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  1. I got your back bro.... I too never make threats, just promises. Unfortunately the world is full of morons and you seem to have been the target of one. Remember, silence, speed and violence of action! By the way, you are not a big scary man........you are just a big serious man!!
  2. Actually you wear the tab if you earned it, even if you never served in a Ranger battalion. Lots of officers are Ranger qualified but never served with a Ranger unit, same as those who wear jump wings but never served in an Airborne unit or earned their Air Assault but never served in an Air Assault unit. For an officer, earning the tab or badge is a way to advancement even though they may be Ordinance, Engineer or Chemical Corp and are never assigned to that specific type of unit. Receiving the qualification does not guarantee you served in that type of unit it only means you passed the specific training and gives you the right to wear the tab or badge. I know nothing about the young man in question here, but I do know you have to earn the tab before you can claim and wear it.
  3. Great idea. This will add more realism.
  4. As long as the Traitors in Washington continue to force their National Socialism upon the Sovereign Territories of CoST, we shall fight! Nationalizing our oil production under their form of Socialist governing is unacceptable. The USF invasion of our land is evidence enough to show that we must take a stand or live under the iron heel of their destruction of our Constitutional form of government. The 2nd Amendment to our US Constitution was included for just this reason. We shall stand together to fight the Tyrant and we shall triumph, so help us God!
  5. If you are short of everything but the enemy, you are in the combat zone. Mruphy's Law
  6. I think that would depend on who owns the truck!
  7. . Did the Insanity and airsoft earlier this year. Great way to get into shape and put it to use having fun. Insanity is not for the weak of heart or those lacking motivation. Hardcore workout, but it really works!
  8. It would be cheaper to enlist and let them whip you into shape then test for the training. You would even get paid while you do it! Ranger school worked that way.... For what it costs I would rather go on a cruise, but I can see where it would be enticing for younger guys and non-military older guys.
  9. Thank you for your service and your personal sacrifice. My daughter is currently still going through physical therapy through the WWP in Hawaii and I support the WWP every chance I get.
  10. Nice description of an ambush position. You are right, most troops do not like the waiting and it is sometimes difficult to keep them alert and silent. Most ambushes net nothing but those that do make up for it in the adrenaline when the enemy triggers the ambush. Guess that is why I loved Recon and doing ambushes and night patrols so much. East Wind sounds great! PM sent regarding checking out the Leavenworth surplus. Only one (that is still in business) I have been to in the past is Mickeys in KCK. I shall have to try to get to St. Joe sometime to check that one out also.
  11. After first of the year the field craft weekends will be a possibility. I have never heard of Overlooked Antiques, so lead on sir. It sounds like you are near my area so perhaps I will get the chance to say hi, just need directions. As for the "rest of the story", please post. I think anyone considering this would benefit from your narrative and that it might inspire interest in others.
  12. Very descriptive narrative Aswayze!! I would so love to be able to attend this year but alas, the work gods are not on my side. I really enjoyed the fact that you captured the confusion of a night combat action and the actual time line leading up to that few minutes of hell. I will continue to work at gathering the required equipment and look forward to 2014, hopiing the opportunity to participate will come.
  13. Welcome Irish and thank you for your service to this great country. Hope to see you at an event sometime in the future.
  14. Bought an Echo1 614 from Tusk. Quick money transfer and everything arrived as described and in great condition. Would buy from him again any time!! Bought a leg holster paddle from DirtPro. He was very helpful in checking that it would work with my Serpa holster (had to use longer screws which he let me know before the sale). Exactly as described and very fast shipping. Highly recommended!!
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