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  1. If you show up with two crossed bandoliers of shotgun shells and a fucking sombrero, you will be my hero.
  2. Hello, we have two teammates who are minors. I have looked all over and can't seem to find the specific age restrictions for Op:34. Will they be able to attend, or is this event an 18+ only one? Thank you, Lima Zulu
  3. Just saw the video. Welp, crud. That totally blows. My team made a pretty big financial investment into doing the trip from WI to NM. Drug deals were made with employers to get off of work, etc... Heck. Some of our newer members spent a ton of money on upgrading gear and guns for this event. The video states that people who already pre-registered for this event will get 50% off their tickets to the September event. Are they being refunded in full in the meantime?
  4. Is Copperhead sold out already, or is there a problem with Ticketbud or something? I went to purchase tickets for me and the wife this morning and it says that "No tickets are Available". It doesn't say "Sold Out" like Ironhorse, though. There were over a hundred tickets left for UFS when I checked a couple days ago! I hope I didn't miss out. I was waiting on purchasing them until I found out for sure if I could go, cause we have been having paramedic staffing problems in Milwaukee, but they just finally lifted our mandatory overtime requirements this week. Thank you, LZ Hyena Squad
  5. Just a couple cents from someone who was on UFS and did multiple runs in the Uhaul: It was a giant white and orange target. It got killed constantly. It was unarmed. We all died... a lot, and had to turn around and respawn before we even made it to our objectives. I fail to see how that is unrealistic. My assumption, from an immersion/LARPy standpoint, would be that we were paratroopers, or something, who requisitioned/stole that vehicle. In practice, we really used it less for assaults and more for hauling casualties back from respawn to the front lines to get them back to their units. Also, for the record, I spent much of my first tour in Iraq with the 101st Airborne doing convoy security in Mosul for other units. Our vehicles consisted of soft humvees, soft LMTVs, and little white Nissan and Toyota SUVs and pickups. We took the canvas doors off of the tactical vehicles, because they offered zero protection and hindered visibility, and put sandbags and hillbilly scrap armor on the backs. After a while, we realized that there was no real advantage to being in a tactical vehicle over a Nissan or Toyota. In fact, it was kind of preferable to be in the civvie vehicles on a convoy, because you were small, fast, and had A/C. Bear in mind that this was in 2003, when we were in such a state that we didn't even have enough SAPI plates for everyone, so we took turns with the spares, and whoever was a gunner on a convoy always got a set. Some of our guys had Vietnam era flak vests, too. But enough of that. I am not one to complain in an AAR without a solution to offer. Here is a rule suggestion: There are two types of vehicles. NTVs, and Military. An NTV is a Non-Tactical-Vehicle. This includes cars, pickups, SUVs, and civilian trucks/vans. An NTV is a vehicle that has been pressed into military service out of necessity, but was not designed for the purpose. An NTV is destroyed by a single rocket hit from any approved launcher, and all crew and passengers are killed in the explosion. A red flag signifies the destruction of the vehicle. A Military vehicle is any vehicle that was made for military use, or significantly retrofitted/armored for service in battle. A Military vehicle is disabled for five minutes if hit by a single rocket from any approved launcher, but the crew and passengers are unharmed. A white flag signifies the vehicle is disabled. A second rocket hit from an approved launcher destroys the military vehicle, and kills any crew and passengers still inside. A red flag signifies the destruction of the vehicle. If the military vehicle is not hit a second time within five minutes of the first hit, it returns to action, and is considered fully operational/"good as new". These rules give a significant advantage to anyone with a REAL military vehicle, or to anyone who has put a lot of time and effort into armoring up their milsim vehicle/building turrets etc..., without completely excluding civilian vehicles.
  6. The full auto ability is the only benefit that SAW gunners get in exchange for carrying a heavy ass piece of hardware and having engagement distance restrictions. As an event organizer, myself, I can say that switching to semi-only for riflemen has earned nothing but praise in my local community. Being a SAW gunner is actually WORTH it, now. The extra 50 FPS doesn't really do anything but help accommodate the fact that some support weapons/LMGs shoot a little over 400 FPS, stock, new from the factory. Personally, mine shoots around 350, but she is quite well broken in.
  7. Dude, if you like your shotgun, bring it. It will be great for clearing buildings and airsoft is all about having fun. That said, I would recommend getting a scabbard for it and wearing it on your back as a secondary. I rolled with my grenade launcher on my back at Copperhead just because it was cooler and more fun to draw it off my back than to attach it to my primary (Heck. I even killed the Evike Humvee with it). I'm out of the Army. I'm done with being told how to do stuff, and dammit, I'm going to have fun at an event if I'm paying $180.00 and driving 25 hrs to be there! That's why I ran with my indoor gun at a largely outdoor venue. She's my favorite gun. Plain and simple. Would I have been more effective if I had run with my outdoor gun that has better range? Yeah. Probably. Maybe. I don't know, but I love my Galil SAR, and I promised her I'd take her to Copperhead! If your buddy can hook you up with a used AEG to run as a primary, and it is RELIABLE, then go for it. Otherwise, there are CYMA AKs and G&G M4s out there that are between $100-200.00 and work just fine, stock, out of the box. No, they are not amazing AEGs by any means, but they work, and they have a reputation for being reliable. Anyway, do what you WANT to do. If you want to cut the sleeves off of a jacket, wrap yourself in belted dummy rounds, and run around with an M60 tucked under one arm, wearing a graffiti covered steel pot helmet, go live that dream. That's what airsoft is all about. Trust me. I learned the hard way. For years, I let myself get pressured into taking command and leadership roles at Milsim events, because everyone knew I was an Iraq vet NCO. The events stopped being fun, and started being stressful. It almost killed my love of the sport, so last year I flatly refused to be anything other than Pvt. Joe Infantryman at every event I attended. I got to kill vehicles as a grenadier, clear buildings as a rifleman, and mow people down as a SAW gunner. (I refuse to play medic, though, because my IRL civilian job is Paramedic!) It was the best airsoft season I have had in years.
  8. Friendly reminder to everyone to pack a box of grid squares with your admin stuff. Without them, you will not be able to use this map to its fullest potential. See you on the field.
  9. As an event organizer myself, I can say that the real reason there are few airsoft events that use ACU/UCP is that it is an ambiguous color from an IFF standpoint. It's kind of greyish, but also greenish, but sort of tan. From a distance, it is just as easily mistakable for tan or green. It was such a problem at one local event that I attended (as a player, not staff) that the organizers had to armband the ACU wearing players at lunch break. The only large event I know of that uses it as a faction approved pattern is one that specifically places Rangers against militia. The Rangers wear either ACU or Multicam, and the militia cannot wear any camo and must be in civilian clothes that are neither OD or Khaki. Because of the huge difference in clothing and appearance, the pattern's ambiguity obviously does not cause issues at that event.
  10. Do your events use standard USGS 10 digit grid for AO maps, or do you make up your own maps and coordinates?
  11. Iraq Veteran, 101st Airborne Div (AASLT) 03-04 Mosul, 05-06 Tikrit

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