck. The guys who took the time to make an uparmored vismod Dodge truck with the sloping armor like what you see on the real BTR in the previous pictures made a gun truck. The guys who made the uparmored gun jeep made a gun truck. What you have is at best a troop transport, at worst a paintball tank that is functionally no different than the ones we posted as examples of paintball tanks. Both the well done Dodge and the well done jeep are at a disadvantage rules wise to your paintball tank so the rules are currently favoring non-military or military like vehicles. It is a simple matter of direction you want to see the event progressing. You do not build to what you currently have, you build to what you want to see. Complete vehicle rules from East Wind (Used by others as well): Vehicles Vehicles will be in use at East Wind. Unless a vehicle is actually armored no vehicle will be treated as a "tank." Trucks are trucks and trucks are NOT combat vehicles in the real world for a very good reason. If a truck is hit in the engine compartment area with enough AEG fire it is considered destroyed. A truck kill of this type destroys the truck but not the occupants unless they have otherwise been hit. Please make an effort to not overshoot trucks as AEG fire can damage radiators and of course cause a multiplicity of dents and dings. Occupants of trucks are not really protected in any way by the vehicle they are riding in. Hits on or about the passenger compartment near occupants will be treated as hits by those inside. The driver or commander of the vehicle will assess casualties based on the fire taken. If an occupant is actually hit by a BB - that is obviously a hit. Recognize that with the noise and bouncing of riding in trucks it may be hard for occupants of a vehicle to recognize that they are being "hit" so in the event someone does not notice your rounds impacting contact your higher commanders and they will get an admin radio message over to the opposing side and let the vehicle occupants know. A hit from a Nerf round on a truck kills the truck and all occupants inside with no medic respawns, no opportunity to take POWs, no searching of the burnt out corpses for documents and no medevac option. Again, vehicle operators may not notice a hit from a Nerf, so if you hit a vehicle don your dead rag (to avoid being shot, not because YOU are dead) and attempt to signal the crew to let them know you hit them. Failing that; be prepared to make a radio call if they do not notice you. Armored vehicles must be legitimate armored vehicles not cardboard taped to the side of a golf cart. As armored vehicles vary a great deal in capability individual kill rules will vary depending on the particular armored vehicle in question. Determinations will be made at the event and all parties will be informed on kill rules in the event briefing. Obviously a Ferret is much easier to kill than a Chieftain main battle tank and our rules will reflect that. (yes, both Ferrets and Chieftains are available on the civilian market and may find their way to East Wind). Likewise, anti-armor weapons vary a great deal in capability as well. A TOW missile impacting on the frontal armor of a BRDM makes quite a bit bigger mess than a M203 round impacting on the front of a T-72. Again, system capabilities will be discussed on site. Vehicle Destruction and Respawn Destroyed vehicles will display a large red flag denoting they are out of action. Vehicles killed at East Wind must return via the most direct route to their respective main bases where they remain killed for a period of 6 hours during which time they may not be used for any non-emergency use. Keep that in mind when you decide to go cowboy and take the food delivery truck on a rat patrol mission against a squad of infantry. Destroyed vehicles may take dead players back to camp with them but may not transport live players for any non-emergency reason. Vehicle Operation Only those qualified by event staff and allowed via vehicle owner's permission are to operate vehicles at East Wind. When traveling on established trails speeds should be kept reasonable for conditions in some locations reasonable may be 4 mph in others perhaps as high as 20mph. When operating off of established roads and trails vehicles should not exceed 10 MPH regardless of terrain. At all times it is the responsibility of the vehicle operator to insure safe operation. Unsafe vehicle operation will result in revocation of driving privileges at the event.
