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  1. I'll have this with me at Broken Home.
  2. I'll have this with me at Broken Home.
  3. Unfortunately I will not. But being located in OKC even standard shipping will get an item just about anywhere state side in 3 days.
  4. GoPro Hero 3 Case (Dremel modified to allow the power cable through the side into the camera) $20 *Updated 2/17/17 1418CST*
  5. Tokyo Marui SOCOM 16 Stock internals. Paypal only $200 Some wear to the polymer stock sand stone texture. Cracked on top of the stock near the butt. I'll include all of the magazines that I have for it. I'm not listing them as part of the sale because honestly most of them are junk and I may chuck a few that are not worth the cost to ship them.
  6. WTS Ares Tavor 21 w/ MARS sight. Stock Internals MARS sight and laser in working condition. Asking $300 Paypal only. Some small wear on the paint of the MARS sight
  7. There is a road into the AO that has flooded in the past. Its about 2 miles outside of the park, but if we see it flooded, or hear about it being flooded well post up the information on the forums.
  8. Don't go around slitting "wounded" players throats ya barbarian.
  9. I know with the GoPro the size of the SD card isnt the issue (For the newer ones) it the type. High definition cameras need a speed rating minimum of Class 10. (EDIT) I found this on the official contour web page. http://help.contour.com/customer/portal/articles/278182-what-microsd-cards-will-work-with-my-camera- Long story short 64gb SD cards will not work with any of the following Contour Cameras. ContourROAM2, ContourGPS, Contour+, ContourROAM, and Contour+2, ContourHD 1080p, or ContourHD 720p. All of them save for the Contour HD 720p camera can only use up to 32GB cards. The 720 can only use 16GB cards. Side note (*SanDisk Ultra cards are ONLY compatible with the ContourROAM, ContourROAM2 and Contour+2 cameras using the latest firmware.)
  10. Had something like this for Bulldog a few years ago. It was amazing. http://www.boatandrvaccessories.com/a037.html?cmp=googleproducts&kw=a037 If nothing else lock it to the on position, point it at the enemy, and walk away. The amount of fire it will draw is amazing.
  11. You can always try the flower pot radient space heater. I don't know how well it will work in a tent, but its a cheep way to heat a small space. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzKbFzUEWkA
  12. Hey Metal, The short answer is the helo will only fly when the pilot deems it safe to do so. That being said, Torrential Rain, Hail, and local lightning will obviously ground the bird. Right now we can only cross our fingers and hope for decent weather.
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