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  1. Somehow a "I come, I fuck shit up, I leave" patch had gotten transferred onto my shirt. If it's your, PM me to get it back to you.
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  3. Anyone know who the photographer was on saturday morning at the UFS TOC? They were going around taking group pics before briefing and got a good pic of my group and I cant find it. Thought it was Aunt Meg but it isnt on her facebook.
  4. Not even half the CDF had dead rags saturday and even less had red lights friday. Its bit me in the ass more then a couple times where I try to be nice and see if there dead and Ive only got shot by them. Was CDF not supposed to use dead rags?
  5. My group is wanting to camp outside but were a little concerned the the forecast of "strong storms." Would it be possible to camp out in the open field to the south of the school, so in the event of severe weather (hail, heavy lightning, tornadoes, etc.), we can take shelter? I don't care about torrential ran, but being blown away and struck by lightning aren't high on my to do list.
  6. Any place around Iowa that sells these? Amped Airsoft, Xtreme Airsoft and Airsplat are the only state side places that sells them (that I can find so far) and they can't ship any except the dummy rounds and the shells. I need a place that I can drive to (within a few hours one way) or a place that will deliver to esr 19. Anyone know any places?
  7. Aswayze- No, it wasnt that one. It was a plain green jeep, no camo netting or anything else special. The two guys driving and front passenger did not ahve any gun mounts, that is why the passenger shot me with his pistol. Im just pissed off that we have clear rules in the breifing that says both feet must be on the ground to shoot, but then they change it half way without ANY way of letting everyone know. Kind of seems like only COST was really told about it from what Im hearing on here and in field.
  8. Hey all, just wondering cause I heard it from a couple different people. After hiking around the wood for a couple hours on saturday, my battle buddy and I took a break along a trail. We had an old jeep with 2 CoST soldiers heading down that very road. They didnt have any type of protection from any direction, so we could have hosed them, but deciding to just keep enjoying our quick break, we didnt. As they passed us, the passenger pulled out a 1911 and shot me several times while the driver threw a grenade that was definatley burning after it went off. We made our way to coelville and asked an admin but he never got back to us. Talking with other from UFS, they said they heard transport vehicles can now be shot from by anyone, even while in motion. Is this mid evolution rule change rumor correct?
  9. Mr Yuk is correct. Color is the only thing that matters reference headgear. And it doesnt even have to match the rest of your squad in exact color. I had a multicam boonie while my SL had a mulicam helmet while our LMG had a hand panted tan helmet. Nothing was said to us. Easiest way to look at it for either side is, if you can wear that color uniform for your side, you can have your headgear colored that way.
  10. My buddy lost a TWA Berretta at Victory Ridge saturday. Fairly certain it will still be there next year but if anyone happened to find it, let me know.
  11. Sucks you guys dont allow ballistas anymore...
  12. I just got my order from SI, if you would have put this up a couple weeks ago, I woulda got them for you and just gotten cost back. As it stands, 2 less COST that can see. No real change as a COST soldier cant shoot straight anyways. lol, jk
  13. Hold your metal rifle up in victory! Ive been keeping an eye on the weather. farmers alminac says strong storms that weekend and its looking to be right so far. I live in iowa and all our storms the last week have been comign from the south and our news has been saying bad weather next weekend and after. Only thing Im concerned about is a tornado *knock on wood* since there doesnt seem like much shelter out there and it takes a transport to get out there with any speed.
  14. Just a heads up, financial constraints have stopped me from getting any for BH. The next planned op the eagles are going to is FG and hoping to have some by then.
  15. Im sure someone has video of someone try to look cool at night with shades... right until they trip and face plant.
  16. Chief, tell your driver not to be a wuss! lol, jk. Iowa to Faded Giant was 18+ hours straight through and did that back after sunday and it sucked hard core, i was comatose when I hit home on monday. So I know what its like. Wouldnt have been so bad but my guys *coughLegioncough* that said they would stay awake and help keep me up, passed out.
  17. I got my elite force 1911 from Evike. She chronoed well at FG right out of the box. Only problem I have with it is the safety comes off real easy, sometimes even find it off before I draw.
  18. I have 2 baofengs. They are cheap, reliable and easy to use. I did have issues at faded giant with my short range that we could never figure out. Believe it was the buildings intereferring with the signal but could never get it nailed down. I have a uv-82 and a uv-5r, both are simple to program and use. The 82 has dual PTT so you can montior and transmit on 2 different channels. Making it useful for short range RTO. The uv-5r is there most powerful radio, and I got a 17 inch antenna to use as long range for BH and the likes.
  19. Quick question for anyone that knows, will the EG18s fit into a mk18 pouch? Im assuming yes but I dont want to buy some pouches especially for it and they dont work....
  20. Its just proof the rebellion is failing! Lol, JK. I hope you guys never quit, cause then who am I gonna duke it out with? My SL and reason I got into AMS said that this is the first time hes seen UFS have any real numbers over COST, and definitely this much. I hear they give help to the lower number side. Plus COST has more freaking vehicles, including Evikes damn humvee.... I have a feeling Im gonna hate Evike by the end of BH.
  21. At FG I got a nice print out map of the area, which was WAY better then my home made one with obj points and building references on them. I was wondering if it will be the same at BH or if I should starting working on my home made?
  22. Totally legit and awesome, good job. Thats what I hate about thunder bs, you have to cook them if you dont want that to happen to you.
  23. Anyone know where I can get it? Looks like its fairly new, but wondering if I can get my hands on any before BH. Looks like better performance and milsim then the enolagaye smokes but made by a couple of the same guys. Pin and spoon activated, guy holds it with bare hands so guessing cold burning and safe for use at AMS
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