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  1. Most anyone who can usefully answer this question is in the field right now so you are in the midst of something of a media blackout. That said, you can find maps of the AO from the now defunct Operation East Wind site here: http://operationeastwind.com/maps/ Keep in mind that East Wind uses different road and place names but the core data remains the same.
  2. HEAVY WEAPONS SPECIALIST A Heavy Weapon Specialist (HWS) is any Grenadier or Rocket (Simulated) carrying player. They may carry M-203 GL, M-320 GL, M-79 GL, GP-25 GL, M-136 AT4, M-72 LAW, RPG-7, Mortar or Arty Piece. A. May carry 12 Nerf/Foam Rockets on their person. B. May carry 12 Propellant/Bee Hive rounds on their person. C. HWS are the only player class who can carry Grenade Rounds and Rockets. D. Limit one per squad. E. Bee Hive rounds may only be re-loaded at Spawn Point. F. Additional Rounds/Rockets may be left at FOB. G. Any soft tipped rockets are allowed. H. Please see Explosive Devices/IED/Smoke section for approved pyro grenades. That seems completely clear cut to me.
  3. I cannot think of any serious event planners who would allow you to use a weapon that failed chrono. Look up the definition of the word limit...
  4. If there is a thunderstorm approaching, the chopper will beat feet over to Grove municipal airport till it passes. The Robinson is NOT an all weather bird.
  5. That was a fun briefing. "Our limit of advance is Phase Line Criminal here at the 694 northing line, we cannot under any circumstances move beyond that line." "However, higher did not say anything about clouds of irritant gas so we will deny the enemy the use of Neuhausen Spree (our name for Caen) and the 5 points junction with CS gas"
  6. Played through worse at DDAP: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shoobe01/6997287303/ Or even CS Gas
  7. That particular one is long gone but tascabe on the East Wind forum still has one of them.
  8. That one was a mid 80s Suzuki Samurai. Those little guys really did pretty well. East Wind tended at that time to be mostly off road/off trail which is a pretty harsh environment for Vismods.
  9. Aswayze


    One thought to keep in mind. Many of us are selling off our military trucks right now. I am personally only planning to keep my M151, Stagg has already transported his deuce out to Ohio. Brett has hauled all of his back to St Louis. Dave is selling the Ferret. Many other guys are in the same position. These things are screaming good fun to play with but you sort of need a reason to have them around or they just sit there. Without East Wind, why have a deuce in my driveway when I can put a sailboat there instead? The sailboat can take me to the Bahamas or the Dry Tortugas on my vacations, just like I used to use my deuce to do fun things on my vacations. Ask yourself this, if there was no place to play airsoft for a year how many of us would still be involved after that year? Make the determination after Broken Home if that is what you need to do but do not be surprised if it does not matter by then.
  10. It's on the options list on the invoice I got with my car. I had not paid it much mind since it just makes the doors heavy and adds no value to my life since I am most certainly not getting into a gunfight with my car. Edit, got out of work and looked again. You are correct it's III. Point still stands however that a Crown Victoria is still not a real armored vehicle.
  11. Yes, it's one of the police package options that you occasionally get with surplus cop cars like mine. It mostly just makes the doors heavy. I also have the super fun time fire suppression system.
  12. Nobody has ever thought of that T-Rex... That changes everything! Here's the thing. When a "Team Roxr LeEt NoOb Pow1rs" has a POV, it is their personal paintball tank. They drive around in it doing things they want to do basically supporting their assigned mission but still basically being "theirs". When a vehicle is at the disposal of the various side commanders and is not tied to one group of guys then it is a unit asset and it can support the overall goal of the entire side. When you do that, you do not need 1 quadzillion paintball tanks running around you can easily get by with just a few that are able to directly support the overall side objectives rather than just squad/team objectives. Now, everyone can be supported by trucks, not just the guys who painted up moms old Honda Pilot or the guys who thought to bring a U-haul van. Thing of it is, if you want vehicles that are genuinely useful to the GROUP, you do want legit vehicles. You can comfortably and easily drive an M151 through things that would demolish a UTV, you probably would not believe what you can drive a deuce through. If you make that change and support real military vehicles (or as we like to say "milsim") then yes, you will have a period of adjustment but in the end you will have exactly what you are looking for and will provide a better experience for everyone. Example: This is about half of the light vehicles on NATO at East Wind this last spring. (the rest were out on patrol) All of these belong to Airsofters. I know that there are still more M151 owners in Ok City that own them as well. We only had Deuce 6025 and 6015 down this year because we did not need the other 2... Nor the 5 ton... We had 2 5/4 ton Dodges and could have rounded up 2 more easily enough but again did not need them so we did not. Didn't worry with fixing the CUCV, didn't need that either. Oh ya... And that is just the NATO side... The Warpac side has nearly the same amount of vehicles.. So this was a >100 person event that ran once per year... No only no need to resort to paintball tanks and U-Haul vans but also no need to even bring ALL THE VEHICLES THAT WE HAD AVAILABLE. Was it always this way? Nope... We started off with vismod civvy trucks too. To be fair, we mostly made the jump to legit trucks as much as a result of the fact that we ran 24/7 across the full expanse of the AOs that we use and as such, the civvy trucks were just not cutting the mustard but the object lesson here is the same. Set high standards and some people will reach for them. As they reach and succeed, others will follow. Set low standards and they will always remain low. One last thought in closing, do you want to be milsim or paintball sim?
  13. Kind of cannot fault some of the logic. If there is a low standard for what is a combat vehicle you might as well just stick with what is easy. Why transport a deuce or a real military truck when you can rent a box van with AC. Keep the windows up and your miracle paintball tank armor will keep you safe while you drive around. Lower deck means safer in and out for troops in the back and the sliding door to the cab makes it easier to communicate. From a strictly "win the game" perspective, this is perfect. I'll have to point this one out to the guys who run tanks at the D-Day paintball game it would cover a lot of their bases as well and be much easier to clean up than an actual personally owned vehicle.
  14. Unfortunately none of that changes the simple facts of running an airsoft event: You have to produce a product that people want, which is overwhelmingly a milsim product (hence the need to educate yourself on military operations) at a location that is both interesting and available (hence the need to either own or have access to useful property) at a cost per unit that is affordable enough for people to attend. (Hence why there is effectively no money to be made doing this)
  15. I would say that getting a field or military experience would be a start. Just kidding! Like anything, figure what you want to put together as a product, then figure out how to do it. After that, all the pieces pretty much come right together as long as you are willing to work like a galley slave for practically no money. (Just getting out of the business myself)
  16. With the final East Wind now completed we sat down and wrote up a list of lessons learned from nearly a decade of planning, preparing and running East Wind events. Hopefully someone someday will chose to follow our path and produce another long duration event. If so, this list may help them out some: http://www.operationeastwind.com/wiki/Lessons_Learned_from_Running_Operation_East_Wind
  17. Regardless of what the rules say, a decent rule of thumb for this sort of thing: "If the other side was doing XXX would we think that they were wankers for doing so?" If yes, don't do it, it makes you look like a wanker. If no, consult the rules and make sure it is actually OK then proceed. I have called myself out on many occasions when the rules did not say I had to for just such reasons. Remember that the quality of the event is vastly more important than the rules. Don't be a rules lawyer << Pretty much code for Wanker
  18. Aswayze