  12. I assume that you have never driven past a "normal" truck that has been sprayed with gunfire? I have and I promise you that the people that were inside did not jump out and do anything... Unarmored things do not stand up to rifle fire. Many events choose to say that an unarmored vehicle provides no protection to the crew. I.E. you are sitting there looking out your window like a kid on a road trip and bbs bounce off, you take the hit because YOU WOULD BE HIT. Does that make POVs useless? No, not at all, it just makes you use trucks like trucks should be used in combat. As logistical transports, light scouts etc, non-direct combat roles. Guess what else it does, it encourages vehicles to be stripped down, low profile vehicles MUCH more like what people in actual combat actually use. ECRs buggy is a good example of this. With no "my windshield is made of magic thorium diamond glass" rules, vehicles like that one start to see an advantage. The crew can see out, fire out, it can sneak, it has better mobility etc. All the sudden military trucks can actually fit into the equation since again, they are built to the rules of real combat and are frequently stripped down trading crew visibility and profile for weather (and by the current rules BB) protection. What about armored vehicles? Now they actually have a place on the battlefield. Guys who want to build up an armored gun truck with steel armor can do so. You can look at attracting out some of the other armored vehicle owners that attend other events but generally not the AMS ones. You just build the rules to again say that what you build is what you build not what you are representing. Plywood armor? That stops civilians throwing stones at you but you can forget rifle fire. 1/4 inch steel? Not much, 3/8 we are looking at some rifle protection but not much against a GPMG. 1/2 inch and you can start to not worry so much about small arms fire but you're sausage if your are hit with a rocket etc. In direct reponse to: "And in response to the fact that vehicles will be built to the rules, you're damn right. You build your gun to the rules don't you?" No, I do not. I would hope that most milsim players do not either. I build things to the INTENT of the rule. I intend to replicate the rifle of a soldier not a magic space marine with a 400 round windy mag and a paintball gun trigger. Build TO the rules and you are a jackass, build to the intent of the rules and you are my brother. I understand having spent a lot of money on the current rule set and getting used to the way things currently are but for the cost of a pack of sawzall blades you can be chopped and dropped much more like a REAL technical and just learn to fight with trucks the right way. In the end it comes down to what you want the future to look like. Paintball tanks or military vehicles and/or vismods.
  13. The point Stagg is making, very well I might add, is that POV rules lead to POV rules lawyering which leads to paintball tanks. Like this one: The trend with POV use at events is quite predictable. Build up a system based upon rules that allow unarmored things to be armored and you get paintball tanks. Why would anyone bother to bring a real armored vehicle if the net result is that it's the same as a civilian unarmored one? Why should the MANY of us who own real military vehicles bring them out when again there is no physical gain from doing so? Cost is the same at registration, capabilities are greater obviously but not when we do things like saying that POVs have to remain on the roadways, at that point, why even bother taking a 4x4 when we can take a conversion van with rear air and a bigger sliding door? People will build to the rules. Build rules for paintball tanks and you will get paintball tanks. I am not knocking those who do so, far from it! I saw some very practical vehicles out there that were quite well adapted to the environment they were intended for. If this is the direction the community wants to go then far be it from me to tell you otherwise.
  14. 20MM was an add on that has since been unadded on. It is just a straight M114. The skate rail is not dead correct since it should just have a big pintle honker thingy but we did not have one of those and we did have a skate rail!
  15. Trucker adding in the pattern. First the Field Drab, then the sand and finally the black which he is adding here. Generally then we spend all manner of time walking around retouching this, fixing the edge of that, working around fittings etc. About midnight Sunday night we finally had the rest of the pattern placed as well as the interior shot. Interior shot. We left the deteriorated remains of the jump seats in hopes that we can later make a pattern out of them. Commanders seat is pulled coming back to KC with us for repair. By the end of the day Monday we had fitted in what Cupola glass we had, mounted the skate rail, refitted the ACAV sheild, added a trim plane and got the cupola moving. Still more work to do of course but it is a long way down a more positive road at this point for sure.
  16. Getting started! End of day Saturday we had the prep work done and had sprayed the initial batch of paint on the roof. Curfman emerges from his prairie dog hole and is pleased. Sunday morning, moved into the building and with a complete suit of 34079 Forest Green as a base coat. Worth mentioning at this point that the ACAV gun shield on the air gunner position does not clear the header on the garage door. Lucky for us, the weld was weak anyhow so it just popped off with no serious damage. We needed to fis that anyhow. Curfman finally getting to lay some paint on the interior working his way steadily back.
