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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from John Black in Pin out for U283 6 pin to kenwood/ baofeng   
    Alrighty guys so after months of searching for a pin out to repair my emerson adapter, I came up utterly empty.
    So I paid another $30 and got a new one to trace its pinout, So here we have it and you can now make your own too..... without the hours of burning yourself and getting angry.
    Feel free to share this where ever you want,I just ask you don't remove my contacts from it as I did put alot of time into making this and verifying it's functioning.
    Thank you

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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from U.A.T. in Blank Firing Grenades   
    As a distributer I'm sure you know BFGs come with the understanding that you are MIL/LE or some other trained responsible person who knows how to safely load and use these things and not deafen or otherwise hurt someone because you decided to use something you are not trained for.
    We are a pretty trusting bunch but trusting the joe dirts of the world not to blow out our eardrums or throw one of these into our face because he wanted to be Opuradurr or worse if he modded it for stronger loads like I've heard of people doing is a bit iffy. 
    a bit of topic but downs post reminded me of how fast the ATF jumped on those old school Western Arms m4 lowers once they figured out they worked on real uppers  .
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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from Gunfather6 in Shamless plug for YouTube Channel   
    Good shit man, subbed.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Downs in Shamless plug for YouTube Channel   
    Subbed.  I grew up shooting real stuff, started playing airsoft a few years after I joined the Marine Corps.  Played on and off over the years never really been a "regular" player other than a few times though the years but mostly get out to a handful or two of games a year.  Been looking at getting into it more again but life keeps getting in the way. 
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Gunfather6 in Shamless plug for YouTube Channel   
    Hey Everyone,
    I am sure several of you know me even though I have not attended an AMS event for a few years.  Unfortunately work and family make those weekend road trips impractical at the moment.  For those of you who do not know me my name is Rob.  My airsoft call sign is Gunfather but most people just call me Rob.  I am a 16 year Omaha Police officer, SWAT since 2009 and SWAT sniper since 2016.  I am an avid firearms enthusiast and trainer.  This is not to say I am the "King Shit of Tactical Fuck Mountain", just establishing a little bit of credibility.  Having said that I never served in the armed forces.  I have a lot of real steel small arms training but it is all in a SWAT context.  I am still a game organizer for the Omaha area and host about one game a month during the season.  A few years ago I started a YouTube channel, Gunfather Milsim, as a hobby but more recently I am trying to get more serious about it.  I currently have 249 subscribers (which is shit of course) but I am hoping to start getting some more traction in the community.  I make videos about tactics, gear/gun reviews, airsoft/milsim discussion and real steel.  I have some older game play videos but I stopped doing them as they require a lot of editing to produce and they are not that entertaining.  The goal of my channel is to bridge the gap between the real steel community and the airsoft/milsim community.  Its something I am passionate about and would appreciate any support I can get from this community.  So please stop by and watch a few videos.  If you like what you see please subscribe.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to The Rick in Rooftops   
    The only roofs in use last year was #77 and #66.  THIS YEAR they will be OUT OF PLAY.  Sorry boys no highrise sniping.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to TheJP in Number of main guns limited?   
    Observe the mag limit for each type of weapon. You can be a SSW or HWS w/ a secondary assault rifle.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to FPS in Coalition Forces on the move as Federals Withdrawl   
    Coalition Forces on the move as Federals Withdrawl

    Wes Mantooth – FNN


    Coalition forces have advanced over 450 miles through the former UFS offensive positions in Northern Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Coalition 36th ID is closely pursuing the Federals as they move back to bolster their weak defensive lines. This May will mark the sixth year of Federal occupation in Oklahoma. 


    Speaking at a Memorial ceremony in Dallas, TX Commander William Bonum had the following words of inspiration:


    "We are changing the dynamic, we [CoST] understands that this war must come to an end. The people of this great country have endured half a decade of hardships supporting an "oligarchy" instead of a legitimate government. The Federal government is in such a weak and morally corrupt state, they have allowed European soldiers on American soil. I promise you the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. The Coalition government has fostered an excellent plan of recruiting and training the beta and the brightest for service! Not only to help fight the Federals but to help rebuild this great country. Regardless of what side of the line you are on we are still all brothers and sisters of America. We [CoST] look to mend that broken union in the next 18-24 months."


