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    alex ,I didn't know Corey hart attended these events 
    AMS catering to everyone hahaha

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    At FG I got a nice print out map of the area, which was WAY better then my home made one with obj points and building references on them. I was wondering if it will be the same at BH or if I should starting working on my home made?
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    If that's the concern, the other one I would like you to look at (a lot less effective) is the flameless tri-chamber. Testing it, we put a bunch of packing paper under and on top of a tri-chamber and let it go in a small can. Nothing. Not even embers. If you guys are iffy about it, I'll bring a couple to BH and show you guys. http://www.safariland.com/flameless-tri-chamber/tri-chamber-flameless-saf-smoke--grenade-1012474.html
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    My undertsanding is no, AMS never provides any food. Some ideas to take with you if you dont have your own MREs (theyre pretty cheap) is chewy bars, protien/energy bars, poptarts or anything else with carbs, dont require refridgeration and are small and easy to carry.
    Obeservers are normally welcome but are required to wear full seal eye pro and recommended to wear high vis vests (they were provided at faded giant) and must attend safety breifings just like players. I am not AMS staff, but this was the case at FG3 if Im not forgetting anything.
    ALSO!!! Bring plenty of water as usually facilities are not plumbed at there is no running water and still water is not confirmed safe for drinking. Get a couple empty milk gallons and fill them with water before you arrive.
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    Yeah, I looked at the AR 2.0 and its pretty limited, 300 ft or so. But the Bebop is supposed to have 500 ft, not much better but with the addition of the Skycontroller, it supposedly has a range of 2 KM. So should have room to roam with it. The kit with the controller is $900 right now, so Im kind of hesitant and just thinking of waiting til they release it on its own so it isnt 1 big price tag.
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    Im looking into getting a UAV, not only for AMS but for personal use as well. But lets just say if I wouldnt use it in AMS ops, I wouldnt be getting it... Anyways, Im looking for input from UFS command staff. Big Candy, you were my Commander at FG3, would you or any other command staff get good use form a UAV? Nothing extremely fancy, the parrot Bebop is what Im looking at. But if Im spending $500+ I want to use the crap out of it. Will you utilize it if I bring it?
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    Greg- that's why I wanted to clarify with an admin. The only section of the rule I would be subject to is the brief description, no actual sub section of the rule. Redneccc- if you're wanting to go as a dmr,I don't know what would keep you from doing so with that set up. Going as a specialty is never a problem, trying to go as rifleman with a possible specialty weapon is, hence my problem. They do list the M16 as a possible DMR, they are modeled after the standard 5.56 round just like M4 carbines.
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