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  2. yea gabe you just gave UFS a way in now lol
  3. btw amped does not have any tourney locks
  4. awesome yea I got it
  5. So I am going as a dmr runiing hpa. I have orderd a touney lock but is on back order. And every store is out at this time that I could find now someone told me that the ziplock home ade verson is verified to be legal at AMS events is this true because at this time its the only solution to my problem an di would hate not to be able too run my dmr
  6. what about op copperhead and if so how much
  7. Redneccc


    awesome sounds good thx for the feednack
  8. Redneccc


    awesome thanks when will they be posted do you think
  9. Redneccc


    Radio Freqs what will be the frewqs for the game I have a radio that req a computer to input the freq so is there anyway or is there alrady to find out the radio frequencys
  10. so I asked and they are discussing it not 100% sure but I thin we could work some stuff out. Whn will you be here where will you be we are planning to leave Friday sometime and planning to come back sat night like I said not 100% sure at this point. but it is up for dicsuusiing
  11. ok I can do both semi and auto on the mac11
  12. I am going as a dmr and I was wondering if I could use my kwa mac11 as my secondary. now I know it says a sconday aeg or side arm but I was just wondering if my mac11 can be used as both my secondary and sidearm for my dmr loadout.
  13. hey my team Elite k9 are based out of phx Ill ask my co on the team and might have a seat for ya
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