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AMS Forums set to ARCHIVE MODE (POSTING DISABLED). These forums will be used for historical reference, otherwise you can find the AMS event pages located on Facebook.


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  1. In regarding to My m249 MK2 (Externally converted to a MK48) i want to start using M4 STANAG mid caps for it,Just as back ups for team mates and for my personal use.Do any of yall any experience with using midcaps in m249 platforms,And if so what brand and are there any issues i should know about? Also in regards to gear,Does anyone have recommendations on a battery to fit in a 4X4 counterweight pouch to hook up to my go pro?
  2. Will there be a night game for RY3? Need to know if i need to pick up a PEQ and a flash light
  3. So before i sign up for RY3,I was wondering if there are any guys willing to Run plaid shirts for CDF? if so PM me. Thanks
  4. So i run comms on my helmet and thats the only way i run them and im singing up for CDF....My question is can i do this? Also i dont have anybody to go with and its just going to be me(legal guardian will be on site) How am i suppose to get paired up with matching squadmates?
  5. Truthfully id just use a Pistol and not a SMG.
  6. So looking over the AMS ruleset i see that the age requirement is 14.I turn 14 october 12 and for the minor application it looks so that my parent would have to play along side me.My dad cant play due to medical reasons (12 years as a AAV battalion commander can take its toll on the human body).So my question is.As long he is on site can i still partake in RY3?
  7. So ive been wondering how effective will SSW type replicas be at Ironclad? Also,How would i go along the lines of being a SL? Godspeed -Dylan Thomas
  8. will all three factions ever be in one game together?
  9. I can put a single BB in the hop up cahamber and it will shoot that, but ill try it with the mag out
  10. so i recently picked up the Stoner LMG,And come to my suprise is that it does not want to feed.The hop up chamber is completely aligned and there is no blocking issues.Im scratching my head thinking why this gun isnt feeding.Any ideas why? Godspeed -Dylan Thomas
  11. So in on my my recent posts i had asked what would be more effecftive on the field,Comm Setup or first line and i got my Comms in today and realized i still had a ton of money left to get a first line setup.Ive been looking at the options from First spear,HSGI and Crye,My question is,Are there any more battle belts out there and what pouch setup would you recommend for a "agreesive SAW gunfighter"? Type persona as myself. Thanks for giving a read, Godspeed -Dylan Thomas
  12. depending on your platform of SSW then just get another box mag.
  13. I hope the DAMs have some features to use bolt cutters.Im looking forward to IC2!!!!!
  14. I always love taking in those new kids or even new older guys and showing them how to play the game right.That is the first thing i do when i get to the staging/rest area in the early morning as everyone is prepping their gear.I walk around say hi,engage in a small conversation and tell ill see em on the field.I do this with every one no matter the gear or skill set.Its a good way to establish some good friendships at your local field.I learn new things everyday from kids who just got into the game and Super hardcore MilSim guys.I love every second of it.It grows the community and gives those kids something to look forward to. Godspeed -Dylan Thomas
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