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  1. One potential fix for hot guns is requiring any gun that shoots hot to be checked in for the duration of the event. That's what we do at East Wind. If it's hot, it will never see the field. This both avoids potential sneaking on of hot guns and also provides SERIOUS encouragement to make sure you gear is right before you show up. Only gun you've got chronos hot? Hope you've got a buddy with a loaner, otherwise the Kastaway booth is right over there.
  2. Seriously... Why on gods green earth does it matter. Did you win? Did your unit do well? Were YOU and YOUR guys successful? If you were, what does it matter if some goals were not met by others? Did you lose? Were you one of the idiots that walked onto the field with no water? Did you not call hits? Did you fail as a leader? Were your guys a bunch of dill holes who couldn't defend the fortress of Eban Emael from a troop of girl scouts? If so, what does it matter if the rest of your team succeeded in spite of your inadequacies. Civil War = bad... Trust me, I know this. There is a ruined farm on the Zambiezi escarpment ringed with unmarked graves that reminds me of this more often than I care to think.
  3. As someone who runs a lot of airsoft at DDAP I have plenty of insight on the SME valley area. In a large scale fight, you should NEVER go down that road. It is pointless and will only yield the net result the Marines got. The only logical option available is to run the west ridge where you can attack by fire any units within the valley and be relatively safe from those on the East ridge. Doing so works, but it of course exhausts your troops and tends to be administratively unpopular since the tendency is to want people to fight IN the villages, not across them. Typically, guys try to restrict the degree to which people on the heights can fire down upon the valley below an again, typically it results in either frustration on both sides or a massacre. In other words, admins work really hard to make this work and it typically does not. At East Wind, I sent guys into the SME valley all the time but almost NEVER during the daylight hours unless they were setting up an ambush or just dropping in to change the batteries on one of the seismic sensors. I know the East Bloc guys did about the same choosing to skirt the area unless it was dark (my seismic sensors told me so). Night time is the time to use the SME valley, it gets plenty dark down there and with the battle space being linear and easily connected to the main street area of the park, it would make a good night fighting area. Hard to get lost, decent cover in the many smaller buildings, NOT an area that everyone is familiar with and easily controlled. If we do choose to use the SME valley during the daylight, perhaps the thing to do is to make it an optional infil route for the invaders and let them decide where and when to use it. A few scouts chillin under a shady tree can keep an eye on the joint and if a sizable force starts moving through, the defenders can get some assets moved over there quick enough to give the invaders a good fight and if not then the invaders get another route into Colleville. Otherwise, it’s just another handy, if somewhat dangerous, road that vehicle borne troops may choose to risk if they are brave. Being assigned to watch the SME valley may not be the most exciting thing to do but it would have it’s merits none the less.
  4. I don’t know how many of you have lived through a real civil war… I have. Nobody wins in a civil war, there are just degrees to which one loses. I would say that overall, the greenies were more successful this year but I would hesitate to say that they or really any one side “Won†I say this partially for the fact that a civil war is always a bad thing and partially because this is an airsoft event and to a large degree, declaring a winner or a loser sort of degrades the experience of the players. Each of you, as individuals should be looking at yourselves and your units specific performance and deciding if you were able to complete the missions assigned to you and if so, YOU won. If not, then figure out how you could have succeeded and make sure that you are ready and prepared to succeed next time and you have STILL WON. Make excuses, take no corrective actions, place blame upon others and YOU LOSE.
