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  1. LOST: A green metal ammo can with a blue bicycle license plate on it that says JUSTIN. Has BB"s, CO2, and Odin speed loader inside. Was left at UFS original FOB. Please message me if found.
  2. If you lost anything at the OP post it here.
  3. If you lost anything at the OP post it here.
  4. First I want to say, I have always enjoyed playing at D-day. It has always been one of my favorite AO's, and will keep coming back. Several of us got on site around noon on Thursday. We had a great time talking with the AMS staff. We also helped set up all of the vendor tents. Afterwards we had a great time playing cornhole and having a few beers. The rule changes for magazines worked well. Honestly, I didn't use the first load on my mags all weekend. The reason for that is I didn't really see many people to shoot. The first day our mission was to defend and hold Colleville, which honestly isn't that hard to do. It seems that the first faction that can get a few squads in Colleville will hold it for the whole weekend. I found it kind of strange that we started there. When we marched on to the field the weather was mild, and quite nice. For the first half hour before the official game start we were exchanging fire with the UFS scouts who were around Colleville. Had they gone a little off path and thought we were roll players? Not sure. I hope we gave them a little unexpected excitement. When game on was called, we all kind of looked at each other wondering what we had been doing for the last 30 minutes. After the official game start, we stood around Colleville basically roasting in the sun for a couple of hours without much trigger time to speak of. I decided to hold a high point in the middle of town and call out contacts. I didn't get much action until a UFS technical finally made it into Colleville. I was able to shoot the three passengers in the cab, and the one in the truck bed, somebody else finally got the driver. A few minutes after that I decided to join some of my teammates near the south entrance of town. I started making my way down the east side of the road, and got maybe 300 feet and was shot from behind some thick brush along with a lot of other folks, still not sure if it was CDF or UFS. We had a medic that was doing a great job, but unfortunately when he ran and slid like pro baseball player to heal me, he was shot. After that I decided to take my chances in the church with the helicopter. After getting into the church I started making some great long distance kills, and was having a great time. We had several long range rifles, and several SAW gunners. UFS and CDF were making a good push toward the Colleville, but we were holding them off well. I was in the top of the church when I saw Bo Stewart come out of nowhere with grenade in hand and make a flying leap to frag someone in the top level of the building in front of the church. When he hit the ground we heard something pop, and thought he had been hit and was acting it out REALLY well. A few seconds later we decided it was no act and called "blind man". After a few more seconds of watching him writhe in pain he gained some composure and said call "corpsman". Last I heard He had torn his ACL or MCL or both, hope the inevitable surgery goes well and you heal quickly. It was about this time (4:00 pm) that communications started being an issue. Couldn't get hold of anybody. I think this is where people started falling out due to exhaustion. Shortly after Bo's injury, two of my team mates and myself got bored and decided to go into the woods and find some action. The first time we got to the woods a helo run got us in the trees, and we bled out. being determined we headed out again. As we were heading into the woods another helo run came over the trees and we were setting ducks in the wide open. We decided make a run for it. Well, one guy leaped into a trench not to far into the woods into what looked like a nice soft bed of leaves only to find nice jagged boulders a few inches under the leaves and twisted his ankle pretty good. He was still able to walk, so we knew it wasn't too serious. Not two minutes later the other team mate I was with tweaked his ankle just in front of me. At this point it was about 6:30 pm, and we decided to call it a day. We were hot, tired and slightly injured. We didn't want to take any chances on making things worse. Sunday morning I woke up, and just couldn't get motivated. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck, and beaten with a pool noodle. I decided not to play the second day, and take my time breaking down camp. Which may have been the wise decision, because I think a lot of people suffered heat exhaustion. Suggestions: Don't start anybody out in Colleville, make us fight for it. For the love of GOD, bring back mobile respawns. I'd like to see more of the field while playing. Mobile respawns seem to solve the movement issues. The ammo reload delivery idea was a good theory but didn't use it once, probably because we never got to far away from our FOB. There has got to be a way to combine the two ideas and make it work. The new time table was brutal for this AO. I think it would work just fine in some of the other AO's where we have events that have buildings where you can get inside, find some shade, and gear down for a while to cool off. Overall had a good time.
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  8. You got that right! Plus I can't think of a better group of people I'd enjoy working with.
  9. The company I work for is looking into expanding in the Tulsa, OK area. We have been in the Tulsa for 30 years, and we're well known in the area. We are looking for someone between the ages of 25 and 35. If you think you may be interested, call the number below and ask for Mickey Ashlock, or Greg Beam. Tell them that Justin Beckham told you to call. 1-800-486-6674 For more information on the position watch this video. http://youtu.be/RtCoc-lMoZc
  10. Nasty, that was my first hurdle as well. Couldn't get it figured out before BH, so my comms kinda sucked. Mine was on COMM 22 I think, which wasn't even an option on the program. Finally got it figured out though.
  11. I'm kind of new to the whole programming thing. Had a couple of questions. Trying to set up the sub channels, I have a "Decode, and "Encode" tab. Do I need to change both? Also, I have a "Narrow, and a "Wide" tab. I'm guessing that needs to be put on narrow? Note: I could have probably figured this out, but they sent me the chinese instructions. Pics below.
  12. This was great a couple years ago. After hauling a bunch of gear all day, a good massage felt awesome.
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