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  1. Frontline will have 2 SAWs and a launcher.
  2. Are there any vehicles in play at Rebel Yell? Trying to determine if I need to bring our launcher to disable vehicles.
  3. My two Echo M249s, one original, one upgraded for CQB. Added upper and lower rails, rail on feed cover, short bipod, sling attachment, ranger stock, fore grip, and the small box mags. The small MAG and Classic Army box mags are a nice upgrade for CQB. MAG holds 2500 and Classic Army holds 1500.
  4. for CDF is a black t-shirt allowed? Is a black ball cap allowed?
  5. Missing the rip away portion of my Condor MOLLE Ready Rip-Away EMT pouch - OD Green
  6. Similar to asking do you want a Dos Equis Amber or Lager? Depends tacos or fajitas? Is whatever works best for you, your role and the particular event. Get something that is adaptable, that can be changed to fit the mission/event and that you are comfortable wearing for 8-10 hours straight. Oh yeah, then there's the tacticoolness factor ...
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  8. You should primarily worry about yourself, you can only carry 5,000 rounds on your body at any given time and can only reload at aid stations. If you only have one box magazine then you should carry M4 magazines, high capacity are allowed for SSW, with the excess rounds that don't fit in your box magazine. Our SSW1 carries two 2,500 round box mags, SSW2 carries one 2,500 round box mag, one 1,500 round box mag and one 850 round M4 mag. You should have a backup for everything in my opinion, if not on your body then in your team bag at the main aid station. Short bursts...
  9. Rule says that SSWs may use winding high-capacity with no more than 5,000 rounds in magazines OR may carry 2 box magazines. Does this mean that you can have 2 box magazines on your body plus the magazine attached to the weapon for a total of 3 or one on your body and one on the weapon for total of 2? I usually carry 1 850 round high capacity M4 magazine as my backup to my backup, can I carry this in addition to the box magazines? Is the 5,000 round limit only applicable if you are using winding high-capacity or does it apply to box magazines as well?
  10. And, most importantly, make sure you have a backup!
  11. Things to check : 1. Make sure the Mag is fully seated in the well, after I insert I always have to give the mag an extra push to make sure it is fully seated. 2. Like someone else said, make sure the box mag is fully wound, turn it onto manual and let it run until it clicks. 3. Had one box mag where the release switch that gets pushed back was not moving so the BBs could not feed into the chamber. 4. The feed tube which is made of a coiled spring can get jacked up if you stretch it to far, inspect it for any "dents". Also, open op the mag ( not the box ) itself and make sure the top part of the feed tube is seated properly in the mag. If the feed tube gets stretched it can pull out of the spot where it sits in the mag. 5. If a BB gets jammed in the box mag it will click repeatedly like it's fully wound but won't feed. You need to get the offending BB removed and get the gears to release and unwind the stuck spring.
  12. Would like to know as well, specifically the Archangel Impact Activated Launching Projectile.
  13. Day One Highlights - COST 3/2 - Frontline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jjKwEVbQqE
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