  5. A quick AAR note on this. I did rather a lot of running around at Broken Home as much because I was actually not so much "at" Broken Home as I was at DDAP working on things and helping out at Broken Home when and where I could. As such, I tended to be out further away than most everyone else and had a lot of opportunities to work on the fringes of commo range. My Dodge has an ICOM F-221 radio mounted in it driving a military surplus Shakespeare SFB3512/VRC broadband (30-512 MHz) whip antenna. Default setting on my ICOM program is 5 watts and I was set to broadcast the 67.0 tone but receive on quieting. I was able to call in an easily reach JP from about 2-3 miles north of Seneca, Mo as well as from down at Bunker Surplus and over at Twin Bridges State Park. Other guys radios would generally come in OK but JP was routinely coming in clearer and stronger than most anyone else. Some of this I am certain has to do with operation, JP does really well with commo compared to a lot of us out there. He speaks clearly, in an even tone, doesn’t get into a hurry, keeps his transmissions short etc but regardless, it was still a very good demo of the equipment he was using. All in all, I would say that’s a pretty good showing for a radio in the Puxing’s price range. I have long been an ICOM fan but I think having seen how well that little radio does, I’d give it some serious consideration if I was starting fresh and buying new.
  6. We super duper do not want a 50 Watt repeater. All that does is annoy parents who want to talk to their kids on FRS radios over at Grand Lake more power is not always better, in fact it is almost never the answer.. 5 (real) watts would do the job just lovely. Yes, the stuff costs a bit but as much as cost, you need to know what you are doing. I have repeaters, actually retransmit stations (which are even cooler) but nothing that works with GMRS/FRS.
  7. Actually I think I caused that one. I typed 1-1 on my recent reply when I meant to say 1-2. I got mentally screwed up by my ICOM F221 program that numbers my first channel of the first bank as 1-1 so I had that in my head. where it clearly did not belong. We had the emergency channel as 1-2 previously, we probably should leave it that way for those who have already programmed radios. Besides, then it's also easier to remember the PL tone if it never changes.
  8. JP, I just talked to Frosty and he was saying that most likely the repeater is not going to be on hand. If that's the case, we need to make sure that we pull that out of the matrix and change all the Admin radios to just send and recieve channel 1-2 (462.5625 PL 71.9 Narrow)
  9. I am a sucker for the classics. I just finished this one off the other day out of a pile of parts I had sitting around. It's an M1910 Machine Gunners Bolo knife. Oddly enough, I was finally driven to finish it while I was out in the back yard hacking and whacking at poison ivy with my LC-14B Woodmans Pal and came across a vine that was in a spot the Woodmans Pal just could not reach. Anyhow, 2-3 hours of work later, I finally finished the Bolo knife and still have not whacked the poison ivy with it yet.
  10. You pretty much just get it and read the manual. They are pretty simple to use. The skill set hits when you are looking on how to use it really well. We do a lot of training on these types of set for East Wind with our comms I and comms 2 courses which come available in the fall.
  11. The PRC-351 hits 30-76 MHz so it can be used for 6 Meter FM. It's just a really feature filled little thing so it can do a lot of fun stuff. It's even got wire line remote capability built in so you can use it from 2 km away over field telephone wire.
  12. The really old stuff gets to be more of a PITA than it is worth real fast. Weird plate voltages, endless bad tubes that are hard to find, constant alignment issues etc etc etc. It will drive you mad a lot faster than you think and you'll hardly get to spend any time actually enjoying your radio gear. Clansman radios are good stuff and at current are quite cheap. I'd suggest looking at a PRC-351, they are very feature filled little things and can be easily converted to run off of LiPo packs. They do everything the PRC-77 does plus a heck of a lot more at around 1/3 of the price even with shipping from the UK factored in. We tend to mostly get them from this guy since he actually ships things in a timely fashion and his prices are reasonable. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Clansman-PRC351-Urban-patrol-Station-1-FREE-24v-DCCU-per-Order-/120878193123?pt=UK_Collectables_Militaria_LE&var=&hash=item1c24e6d9e3#ht_801wt_698
  13. Sweet, I'll keep an eye out for you man!
  14. KD0FLN here. I do almost exclusively 6 meter stuff with all my East Wind radios. Some 10 Meter from time to time when things are propagating right. When not in the field with it, we mostly use it for convoy comms when we're rolling down the road in the Deuces. I've still got 1 ICOM F221and one of those fancy schmancy Shakespeare 30-512 MHz broadband military antennas that I'm sticking in my M882 5/4 ton Dodge once I fix all other stuff we broke on it this year.
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