    The Coalition looks to press the offensive and punch through Federal lines this spring and summer. CoST planners look to create a large enough bulge in the Federal lines to allow a break out prior to the winter months. Will Coalition plans succeed? Only time will tell. 

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    TimmyHorton reacted to TheJP in Product Showcase for OP 34 II   
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    TimmyHorton reacted to TheJP in Storyline of AMS   
    We are overhauling the site to make updating the storyline much easier for staff to update as well as people to read.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to The Rick in **Safety Briefings**   
    There will no longer be Safety "Rules" Briefing at American Milsim events.  The ruleset is published online and encourage you to read and understand what you are signing up for.  At the morning formation with both factions we will touch on need to know safety hazards, rule changes for the event specific and of course remind you about full seal, ace bandages etc.
    We plan to keep this short and sweet followed by a final rally at your FOB to touch on the Mission Brief for those that did not make the Friday faction meeting.
    I blame Bo for the 2343234 briefings some of you have been to.  This concludes your final AMS classroom power point safety briefing. 
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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from The Rick in Schedule of event and additional information?   
    I saw a post on facebook ufs group saying the roster should be out this week or early next week for UFS at least. As far as breaks there are non only endex or ones you take on your own time
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    TimmyHorton reacted to TheJP in Schedule of event and additional information?   
    Schedule is literally pending, should be posted in next 48 hours. Will closely resemble last years which you can find in the OP archive for 34.
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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from TheJP in Looking for info on support weapons   
    The krytac lmg is good to go for AMS.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to XA Adan in *** XTREME AIRSOFT Pre-orders are open ***   
    Hey guys!
    We are PUMPED for 34 II!! Pre-orders are open online now, so get your order in before cut off! Pre-orders will close on April 24th!
    We will have bio BBs, pyro grenades, smoke, LBX gear and uniforms, AEGs, GBB pistols, tracer units, optics, magazines, eye and face protection, comms equipment, bandages, red lights, and more!
    If anyone has any questions just post them here!
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Alex AMS in AMS Ruleset Amendments for OP 34 (2)   
    We are going to try out a couple of rule changes specific to the OP 34 AO.  With the size of the AO being so small, we are going to tighten up on some of the ammo restrictions.  This is not a permanent change to the AMS ruleset, but a temp change taking into account the size of the AO.  Occasionally we will tweak small things in game dynamics with the hope that it will have an overall positive result.  In this case offering a little more movement around the AO for the players.
    Rifleman, Snipers, and DMR's are restricted to 5 magazines
    SSW's are restricted to 1 Box mag
    3 frags/bangers may be carried on your person
    4 grenade rounds/M203 rounds may be carried on your person
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Alex AMS in AMS Ruleset Amendments for OP 34 (2)   
    I like your attitude.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Cirrus in AMS Ruleset Amendments for OP 34 (2)   
    Good, that will free up some space on my kit.
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    TimmyHorton reacted in Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?   
    Timmy is correct. ^^^
    It has always been difficult to determine kill radius outdoors regardless as the sound of a thunder b carries a decent distance and it's easy to visual miss a grenade thrown at you or where it landed in relation to your position when trees, brush, etc are at play.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Sabre in KWA NOT SEMI-AUTO-ING!   
    Order a cutoff lever for a version 2 gearbox. Cost is maby $2.00. The shipping will probably be more than the part.
    I agree with the guys above - most likely the cutoff lever is being raised on the first semi shot, but it stays up (probably
    sticking) and this will cause the gun to shoot full auto until you release the trigger. You will need this fixed before you
    attend any AMS events cause for some stupid reason AMS believes we can't control our bursts and requires us
    troopies to shoot semi for all AEGs.
