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  1. There is NO comparison at all between a heavy barrel FAL and a Bren.  


    -20 round mags (no, the Israelis did not issue 30 round mags)


    -Non detachable barrel


    in a 


    Fusil - Rifle 


    Automatic - Automatic 


    Leger - Light 




    Not now, not then, not ever.  


    Besides, if it was approved for you as an SSW at AMS events, it would probably be on the list of approved SSWs.  


    (PS Dave, don't knock the FAL, you should see what I can do on the range with my 50.63, besides most everyone is phasing out most everything that was issued 50 years ago by now) 

  2. I would not plan to come in via Cayuga road if at all possible.  That's the one most commonly effected by flooding.   If you come in off of State Highway 10 you should be fine.  Basically take SH 10 south off of US 60 then follow your GPS from there.  If your GPS starts telling you to go off on a Jollyfats Weehawken gravel road adventure it is lying.  ;P  

  3. There is one consideration to think about.  


    Running without PL tones means that your radio is set to the default quieting type squelch meaning that your audio opens when the system detects a carrier.    This MOSTLY works fine but many cheaper radios (I.E. almost every radio you guys use) will not detect quieting as readily as it detects the squelch tone.  


    You are however completely correct in principal which is why what I would suggest (and have suggested the same in the past) is to assign a default PL tone of 71.9 (-2 on non programmable radios)  for every channel so that you get the same net result but still make life easier on the Baofengs and GMRS radio guys.  

  4. I gather by the overall tone of GFs post that he's not really looking for a discussion on this but rather just wants to harrump someone elses system.  (No worries, I do the same all the time)  ;) 


    I have done a decent split of blank fire and airsoft albiet with most of my blank fire stuff actually being MILES rather than the honor system.  


    I am sort of on the fence with this one.  I do not like to mix real steel and airsoft as a general rule but I do see the value of limited blank fire use such as what you see at MSW events for one reason above all.  


    Gunfights are loud...  


    If there is an engagement 1K away from you, you'll know it when there is real firearms involved.  You're likely not to hear an engagement with airsoft weapons 200m away which means that your overall situational awareness is skewed in a 100% airsoft battle.  

    I remember doing a One Shepherd event on a 2800 acre property acting as OPFOR to a Marine ROTC unit near Columbia.  I was tasked as a scout and my partner and I were on rest rotation when I was awoken by the sound of a distant gunfight.  Not only did we know there was a fight, we could also hear that contact was initiated by AKs and that the overall volume of fire and minimal response from M16s meant that the fight was going well so we might as well go back to sleep.   Likewise, when we bounced small units with our FNs, the entire area knew that the scouts had sniffed something out and could begin converging on the area to bail us out.  


    That added a great deal of depth, I am sure that having some blank fire involved in MSW events contributes in the same way.   Mechanics wise, it's hard to say how well it will work out, I think that has a great deal to do with the quality of players and whether or not they are at the event for an experience or just to "play the game".     With the majority of the "milsim" players now being basically video game wankers or team! team! team! types I do not see blank fire use being a success in main stream milsim until an affordable MILES platform comes out and we can finally heave all of our airsoft weapons into the dust bin.  

  5. This question reminds me of back when East Wind used to allow M4 carbines for ratelos and squad leaders with everyone else using M16s.  I had an under 18 player sign up that then sent me an email saying that he only had an M4 and since he did not want to carry a radio he needed to be a squad leader.   A squad leader, at East Wind...  Because he was less prepared than the other squad members? 




    I refunded his money and told him East Wind was not for everyone.  (code for fuck off kid, you bother me) 

  6. The point is they were round the clock the whole time.  (yes for 9 days) 


    Round the clock stuff is harder to do than it looks mostly because most of us want to be much bigger bad asses than we actually are.   At 24 hours, it's easy just to decide to run your troops into the ground which mostly leads to people going combat ineffective from fatigue and tempers flaring out of control over the silliest of things.  


    Build in some rest time and things will roll much better.  

  7. 8666736573_aac7cc9c2a_c.jpg




    Want to go to bed every night knowing that your neighbors only get to see the sun each and every day because you choose to allow them to? 

    Then have I got the gizmo for you!

    M3A4 Pulse Jet Smoke Generator, used to screen large troop movements. Produces absurd quantities of dense white smoke. Pictures are of actual unit in operation. 

    Jet engine is powered by gasoline, fog is produced using light weight oil (baby oil or veg oil both work well) 

    Well built unit that comes with some running spares. Most parts that are likely to need replacement as time wears on are generally available automotive parts. (Seriously, the jet engine uses a Holley float bowl to meter fuel) 

    Operations manual here: http://operationeastwind.com/NATO/training/files/TM-3-1040-276-10.pdf

    Maintenance manual here: http://operationeastwind.com/NATO/training/files/TM-3-1040-276-23.pdf

    Smoke Operations manual here: http:// /NATO/training/files/fm3-101-1.pdf

    I will happily show new owners how to operate the unit including starting the jet engine and cycling the fog oil pump but I WILL NOT generate smoke with the unit in at my as I live in town near an interstate and do not want to cause a 947 car pile up on I-35.  Note that when the above pictures were taken the smoke stream was still obscuring in the city of Seneca Missouri from D-Day.   (that's not even in the same state) 


    Pickup only in Kansas City!  



  8. You are correct, battlefield commanders do at times make do with whatever is laying around.  


    Does that mean that a rented UHaul truck will stop .556 rounds?  


    Does that mean that the windshield on the above pictured M880 will stop .556 rounds?   




    Paintball tanks are not the same as taking a risk and trading mobility for concealment and/or armor protection.  

  9. 16868267835_385bda43fa_c.jpg


    I am curious if you are talking about the above truck?  If so, you do realize that it was the only ACTUAL gun truck on the field right?   These guys were routinely fitted with a M4 pedestal or just piled full of dudes with M60s and used for convoy escort/security roles.  


    Just because someone has the class to use the correct vehicle instead of building a paintball tank does not mean that you should make assumptions.  


    (Says the guys who is assuming that the admins knew enough about it to class it as a gun truck)   


    Cannot comment on the deuce thing, that does sound amazingly jerky to me though.   

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