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  1. Despite the post that everyone made hating IRON CLAD, I thought it was one of the best events I have even been to. I stayed to after midnight cleaning so I know what these guys do just to make the customers happy. The ONLY problem I had at the even't (i hope to god who ever has the footage posts it.) I didn't kill a person becuase he had on a Contour camera. it has TWO bright RED lights on it. RED LIGHT = DEAD PERSON. PERIOD. twice I didn't shoot at persons because of their camera, one person even thought the guy was cheating. He hasn't but he was in the way he had a RED light on him. I think these cameras need to be covered or turned off. I want your guys input. I mean come on at least tape them up.
  2. the adjustments are in the front two pockets.
  3. Missing, One Krill Light. One wallet, mine. REWARD FOR WALLET.
  4. Funny, didn't see the 5 page shit talking thread get locked? Just saying. And time for me to get bad to life. Thanks to all the player who made this happen. Green tan, who the f*** ever. As long as you play with honor your OK by me. Win lose, what ever. Just be accountable for you own shit, and don't lay blame to cover fault. I got killed to death more than once. and BTW we played CDF under CoST last year.
  5. Uh, no i didn't. nor did i see any one doing this, except the green trucks. Myself and one of what i was told was command staff watched it happen. Even if the green truck did violate the rule it really wouldn't have changed much. My vehicle was NEVER hit with a rocket, not in the whole event, hell only one was even shot at me and it missed by a mile. I was in a buggy.
  6. BTW just to clear this up, OUR WINDOW ARE PINNED UP. The rule we where given is this: 5. If occupants engauge from PoV windows then ALL windows BUT DRIVERS must be rolled down and remain down. Witch means we NEVER engaged from the POV's windows. The window are sealed up. So we followed the rules. We engaged from the REAR gun ports, witch on a REAR LAV or the like would be sealed also. Basically we read this as "someone can't roll down a window and shot out then role it back up". ALSO staff ok'ed the truck before hand, and they have been at many events before. NO REASON to claim cheating. ​Do you see why we wanted clarification? So all this talk of what rules we violated and cheated is a big of stretch.
  7. agreed, But you brought up the ECR trucks you didn't bring up the ones your sides was guilty of, you sure didn't bring up your sides you saw. I corrected actions I saw wrong on my side when i could, I saw a tan guy try and get a non medic heal him because we only had 4 guy so in him mind we where a squad and could appoint a medic, not true. I even got questions as to my legal actions twice. Both times I was personally right. Hell I drove in a buggy with NO windows, Hell it is the MOST open vehicle in the game. at EVERY encounter I died in the end, for the most part. Saying a action was wrong but ignoring your sides own actions is just as bad. Our truck windows where PINNED UP. made that way to safety. The trucks where approved by STAFF before we played. WE OFFER TO BREAK THE WINDOWS OUT IF NEED BE. We offered to give one truck to COST if need be. What more do you want?
  8. From the rule set and reiterated during the safety briefing. 5. If occupants engage from POV windows then ALL WINDOWS BUT DRIVERS must be rolled down and remain down. J. Only shoulder launched rockets disable armor (APC, Tanks) Must be a frontal hit (for the driver to see) this does not kill the crew, but only disables the APC/Tank and forces the crew to exit. K. To kill a vehicle a 40MM or Shoulder fired rocket must hit the front hood, windshield or driver / passenger window. Players MUST THEN either EXIT the vehicle or Concede being "killed" and return the PoV to their primary FOB for re-spawn. First one tan suburban was not ours. when AT strikes, the front, on two ocations rockets hit wheels and back of a vehicle. You need to watch Frog's (green players) video, blind fire, medic INSIDE vehicle, just to name a few. tossing stones over two truck is retarded. I watched WITH a green player a convoy MEDIC their truck. I also saw a green truck have the medic drive and just drive to the back medic everyone and go back in fighting, over and over. Hell i watched WITH A GREEN COMMANDER a tan dead squad trying to leave and a guy toss in a thunder bee in the bed of the truck just to be a dick. If you want to go rule tit for tat I can. But honestly if none of these infraction would have changed the out come of the game. From my point of view, people talked big then their actions fell short. It pisses me off the BEST RAN AMS game i have been to, and i have been to 7 of them, was this one. But people wanting to blame rule breakers and other BULLCRAP, just because they under preformed is only bringing this game down. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean the game sucked. if it does then maybe you shouldn't play anymore because you will never be happy unless you win. just my 2 cents. and not a shiny dime like everyone else.
  9. Just PAINT the POV the teams color, thats what we did. simple, easy.
  10. First of all ECR pulled its vehicles out the last few hours of Sunday, and they where WELL within rules. Lack of planning does not mean ECR violated rules, only one that can be mad is the people that could not over come. They where aproved at the start of the game, and have been to 3 other AMS events, some of the people bitching about them had NO problems with them when they where on their side last year. Second CoST had ONE more vehicle than UFS all weekend. AND while we used a Quad as a vehicle slot, we saw the rule and did not use it, so again CoST had even one more POV in that area. It is just funny the side that talked the most and loudest got spanked, now feelings are hurt.
