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  1. Well it's what everyone else calls it. I've always thought it looked more like a Mauser.
  2. I've been meaning to post this one for a while. Introducing project DAMOCLES. Though most who've seen it refer to it as the Han Solo pistol. This has been one of my favorite projects despite all the grief it's caused me(this is the m4 I mentioned in my "sticky trigger issues" thread)
  3. So far I've pulled the gun apart 4+ times. Tried three different triggers assembly's, springs, triggers, ect... To no avail. Tried looking for where it's catching obsessively. When the gear box is open it doesn't catch anywhere. If no battery is hooked up it don't stick...only when it has power. It's an aps gearbox and aps trigger. I also tried a g&g, jg, and some unknown trigger assembly's. The gun didn't do this until I pulled it apart the first time, which was unavoidable due to a bearing shattering. I've been working on my own guns since I got into the sport 5 years ago and I'm totally stumped. Ive never had this problem.
  4. So it's been decided a friend and I will be attending BH5 as our first ams event.(our first mil sim event in truth). Unfortunately down 2 from the 3 I was originally supposed to have with me. However my buddy and I still have not decided on which side to register as, at the moment he's leaning CDF and I'm looking at CoST...we need to come to a decision soon though as we will register the same side.
  5. So this is gonna be both mine and a friends first ams event and I'm wondering... We're likely registering on different days, not as a team, but will both register for same side. What is the likelyhood we'll be put on the same squad? We've been going to weekend skirmishes practicing our "buddy" skills and would like to be placed together.
  6. So I have this m4 that the trigger sticks in semi but only with power hooked up. What's up with that? Safety and full auto work fine. The gun works fine except for sticky semi-fire. Anyone dealt with this, any suggestions? Thanks
  7. I did this with a jt paintball tube holder for my p90 mags. Sprayed it with krylon flat black and OD. Most has flaked off over time but it stained it enough that it actually works.
  8. So I had a question, it has probably been asked before, and if it's covered anywhere in the rules I missed it. If I'm at an AMS event and my gun goes down and the only backup I have is for another class,(example being a rifleman but only backup is a sniper) what happens? Will I be allowed to change class or am I just s.o.l.?
  9. They make shells with something other than 30?!?
  10. I have no issues with the mag rule. I've have yet to go to an ams event. The biggest game I've been at saw around 240 total players. And the longest time out in field before returning to fob/staging area was approx 2 hours. i haven't done anything to compare to something like broken home in other words but I must say those fretting over just 7 mags gave me a good chuckle... I've never gone out with more than 5 mags, two 150 rd mid caps and 3 50 rd real caps. And rarely go through more than 3 of those. However, before anyone jumps down my throat, I can definitely understand gbbr users concerns about it considering their mags. I'm intending to attend bh5 this year, but not sure what im bringing yet. My p90 has the right mags but has a semi fire issue. My ak doesn't have the semi fire issue but I'll have to buy mags as I only have hi caps. The resupply rule does concern me, kinda scares me actually. At the same time it's very immersive, very mil sim. The worries about comm breakdowns are a very real concern but again adds to the immersion and mil sim feel. Comms breakdowns and resupply issues have been plaguing military's for centuries, and always will.
  11. Extra battery, extra dead rag, map of the ao if I have one. Allen key set and flat head. Duct tape and a pocket knife.
  12. The Ak is the most recent bit of work, a Frankenstein of 6 different ak's. Gearbox is a stock CYMA 028 Inner barrel and hop up are stock JG's, I forget the model. Motor and selector parts comes from a different JG. Lower receiver, stock, outer barrel,gasblock, front sight and muzzle come from the CYMA. Upper receiver, front grip and rails, and pistol grip come from an unknown ak. And the bolt cover comes from the first airsoft gun I ever owned a crossman pulse 76.( also the only thing left of it that haven't been broken or trashed) The P90 is my baby. It started as a JG KS90. But now... The body is Tokyo Marui, the receiver is the JG's. The gearbox shell is the JG but almost everything inside is Matrix shs upgrade parts, exception to the air nozzle and tappet plate are... Well hell I can't remember the brand... There polycarb and were kinda pricey. The inner barrel is a matrix Prometheus 6.03. Hop up the Angel custom cnc. Finally the but plate is angel custom. The shotgun just happened to be in the picture. It has no modifications. Except for the engraving.
