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  1. I signed up as E-10 and I wanted to know if Atacs-AUX would be counted as Atacs-AU since it’s the second iteration of Atacs-AU
  2. Is it ok to use a woodland camo combat shirt and ranger green bud pants?
  3. Hey guys, I was wondering if the new Velum grenades from TAG are under consideration for legality in American Milsim games, or are they already legal? I haven't seen anything in the rulebooks about them being legal or illegal, and since some of TAG's other products (Archangel, Reaper, R2BS) are already legal, I wanted to know if they are just automatically legal since they are from the same people. http://airsoftpyrotechnics.com/component/virtuemart/velum-smoke-grenade-detail#.VoGTrjbRvEY
  4. I read the rules about chrono and I'm using a p* which the hop up would be completely turned off to do this as the rules say, after we chrono will there be an area where we can readjust our hop up and/or sight in our guns before the operations begin?
  5. Hello, my name is Mario, callsign Gekkouga (it's the Japanese name for Greninja, a pokemon, yeah I still play pokemon hehe) living in the heat of Phoenix and have been an airsofter for about 5 years but I never had a chance to do a large Milsim event, first one is going to be Copperhead and I can't wait.
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