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    Hunting, trapping, airsoft, and history. I also enjoy working on antique muscle cars and spending time with my daughter
  1. Tag rounds my friends, think of a possible use for them in this just on a smaller Bore. You'd lose the whistling effect but the bb shower, explody effects, and imagine raining smoke screen.
  2. Currently she works for our local PennState Extension office working with 4H program (which is a farm program for kids showing off animals and such at our local Fair) she also is setting up the Fair we have each year as well as benefit auction to help support the programs they host through out the summer and those are no easy task trying. She will be taking a 2 year course through Butler Community in Butler Pa for event management and planning in a more in dept detail.
  3. Currently my fiancée is finishing her degree in communications at college here in pa, she really enjoys event coordination and would like to start a career in that field. My question is what demand if any is there for event coordinators in airsoft and if there is any, how would one start off without owning their own field and/or without any military experience?
  4. can I ask has anyone peeked your interests for a new NE AO?
  5. Are you allowed to medic the enemy just so they can get back to their squad and offer a harder but funner battle? like say I hit an enemy who happen to be close to our lines because he rushed and after pushing back his unit a good distance can I medic him and send him back to his unit? I know it sounds stupid but I like a fair fight and one man down can really put a damper on how well a team can fight. I would have them remove their mag from their gun and pistol and have them back up a hundred feet or so (where able) before turning around to run to their team. Obviously my men would hold fire unless given reason to engage but i doubt someone who was just saved from a long walk would purposely open fire on 6 guys aiming at him in the open. Just a quick thought
  6. I know Mark Hall the lead singer and youth minister for casting crowns had an airsoft ministry. Heck he even played with his team, I've done a lot of research on it but I can't find anything on the internet about the ministry he had. I'm sure if you messaged him on FB under the FB page Casting Crowns he would be able to give you all that you need to know. Though right now if you didn't know he's battling cancer and just had surgery so you may have to wait awhile till someone can get back to you on that! #prayersformark. I wanted to also tell you that here in my hometown we do have an airsoft ministry lead by a kid named Dylan Zigler who is roughly 23 and carry's an all angels custom L96. He has had some decent success with his!
  7. Just wondered if you posted about each advancements and eachs defeats throughout the day not really points just whos making better efforts.
  8. Will there be up to date status's from the frontline on whats going down at ESR? Im cheering on CoST and would love to be informed on how quickly they are smashing UFS resistance 😉
  9. makes me wonder if creating an powder landmine like that for anti vehicle war far would be something useful for future events
  10. This message is for all CoST forces - "Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak" Sun Su
  11. So i have a question here as well then. Currently my guys are running Multicam Tropic with tropic bball caps. We have yet to find any tropic gear such as chest rigs and assault packs. Is it ok if we run BDU or Ranger gear with Tropic as our base layer?
  12. Anyone use or have any experience with the following: Ares MSR official remmington rifle, AAC-21, or Ashbury ASW338? I'm looking at selling a few guns so I can purchase one for my brother as his field rifle but have hear little about the rifles as far as reviews. Any info will help thanks!
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