  11. Oh hope to GOD this isn't saying that CoST won at broken home? We owned ALL 5 FLAGS more than once, twice I saw with my own eyes. We DESTROYED THEM. It was SOOOO bad staff had to bus in CoST member behind our lines and dropped of at Pegasus bridge.. something got pushed in, got pushed in real good and it wasn't our something that was for sure. Hell I only saw ONE UFS attack repelled completely, I saw green player loose their minds. "The Federals were so sloppy we were able to eat our lunch in their command center" you mean when you violated the rules and attacked it? Not only that but by guys who respawned in YOUR CAMP SITE not at the fob, and entered play on north side of the field. Trust me and 20 other guys watched it happen. Bet you didn't know that one. trust me when we onwned the airfield, and San Marryglies{sps} we really wanted to take toy FOB but where told we couldn't or when you guys had the green guy in civilian close standing next to our tents when we where not playing? Hell when I was looking for the Evike guy to get my night vision before the game started i had enough class to tell command I would not say anything to anyone I saw outside of play. Sloppy was what was left when we where done. Was that a bit over the top?
  12. Yes Mine was vs vehicle count also, last year it was SUPER handy as a recon unit, if used right it does have its place.. I did not use it. But we didn't bitch about it. We just adapted. TOP ran all over, LOL.
  13. BTW a foot note. LONEWOLF i don't have any dealing with you off the field, and do not know you so I can not say to the type of person you are. But from what I saw, in two case of BLUNT BULLS*** once was cheating, once was just a DICK move by players, You condemned the bad actions of people on your own team. If I could give out a outstanding operator award you'd have one. I only witnessed one action on my side and i took care of it. To Bo YES I HAD A GUY PULL ME OUT OF A VEHICLE TO GET MEDIC'ED, Twice. the rest of the times I just died and bleed out.
  14. Long and Detailed AAR, DISCLAIMER: nothing I am about to say is directed at any person (except one thing witch I will name him) so if you feel I an pointing at you\, IM NOT. First I arrived at D-day after driving 18 hours, with no sleep. We set up camp and got unpacked. And did stuff till the first night game started. Once the sun was down myself and 20 other NV users set out to cause a bit of damage early on. Who cares if it will make us tire Saturday, we came to play. First group I came a cross, I was so close I can tell you the guy had an m4 with no attachment besides a flash light on his weapon. I shoot him and then at his 3 buddies. He turned and fired back at me full auto.... I got flashlighted then him and his 4 buddies shot me. After a medic healed me i did the same thing, this time laying down till they stopped shooting. So i track them till i found the mother load. 15-20 guy in a clump, on the road, CLOSE, no cover. I wished for full auto. i started shooting SAME THING no dead lights, 4-6 full autos then flashlights till i died. I was mad. I yelled "thanks for ruining my night. I HAVE NIGHT VISION ON I CAN SEE YOU ALL. YOU ARE CHEATERS" I was mad and went back to camp to cool off. A second set of my guys went out this time mixed NV and none NV guys. We walked forever, then costed a big valley. one of our guy got sick. REAL sick. a few time and we had to help him carry his gear and to walk. He wanted to keep going and felt up to it so we walked on. A CoST guy walked up to our group with 4 gun pointed at him, asking to join our squad. I asked if he wanted to take a safty kill or get shot, he responded with, no i want to join your squad. I asked again, and said "dood if you don't take it im going to shoot you at point blank range". LOL he had no idea we where UFS, and took the safety then thank me for not shooting him. So it was off to Coleville. I hit the flank and our guy engaged the front of the town. I watch for body movement and IR stuff to pic out the NV users. I spotted two, one I think 95% sure was Mayo, and a second with PVS14's. I popped him (because he was closest) and it took a minute to sink in so I IR lasered him and popped him a few more time to get the point acost to him in case he did feel the first hit, witch opened me up to the second NV guy. But I was ready for think, and he was shortly shot also. Then I moved to the first set of building, it was hit after hit. I over shot a guy because he had his dead light behind a wall. I made my way to him to say sorry before firing into the church. I shot a few more guys then they called index. So it was off to the bus. WE had 10 guys, JUST what was left after the guy not at respwan was around 35 guys. LOL. when my and another UFS guy got on the bus it was FULL and we where the only two tan guys. Everyone was in good spirits. laughing and joking. Saturday Day Evo starts. We where instructed to find green behind enemy lines and disrupt them. So we did that. I was in a buggy. With just a machine gunner and two rifle men, no medic, no armor. This is the reason for CoST break down. I do not care what anyone says, I watched over the next hour a group who over prepared and talked a lot of trash, devolve. They will claim people broke rule, and what ever else it isn't. When 4 guys in a buggy hold up 40 guys, die, bleed out, return to the other side of the field, respawn, head back and the 40 guys are still at the same place of no importance, is ties up to many bodies. I saw this many time. in fact just about everywhere. I video taped 30 plus green guys and 3 truck held up by 7 UFS and one truck. I dead ragged just to video tape. This was the morn. I heard the ECR trucks ruined it. Problem is that just doesn't hold water. They have been to 4 events so far. CoST didn't bitch about the when they where on their side last year. But its ok to have there windows up and then just medic there whole team up? Hell even one of the green guys