    24HR OP

    You might be surprised how nice a two hour respawn time can be. Besides, the point is to NOT GET KILLED.
  19. Aswayze

    24HR OP

    I have got a little experience with round the clock airsoft operations. I would not consider an event that let people drop in and out, administratively that makes it a complete mess and just as importantly, it removes the need to MANAGE your troops from the leadership. If you can just run guys ragged then let them drop as they poop out then there is no reason to instead rotate groups back for rest cycles and actually work at maintaining your combat power instead of just rah rah rahing it for a day then calling it good. Park, check in, get with squad, do event, at the end go back. If you are AWOL at all, then poof you are out. Aside from that a longer duration event is also a very good time to ramp up the respawn times. 2 hours is a good dead time. It allows you to actually MAKE GOOD SOME PROGRESS when you haymaker the fuck out of the enemy instead of just killing wave after wave of just respawned troops.
  20. Perhaps in a Syrian Civil War themed event.
  21. I would offer one suggestion/amendment to your rule set: Actual ex-military armored vehicles will be classed by their actual classification and are not limited by the guntruck rules limitations judged on a case by case basis. For example a BTR-80 is an "Armored Personnel Carrier" while a Ferret or a Fox is an "Armored Scout Car" There are some actual armored vehicle owners remaining from past events that encouraged armor like East Wind or Tank Farm that might some day choose to venture into more mainstream airsoft, you'll want to have a ruleset that does not put them at a disadvantage or make their real armored fighting vehicle a "transport truck" while a paintball tank gets classed as a "gun truck". I specify ex-military in the above statement as well as judged on a case by case basis since some rules lawyer types might bring in stupid stuff like adding a 1/8th inch diamond plate to their pickup truck bed as "armor" or even things as silly as the fact that my Crown Victoria Police Interceptor I drive every day having level IV ceramic plates in the driver and passenger doors technically making it an "armored vehicle" which it obviously is not. This gets vehicles like Ferrets, BTRs, Foxes, and such giving them enough of an advantage to offset the fact that they do not have cushy seats and air conditioning. Just a suggestion, take it for what it is worth.
  22. Remember also that because an event is AT DDAP does not make it a DDAP event. The level of support provided by the D-Day staff varies with the particular event and what the promoters negotiate. Some want lots of stuff, some want nearly nothing, it just depends.
  23. I have no doubt that he knows what he is talking about. Regardless, I would caution you to spend less time rootin and tooting about legal stuff when you obviously have a conflict of interest. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who looks at things like this as a "Well what about Jimmy, he has a bb gun too" situation. When you are in a situation where you find that rules deny you from doing something the LAST thing you do is go raising a stink about someone else doing it. Because... to me at least... it looks like people exactly like YOU are the problem. Tag was obviously skating under the radar just fine until someone decided to make a stink about it. That means that I most certainly will not be buying anything from you, and since you were kind enough to throw Milsim Labs under the bus, probably not from them either. In the interest of being open. I am not affiliated with Tag, don't plan to be, don't own any of their stuff and do not really care about it, I just do not appreciate this sort of behavior.
  24. It depends on who made the maps. The maps used at broken home are made by Operation East Wind which is why it has value added features like an inter German border in it and things like that. That map also happens to be set up as MGRS grid but with 100 meter grids instead of 1 kilometer. It is not necessarily a given that other event maps are built exactly the same. Another fun fact to keep in mind. When you are using a grid map with your GPS unit, you must confirm that your datum setting matches the datum listed in the legend of the map or else you will almost certainly get incorrect locations out of your GPS. In the case of the East Wind/Broken Home map, the datum is WGS-84 which is the default datum in Military GPS units but not the default in civilian units so if you take your Garmin out there without correcting the datum, you'll miss the mark every time.
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