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  1. Unfortunately both guns are quite different. The tippmann requires essentially 0 maintenance. Some out of the box are alright and some just suck. You can run AEG mags with your tippmann so that's a good pro as far as cost is concerned. Personally I would recommend running the tippmann via HPA and not th Co2 mags though too.
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    Fps limits

    I am in favor to chrono all guns with .32 personally.
  3. jgadell

    Fps limits

    Timmy Horton, I suggest you read up on joule creep a little bit. If we wanted to help mitigate joule creep we would chrono EVERYTHING on a .32 or higher if chosen. I brought this issue up about GBBR's at BH4 as they were using .20's and some GBBR's can joule creep like no other. We just chrono'd a GBB sniper that shot 560 with .20's and 540 with .40's. Yeah swallow that lol
  4. Likewise man, ive seen you post on some of the HPA pages before i just havent met you in person...well i have when you came to chrono just dont know your face. Next event were at say hey!
  5. If your have withdrawals already like myself well heres a little montage. Thanks again AMS...my favorite AMS event so far!
  6. Alex, as rebel yell is approaching i just wanted to review the rules incase anything changed and noticed this has not changed. Just a heads up.
  7. Negative, if you are running an ARX, Ninja LPR, or Firebase regulator. I can tell you that those 3 have methods to lockout with zip ties from the factory. The folks running the chrono should know how.
  8. AMS Staff, While helping run the chrono at Broken Home 4 I chrono'd all GBBR with .32's as they are a form of HPA to me along with they can suffer joule creep more then your tradition P*'s and such. The ruleset says to chrono them with .20's but while turning away a kid I showed him that he shot ~390 with .20's and ~460 with .32. Not every GBBR was turned away but there were more that did not pass with .32's then that did. I brought it up during the event but i know it had to be hectic for you all so I am just putting the bug in your ear or if there is any more news about this topic. Thank you I appreciate your day -Justin
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