kept Medicing their truck. No joke. One of their own guy came up and said sorry about it. Adapt and over come. Either that or cry and go home. ECR even offered to give one of our trucks for CoST if they wanted it. You can only be mad at one thing, you where not perpaired. Claiming the game was rigged or we cheated holds no water. get over it. I drove a buggy with no armor, no medic, and held up large numbers for people for long numbers of time,, witch by far hurt the green movement much worst than any reason anyone else has. This was greens down fall. This issue was brought to UFS command, and UFS felt they NEVER got an answer to same to how to resolve the situation, some may feel differently, but this what I saw from my stand point. Hell i never even used the tracks. We hit them from anywhere we could to just slow the bad guy movements down. It worked. Less than 10% of our army effectively slowed down or disrupted 1/2 the other side. I had fun doing it. Even if half the time I was watching or being killed. 4 guys vs 5 squad can and will loose, but its still fun and we get more people to shoot at than they do. Then we started having squad of green guy exiting the north gate, going to their camp, coming back to life, then entering right back there. A clear breach of the rules. one of these groups we engaged and pretty much got wiped out man for man. so we had to go to our FOB. After that we returned to that same point NEVER leaving the field to find two red ragged green played and two non-red ragged players walking a bit apart. So i asked, are thous two guys dead? to witch i got " do you see any dead rags on them!" so it was game on. I shot the first guy in the back of the neck, and the second guy scattered. I think he thought we where just driving in from out of camp and he got mad. we talked it over and everything was ok. The other guy was just made because he go shot in the neck and it hurt, not mad at us. Who ever you are Facebook me because you know who I was I but I have no idea who you are?!?!?! Fighting happened till the very end. The CoST guy had two buss loads dropped off at Pegusas Bridge to help get them back in the fight. Night evo: I can not comment on this as I was part of the night flight crew. You have no idea. Just wait for the videos. OMG. Airsoft wet dream. Sunday game. I didn't play the first part as I was trying to track down 10K worth of un-returned NV. We where planning on leaving before the raffle was over so I needed my stuff. So i joined a bit late. Once i was in the fight I watch and talked with people more than I fought. I meet some REALLY cool people, and almost gave sexy D a heart attack. Hell i had no idea who she even was. I watch a bunch of good fire fights and didn't even burn thru one mag. I watch a bunch of good fights. We brought 10 rocket launcher and over 200 rockets for vehicles. over 100 grenades, and DID NOT USE ANY OF THEM. We offered to give a vehicle to COST to help even it out. We where were told NO POV ATV's, so we left ours at camp while CoST command used one on the field and never contested it. We never asked for CoST vehicles to have the windows down even when they had medics driven them (yes i have video of it) and just medicing their guys back to life {and even a vehicle once, LOL). We even pulled our vehicles out of play on Sunday 3/4 hours before the game play was over. No matter what anyone says I saw tan DESTROY on all fronts. in MANY ways. In Spirit, we CRUSHED. Our simple plan won, where the CoST over planned and it hurt them. Assets outside of what they where brought where given to CoST to help them out and it still didn't work. No one is to blame except for them self's. good/bad, 100% true, or 100% a lie that is my AAR. I saw some of the best stuff and worst stuff. people have shown me more than ever some people are a class act and others are not. Your post count, subscribers, fans, do not mean s***. The unknown little guy helped me enjoy the game just as much if not more than anyone else. Now for my year off off airsoft. EDIT: The same people bitching about the ECR trucks where some of the same people who used them last year on their side. They had no problems with them then.
  15. Bioval's that are CLEAR should be BANNED from ALL or airsoft. They are GLASS. We ran them thru the IR mass spectrometer at DU and had a geologist measure the refractive light index and hardness. THEY ARE TEMPERED GLASS. They CAN and WILL blow out windshields, and goggle lenses. I have seen it first hand. In fact I have had to fix windows someone blow out with them. They are VERY dangerous.
  16. Low student to instructor numbers. We will have 3 instructors on hand.
  17. 2 hours class time. Unit Familiarization NV safety History Theory Mental and physical effect Tips and tricks 6 hours hands on usage Help games Low Light movement environment movement Correct environmental light usage counter NV NV espionage Light usage drills low to no light advantages Correct Laser and IR usage Questions and answers Open play and moment (fun time to wind down)
  18. Jammer how are you going to base someone else's event off of thiers? Trust me this is THE event yo make it to.
  19. Pvs14 during the day? Wtf? Only reason you do that is to TRY and look cool, except you look like a dumbass. What does everyone wanna look like the GMR's?????
  20. That graphic novel infuanced me in naming my field. In fact I stole their logo and modified it as mine.
  21. Just like dutch said, we train HARD, these guy have no idea. Weeks? Mouths. Many times a week. Nights, when ever we can squeeze it in. Days and days of work on just one project. Hundreds of phone calls in just planning. Its crazy.
  22. Fuuny part is they didn't bring up the fact we had NO respawn point. So if the vehical was not dead we had to walk back to camp if we bleed out or dead a third time. I walked back three times. As far acrost the field as you could walk.
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