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  1. Joule creep: heavier BBs loose less energy in flight and so have more whack. Air resistance starts working against your BB as soon as it leaves the barrel. A heavier BB has more momentum than a light one, so looses less energy in flight and has more joules. Joules are a measure of energy, momentum describes the transfer of energy. Using heavier BBs may also allow for more back spin from the hop increasing the Magnus effect (the lift created by backspin). This could also reduce friction losses in flight with the heavier BBs. No matter what the contributions are of the different factors, chrono for joule creep is probably safest and most fair.
  2. Any word on the DOT or ATF standing with importing or transporting the pyrotechnic rounds?
  3. AMS uses Midland channels and sub-channels. The Midland-GXT1000 is a good choice, comes in a 2 pack for ~$60, and will give everything you need. But you can't reprogram it, and any headsets or accessories will be Midland only. A lot of us are running Baofengs, and these offer you the most flexibility. For about the same expense you can get the radio, antenna upgrade, and programming cable. http://www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=baofeng+bf-f8hp&tag=googhydr-20&index=aps&hvadid=28510111706&hvpos=1t1&hvexid=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=17880364329185443799&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=b&hvdev=c&ref=pd_sl_4sf8pgfes5_b As noted above, there is a steep initial learning curve. It's a good option if you also get a programming cable and learn how to use CHIRP. You probably can't buy one locally.For all things Baofeng see Miklor's site. http://www.miklor.com/uv5r/There's tons of support out there and you probably have time to get a Baofeng BF FH8 (the latest version of the most popular model) and work everything out. Odds are pretty good you already know someone that runs one of these and could help you. And the upgrade antenna, 7" or 14" is absolutely worth the extra $10.
  4. I prefer behind the head like the Pryme Patriot type. It's quiet, and I can still hear ambient sounds well. If you want MSR style, Ztac makes a good repro. (You should avoid surplus MSRs unless you have an electronics background and can match impedance.) If you have a UV5r, that's single com and easy. If you have an 82, that's got dual transceivers and is tricky. An 82 with a standard PTT, only transmits on the B channel. There is a lapel mic available that has A and B PTT.
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