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  1. JP, Will you move me to the UFS LRRPS roster.
  2. I got my phone back Saturday. I think this one is a different one. Thanks though.
  3. It's been found. Thanks to whoever turned it in.
  4. Weather is down to 30% for scattered thunderstorms on Saturday.
  5. It's not flooded at this time.
  6. Ya. I will keep my Ranger Forces Special Delta Recon Patches at the casa! LOL
  7. Seneca, MO is 15 minutes away. They have a grocery store, sonic, dairy queen and a gas station. Also the Casino has 4 restaurants...if they run out.
  8. Just to avoid conflict I will leave em off. Thanks gents!
  9. If I choose to wear rank, badges or patches on my uniform is it true I may need to provide verification. I mean I get it if that's the case. But I'm not gonna roll around all weekend with DOD forms in my pocket.
  10. It's just 22 weeks long bro...trust me you won't wanna do two more weeks!
  11. When will you be open for business sir?
  12. I live in Wyandotte and have been keeping an eye on the weather for next weekend. It looks like it's gonna rain. There is a 60% chance right now. I'm ok with this! Besides not seeing out of goggles it's a lot of fun but was curious if we're gonna drive on rain or shine or if there is some type of incliment weather plan, etc....?
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