  17. Over the weekend of Broken Home several of us East Wind guys convened to work on Dewaynes M114 which was in need of a little work to really show off the amazing vehicle that it is. We pretty much stuck with it the entire weekend other than occasionally hopping over to help out with admin issues, drive trucks, or help out Dewayne with facility problems. He got this one as a range wreck in need of considerable parts/labor and over the years, it has made a miraculous transformation to an operational and damn cool vehicle but just needed that little bump to push it over the edge. We were happy to provide that bump. Before: On patrol at East Wind 6. You can see it was fitted with a very nice built up replica of the 20MM Hispano Cannon. Cool gun but in many ways very limiting since it does not really "do" anything and having it fitted means that we cannot traverse the turret without being a menace to the air gunner or the driver. Pulled around behind the buildings this weekend. Cannon already removed in these pics, skate rail that it replacing it is installed (off of an M901 TOW vehicle) Curfman is beginning the Mr Washy Washy of the interior. Opposite side. Dewayne had already spent considerable time and effort repairing hits and filling in all the pock marks on the side from the years it spent being a target. Front. Curfman by this point is just running water under the bilges trying to wash out the massive amounts of muck and debris. Next up, sanding sanding and more sanding. Here, several layers of paint down, we see a bit of the previous history of this vehicle in the painted on yellow bugle of the 3rd ACR. "Brave Rifles" Interior... We had intially not planned to attack this part but since we just barely had enough of us around to do so we went after it. By we, I mostly mean Curfman who relentlessly cleaned, pressure washed, needle scaled and rinsed this thing. Hell, there was many hours of just picking pine straw out of it... Rear showing what remains of one of the jump seats for the dismount scouts. Cupola traverse mechanism. This was just sitting on the floor with the mounting holes stripped. Quite a bit of messing around involved with getting this guy back in and it running again with it's neato two speed gear box.
  18. Limits are limits. In my opinion, when I see a limit of 400 that means that 401 does not get in. If 401 gets in than the limit is not 400... 400 is the limit, it is not the goal. I have found in years of airsofting that those who are most apt to push the limits are those who are newest to the sport. Most of us who have been at this for a while rapidly realize that being good at what you are doing is VASTLY more important than a hot gun.
  19. Like many things, done well this is a good idea, done poorly this is just annoying middle school drama student bull crap. Do it? Yes. Over do it? No.
  20. We could move that much ice in the East Wind trucks, we wouldn't even have to get the big trucks out to do it. But I am smart enough not to. You do not want ice water, you want water. Ice cold water just invites putting people into shock, that is how heat casualties turn into heat deaths.
  21. Or better still STFU and get your head in the game. You didn't come here to be a noob, you have a squad that is relying on you to be squared away. Be the guy YOU want to be teamed up with, the one who is switched on, watching his sector, paying attention, and not being distracted by the radio. YOU DO NOT NEED THE RADIO. The ear that is listening to every other noob on the field yammering away on the radio is not able to hear the enemy sneaking up on your position or the orders whispered from your squad leader. YOU DO NOT NEED THE RADIO. Bring it, pack it in a pouch in case of emergency, but leave it alone and keep your head in the game, you'll be glad you did. (and so will everyone else)
  22. The best advise to a new radio user is very simple. DO NOT BE A RADIO USER. Listen to what your leaders say, stick with your guys and work as a team. The number 1 comms problem at big events is new radio users yabbering constantly and interfering with legitimate traffic. Don't be that guy
  23. If not, come find me. You can help me paint the M114A1. That is going to be a miracle transformation and promises to be good fun.
  24. Hit and miss. SMS seems to work pretty well but cell coverage depends greatly on your carrier. That said, it is 100% more reliable than 2 way radio shared with 600 people who all think they need to talk on the radio.
  25. That is a pretty well reasoned response Hack, I cannot argue with that logic. Basically you are just forsaking sure fire inter-squad comms for the hope/promise of better platoon/company comms. That's reasonable enough and will likely work just fine particularly if you can get guys to run their squad radios down at 1/2 watt instead of 4-5 watts. In reality, if I was a squad leader at this event, I wouldn't be making use of a squad frequency anyhow since that would mean one more radio for me to deal with (since my job is to be on the platoon net) and one more way to be stuck having to listen to jibber jabber. Voice commands really are the way to do squad stuff unless you come up with a keen solution like the old PRR-9 radios where the squad leader got a transmitter and the squad members just got receivers.
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