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  1. Thanks JP, and honestly I like ACU cause its the Army Combat Uniform, but I will stick with my Woodland BDUs cause they can get the job done!
  2. CAPTAIN CRISMA was given to me by some kids in school cause I was hyper, crazy and well chrismatic. I didn't know how to spell Chrisma back then, and I kept it spelt how it looks today. I am CAPTAIN CRISMA and I am a loyal squad mate.
  3. Well ACU is more green then tan. So if ACU was allowed by Alex and the rest of the AMS Staff, it would most likely fall into CoST hands. But that is just my opnion and my experiance around it.
  4. Okay I have another question, this time not in gear but in weapons. Are mines allowed to be used? Like Powder/water/BB mines? Examples; http://www.evike.com/products/28615/ http://www.evike.com/products/25264/
  5. I am forming a squad this year before I go to any Milsim event. Also cause I just started my job and I have no Vaction time yet, but me and a fellow Coworker and his son will be going next year to the events cause then we will have the time to go.
  6. I live in Texas, and Texas is in CoST territory/The frontline by the American Milsim map.
  7. Thank you all for the Advice and the notes I need for when I can go to a Milsim event. Hope to see you all at an Event. Good luck and Have fun! Oh and I will be working out with the PC and gear once I get it so I can be ready for the Milsims. At least at Waste and Water Department I will get lots of work outs XD
  8. Okay the whole master chief thing was an example. I will never go to a Military Simulator as something straight out of sci fi. I will go in as a Modern soldier. The plate vest I am planning on using is the Phantom Interceptor Modular OTV Body Armor / Vest - Medium (Digital Woodland Marpat), http://www.evike.com/products/39723/(Here is the link if you guys want to see what it looks like). So far it sounds like I need to go recon instead of Heavy infantry.
  9. Understood sir, thank you for Telling me the recent update on the Mesh masks, reload, and to look over the rule set. I was very confused on the gear since when I read the rules, it said Color doesn't matter and that Full seal I protection is needed. So that is why I opened this form to ease or destroy my confusion.
  10. I know, was just making an example XD I will most likely go in as like a heavy rifleman/SSW/HWS Guy so I will be wearing the OD Mesh mask, Helmet and the Big Phantom Body armor in MARPAT decked with tons of ammo so that if lets say my squad is running out of ammo. I can hand them some of my bio degradable BBs while I surrpress/defend/hit areas with Grenades Launcher as they reload. Plus the Halo mask helmets kinda cost 900.00 dollars and if I buy it... Its going on the collection shelf of Halo XD
  11. Okay now I understand the gear set up... I think, Thanks Jazzman for breaking it barney style. And I will try to ask my dad if I can use his old Bollistic goggles. Other then that hope to see you all at a Game
  12. T-Rex, I know that, but I am looking at like what type of Gear. I know the rules only state the Eye protection is a must, but I would like to also know like what gear is allowed. Like for example; Me coming to the CoST in full Master Cheif Armor from Halo, or Come to CoST in USMC MARPAT Light recon body armor and FAST Type helmet with Bolistics goggles. That is what I am asking is what exactly is allowed, cause I would hate to drive 7 hours to an event only to be told, "You are wearing the wrong gear for this Event. Sorry for your trouble, but you can not join this event. Maybe you can join next year or next event, when you have the right gear."
  13. Thank you for telling me this, Rebel, but what exactly can I wear goggle wise with my glasses?
  14. Howdy, I am still doing research on American Milsim and as I am looking around. I notice that no one is asking exactly what is allowed in gear wise. Well I am going to ask the million dollar question. What type of gear is allowed? Helmet, Vest, Mask, ect. Reason why I am asking is cause I am looking at getting a Phantom Interceptor OTV Body Armor, a Striker Helmet Full Face Carbon Steel Mesh Mask Helmet and Emerson FAST Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet w/ Flip-down Visor. If anyone can tell me what is allowed Gear wise will make my day and I can prep the right way.
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