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  1. Comes with 6 mags and original box. Used in a few games and for a little bit of training. 400 firm for gun with magazines. Gun retails for 470. Mags run 50 to 60 a piece. DOES NOT COME WITH OPTIC.
  2. Please do a little bit of self education on the BAOFENGs before grabbing it and using it. It's very important to stay off of public safety frequencies.
  3. SO, DVM no longer exists. In fact I never got my Kydex holster from them and I have no one to get my money back from. I've been out of airsoft for a bit now and am looking to get back into it, so went looking for a Kydex baofeng holster and found one here. I ordered two different versions one for the extended battery for my gear and one for the regular battery that can be belt worn on a regular belt using a paddle holster type attachment. I'll report on them when I get them in. https://www.mckydex.com/messenger-radio-carrier/
  4. Probably not as AMS related anymore since they switched to Itinerant frequencies but there's been some significant changes to the FRS/GMRS bands as far as rules and regs from a changing of frequencies to help clear up the confusing FRS/GMRS shared frequencies. For FRS anyway GMRS is still kind of complicated when talking about the repeater frequencies, and an increase in power for SOME but not all FRS frequencies from .5 to 2 watts. Quite a significant increase in transmit power allotment. A quadruple increase in transmit power all other things being equal theoretically results in a double increase in range. This power increase puts it in MURS territory as far as allotted legal power output. Now on the Baofeng import restrictions. These changes are also supposed to restrict the import of radios that are capable of operating in the FRS band unless approved for those bands. The Baofengs on the market aren't certified for use on FRS freqs but are capable of operating on that band even without computer programming. Basically with the new rules unless importers are going to be willing to software or hardware restrict the radios to HAM only bands they may or will be restricted from import in a little over a year. Here's some links that can probably explain it a bit better than I just have haha. http://codegreenprep.com/2017/11/new-fcc-regulations-frs-gmrs-radios/ Frequency changes http://codegreenprep.com/2017/11/new-2017-frs-gmrs-radio-frequencies/
  5. Welcome from South Dallas. Soon to be Greenville.
  6. Wow been over a year since I posted this. This isn't the company I was working with that whole deal kind of fell apart but there is a company that now makes a kydex holster for both the UV-5R and the UV-82. http://dvmusa.com/new-products/kydex-baofeng-radio-holster
  7. I really need to get a pair of those haha. I use ESS goggles modified to hook directly to my helmet's ARC rails, and usually use FogTech wipes before each game. It keeps the goggles clear in all but the worst conditions but the Turbofans would be way better. Do the "asianfits" you linked fit as well or better than the standard profiles?
  8. Subbed. I grew up shooting real stuff, started playing airsoft a few years after I joined the Marine Corps. Played on and off over the years never really been a "regular" player other than a few times though the years but mostly get out to a handful or two of games a year. Been looking at getting into it more again but life keeps getting in the way.
  9. I love running my LM4. But the magazines are real weight so if I wanted to carry 14 magazines I'd be carrying about 14 lbs just in magazines. I carry 6. One in the gun 5 on my gear. You certainly have to pick and choose what you shoot at. With AMS rules it does make it kind of a pain to stay loaded up but not undoable. I played a Lion Claws event once (on Pendelton when I was still stationed on Miramar) and carried spare bbs/gas in my backpack and during my bleedout times I'd be stuffing and regassing mags. I was able to still play effectively even then. I've seriously considered selling my LM4 now and picking up a GHK AUG A3 GBBR so I can replicate my real AUG. I'd still have the same problems lol but would have a unique setup.
  10. The power output of the BF-888 is half what a UV-5R is regardless of what the ad says on Amazon. I've tested my batch of BF-888s and they all do about 2 to 2.5 watts across the UHF band, and changing the Tx power setting in CHIRP made no difference in my testing across 4 of them. The UV-5R is advertised at 4 watts but all of my UV-5Rs put out 4.5 to 6 watts depending on what part of the bands you are in. The 888 is still a good radio though I've got a bunch of them. If you want a dual band radio with a top mounted channel knob check out the Baofeng UV-B5. Is basically a UV-5R with a different external case and a top mounted channel knob. https://www.amazon.com/Baofeng-Newest-Walkie-Talkie-5-watt/dp/B00BLORPGG/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1497126900&sr=8-2&keywords=UV-B5
  11. Most pistols are shooting almost as hot and sometimes hotter than AEGs so pulling a pistol sub 20 feet seems to be a wash to me. Also being "milsim" no one is going to be yanking their pistol in "real life" just because they are closer than 20 feet to someone. I agree with those above. It sucks you got injured but that is a risk you accepted when you chose not to wear lower face pro. And it's one of the reasons I wear mesh lower face pro no matter how hot it is. I would love to see more places drop the MED for typical "rifleman" type AEGs, GBBs.
  12. If you're still in the Navy take the googles to your Flight E shop and have them cut and sew the straps around the ARC rail attachments. I was flight e and Iregullarly used the Flight E Sewing Machine to mod gear.
  13. Unless you hate your Wallet anyway. They make good headsets but I have serious issues with their pricing scheme on some things. Example they take some chinese radios (which are fine radios) and then double or triple the price on them. Their "RH-5R" is a rebadged Baofeng UV-5R at almost triple the cost. You can get UV-5Rs on Amazon all day for 28 dollars a pop, RR sells them for 85 dollars. Their RM-25R is a rebadged chinese radio (again not a bad radio) that sells for 100 to 114 dollars on Amazon, RR sells it for 210 dollars. Lets not even get started on their pricing on accessories for the Baofeng Handhelds. Their RM-60 and RM-45 radios that are single band are sold as a dual bander on Amazon for 160 dollars. They charge 300 and 400 dollars for their single band rebadged units. I get everyone needs to make a profit but they're gouging people's eyes out and not even offering a few aspirin to help with the pain. They just prey on most peoples lack of radio knowledge. The ONLY thing I send people to RR for is their in helmet wiring harness for the Baofengs and Kenwoods. It's 200 dollars but one of the few wired options that actually functions out there. And I still try to steer people towards bluetooth instead. I've been trying for a long time to steer motorcyclists away from them but people still flock to them
  14. It'll be fine. Recoil on the LM4 is about .22LR level maybe a tiny bit less. Pretty much anything survives on .22LR AR conversions and factory .22LRs.
  15. DAPS Steel Match at ELM FORK 2 Nov 2016
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