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  1. Rdmaul

    DAMs gear prep

    The Alpha teams are usually the Recon team so you would need a few more items for the DAM. I am signed up for Delta for CH3 and for Blacksite and we are the breacher team. NODS are not required but HIGHLY advised for the DAMs in general
  2. Been going to AMS stuff for awhile now, we typically fly out on thursday to airport closest to event, then we fly home on monday to give us some breathing room after event is over on sunday. So for Blacksite we are flying into Atlanta and driving down to the OP.
  3. Rdmaul

    AO size?

    Always blows my mind when dudes who live in the desert go green LOL.....DT6 Silver will be there with 10+ dudes for UFS with a couple special guests
  4. Please change TF Jeger to TF Jaeger.....correct spelling
  5. First AMS event tickets purchased coming from AZ for this
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