  13. Wow no one has been on this topic in quite a while. But imma gonna post anyways. Here are my rigs
  14. My green rig belt currently has nothing more than a combat knife sheath and an old vn era personal med pouch on it. Though I add my Serpa if I decide to carry my other 1911. My tan belt has a compact pistol holster(for my px4), jt paintball tube pouch(double) for p90 mags, a condor p90 single mag pouch, and a pistol mag pouch(which usually has a speed loader in it.)
  15. Since I have yet too attend a ams event(crossing fingers for BH5)I haven't picked a side. My preference for green camo's would lean me towards cost... But the fact that almost everyone I play and who plan on going to broken home with me use multicam almost exclusively...I'm probably gonna be going UFS. At the moment camo is the only real deciding factor in this.
  16. See this is something that confuses me, I'm always hearing about how gbbr's don't break as much as aeg's, that there more reliable... But when I get out to my local fields more than half the gbbr users are having to borrow or rely on aeg's cause there gbb is leaking or bolt is catching or something. When I went to stockyards just a week ago there was more than 5 guys that rifles were malfunctioning and they were having to rent or borrow from friends. One kid I talked too who had an lm4 said his rifle was greatly fluctuating in fps, shooting anywhere from 100 to 450 fps when he went too chrono. Claimed he just bought it less than 2 months ago. My aeg's almost never break down. My P90 has never had a problem in 4 years of constant use( admittedly I've dropped over $300 in upgrades into it.) So this makes me skeptical of gbbr's reliability... But then again maybe most Oklahoman airsofters just don't know how to properly care for a gbb...
  17. *disclaimer: I can't tell you the name,brand,model of most my gear as it has never been important to me and I don't really pay attention to these things when I buy them.* We'll my setup is by no means complete yet. I started off with an old/used molle vest I got from my local surplus store. I liked it well enough but it lacked protection, being a cqb guy this is important, and it had a lot of frayed edges and looked kinda trashy...of course taking and mounting just any hand-me-down pouch/ holster I could get my hands on, from tan to digi marpat to 3 color desert on a green vest didn't help much. About two years ago I traded it back to that store for a new rig. A modular chest set, made by condor I believe. Has built in AR mag pouches and hydration pack. I've added a couple pouches ect to it and am happy with it. My biggest gripes, no matter how I adjust it it makes some noise when running and it's slow to donn or remove. I currently wear my ranger vest under it for the shotgun shell holders and utility pouches.
  18. I run a utc tri-burst at my local cqb field to great effect. Got 5 shells for it. I've used it in outdoor play a couple times as well usually for suppression fire thanks to its slam-fire capability. Most of my local outdoor fields have dense forests or lots of small, close knit barricades/structures that reduce engagement distance to cqb ranges. So while a shotty isn't ideal for every locale, if used wisely it can be quite effective. I haven't been to an ams event yet hoping to make broken home this year my first, from what I've heard about the area I'm not gonna have much use for it but you can bet you'll see me carrying it regardless.
  19. Well it was about 5 years ago now that a couple of friends introduced me to airsoft. We still play together when we can, but work schedules sometimes conflict... So I got four of my co-workers into it. The five of us are going to a skirmish this Saturday. Will be the first time for two, although one has played paintball before. The other two are already getting serious and wanting to form a team!
  20. I run both. My cqb/green kit is a plate carrier rig with built in mag pouches and hydration pouch, and my uncles old battle belt from Vietnam with leg drop holster and med pouch. My recon/tan rig is a multicam battle belt with mag pouches and lite assault pack( which recently replaced the harness I was using.) I haven't used this new set up in battle yet...gonna be going to skirmish this weekend though so we'll see how it works.
  21. I'm using quarter inch cardboard panels for dummy plates. Super light and thanks to my rigs Kevlar they don't get damaged.
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