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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from Sabre in KWA NOT SEMI-AUTO-ING!   
    Not a huge problem at all ,it sounds like your cut off lever is worn out all you need is to buy another  one and take it to a Tech  over at SS in atlanta if you don't feel comfortable taking it down yourself. 
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    TimmyHorton got a reaction from Cirrus in Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?   
    Inside (any structure having 4 walls)sound grenades will kill you if you are within the 15 foot kill radius and are not behind HARD cover, outside however sound grenades are useless as you must be struck by a bb or pea/clay pellet from a grenade like tornado,cyclone,pea,enola's clay remake,thunder b with bbs etc... for it to count as a kill.
    Heres the rule set with everything down to smokes.
    A. OUTSIDE All simulated explosives used I.E. Tornado grenade must detonate and cause a BB strike to eliminate a player.
    B. INSIDE All simulated explosives used must simply detonate within 15 feet to eliminate a player.  A BB strike is NOT needed inside.  “Inside†is defined as having four (4) walls and does not have to have overhead cover. 
    C. All player grenades must be thrown under arm, this is to prevent injury.
    D. Any Pneumatic/Gas grenades that require CO2 or Green Gas/Propane are allowed.
    E. Please see below list for approved pyro grenades.
    F. Rockets fired by a HWS will have a 15ft kill radius from initial impact.
    G. Rockets fired by a HWS are only effective on structures if they hit INSIDE the structure itself.
    H. Rockets fired by a HWS effectively disable all Vehicles but does not kill its occupants unless impacted inside the cab.
    I. Players may use any “name brand†airsoft grenade (Escort, AI, etc...). No modified grenades are allowed.
    J. Ricochets from player thrown grenades is treated as fragmentation and will count as a hit.
    K. Thunder B's will be counted as a "grenade" when used as a suicide device with a lethal kill radius of 15 feet (must detonate).
    L. Suicide vests have a lethal radius of 12  feet and are triggered by the player simply displaying the device.
    M. Any suicide device must be TRIGGERED prior to being shot or captured for search.
    N. No explosives, open flame or hot burning smoke will be allowed for fire hazard/safety reasons.
    O. Smoke may not be used inside of buildings.
    P. No blank firing devices.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to MrCODAddiction in Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?   
    Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?
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    TimmyHorton reacted to Cirrus in Do Enola Gaye Flash Grenades Count as kills or just distraction?   
    Generally any sound grenade is a kill if it is thrown in a room and the enemy has A. No cover and B. Is within the kill radius. If a sound grenade is thrown outside it is only a distraction.
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    TimmyHorton reacted to TheJP in Event Ticket Price Increases   
    I always see these types of posts after there is a price increase... Let me try and help bring some transparency.
    When we typically raise event pricing because a good or service price has increased, i.e. cost to lease AO, event insurance (Which always increases every year) and hard-goods (costs of patches, etc...).
    Keep in mind what you receive as a player at OBH and almost all AMS events vs others in the industry:
    The Event itself with a professional staff that is PAID not volunteer.  Event PVC patch Event VET PVC patch Event T-Shirt (OBH only) Faction Patch (embroidered) (OBH only) Faction Stickers Event Raffle ticket (to which I'd argue are the best raffles in the industry)  
    Understand we try and keep our events as cost effective as possible and never look to gouge our customers. Also, keep in mind we (AMS owners) are all players first -- but costs change from time to time and we have to keep pace with them. 
    To help players afford AMS events we do have a few programs which to my knowledge are industry firsts and the only ones in existence on a permanent basis...
    1. We offer the Support Staff role to help minimize the cost for players that maybe can't afford an event. For work 4-7 hours after the event helping the AMS staff you get a 75% refund + a Support Staff PVC Patch!  
    2. We also offer a Black Card membership that reduces all ticketing by 20% and 20% off the AMS store and Free HPA Air Fills not to mention the Friday night dinner. DO a little math and you can see if pays for itself after 4 events or even 3 of the more expensive AMS events (GTI, CH and IH).
    Hope this helps shed some light on the price change and how to mitigate it if needed.
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